Love is our new reality

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Important Update from the Masters via Christopher, March 26th, 2021

Greetings dear ones! I am St. Germain, standing by here with Master Kuthumi and ArchAngel Michael. We wish to give you beautiful people an update on our view of how things are going in the heavenly realms at this moment in time and space. Life is slated to get much brighter for the people of Earth within the next few moments, as time really has no relevance from our vantage point. We are past the tipping point of rounding up the bad actors, and once this information of the arrests is made public, life should start to become easier for your wonderful planet. We currently have your world quarantined, with no one allowed in or out unless they meet our requirements. This is most positive news, as this ensures that your growth and your future will not and cannot be tampered with. You are collectively on roughly 8 billion possible timelines, and this makes it quite the challenge for gurus and people who are “in the know” to predict with any certainty what will happen in the short term, as you are constantly creating your own futures with every thought and action you undertake. Life is not so fixed as you may be aware of by now, so what you determine together will ultimately be your agreed upon timeline (that is until the shift takes place). This information can be challenging for some to hear, however, since you all are the awakened individuals and are seemingly waiting for your brothers and sisters to catch up. You do matter, and what you think is absolutely everything! By proving that, we also allow each of you to create on your own individual timelines, and this is the strength of your people. If you continue to think positive thoughts, and let past errors and mistakes fade away by not being too hard on yourself, you will create the life of your dreams much sooner than the collective decides which path to take.

The purpose of this message today is to reassure you that you are not waiting on the new government or the Galactics to save you or rescue you in any manner; you are waiting on yourself to be the person you wish to become. This should not be viewed as a difficult task, however, because most of you are all becoming masters in training in dealing with the 5th dimensional energies, which are more about BEing and less about DOing. Doing and taking great amounts of action are most closely aligned with the old way of thought, and 3rd dimensional energy. Feeling into the moment and becoming the being in which you were always destined to be is the new way to expand and grow your power. I leave you with one final update on the currency revaluation, then I will pass the talking stick to Master Kuthumi for a brief planetary update. The QFS is functional and all systems are a go, but the key thing to remember about this is that this new system is not designed with linear time in mind, so there cannot be a date given as to when this will all become live for you all to exchange. The system functions by monitoring each and every person’s energy level and determines, based on whenever God decides, when it is appropriate to finally release the highly sought after funding. This means it is completely up to each one of your both collective and individual vibration that will determine when the moment is perfect. We hope this message serves to relax you a bit on timing, let it go, and just be in joy in order to manifest your futures, dreams, and visions. Let go, let God, and be one with your Mother Gaia. Go out in nature, read a book, dip your toe in the sand, watch a relaxing movie or television show, sing, dance, paint, but most importantly, PLAY! Any one of these actions better serves you than waiting around for an outside source to change how you feel and how your current situation appears. I am St. Germain, and I bid you farewell for now.

Greetings, greetings young padawans! This is the moment you have all been highly anticipating and waiting for! From our standpoint, to be quite honest, things have been going better than anticipated when we began this large undertaking some time ago. We had much hope for your people, sure, but now we really have come to recognize how your people will become the new leaders across the galaxy in due time. Your nighttime activities prove to us that you are all indeed ready, even the ones who will not ascend in this lifetime, for they are learning valuable lessons that will serve them well in the future. They will become leaders of men too, even if it takes them a little longer than those who are currently awakened and ascending quite rapidly, if we may add. There is no time in the Universe, as you are all well aware at this point, so friends and family who do not make the 5th dimensional shift will become leaders next time around, once they live out their lives in a more comfortable setting for them where they can play, learn, and grow in peace, away from the dark’s influence and total domination of every area of their lives. I just wish to be another messenger in these moments today, to let you know that all is going exceedingly well, and your reunion with your star families is in the works as we speak. They may not be landing on your front lawn tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean you cannot get a 5th dimensional visitor in your room whenever it is that you are ready. You are not waiting on anyone for this. You have it in the bag! They are all eager to meet you, and I can promise you that once allowed, they will not hesitate to contact you if they haven’t already. So have faith! You are there! I wish you the best of luck in your new world, we are only one call away if you ever should need our assistance.

Wonderful news dearest Earthlings, or should I say, my beautiful and wonderful lightworkers and light warriors! I am Michael, and I wish to just add one thing. If you are reading this message at this time, then you are a part of our ground team, and you help us battle the dark in your astral and dream adventures. This message is to reiterate what is known to many, but may be unknown to some; you are POWERFUL, GREAT, and UNIQUELY SPECIAL, and we need each and every one of you to continue the fight! We know that you are tired, and we know that you are worn down, but what you do with us when you least suspect it is truly a remarkable feat to have been accomplished, and many rewards are on their way for you. As you know, manifestation abilities are speeding up, so keep reaching for the stars and demanding the life you wish to create for yourselves! You are worth it. Remember that you work with us at night doing galactic missions and activities, anytime you get upset or frustrated with how your life is currently going. Things will get better soon. We promise you. I am Michael and my Blue Sword of Truth recognizes your might. Be well dear soldiers, we take our lead from your beauty.