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Veronica Keen – Channeling Montague Keen – February 18, 2018

Veronica, my dear, now you know without doubt, just how far the Cabal will go to protect and preserve its hold on humanity. What has happened this week has shocked you to the core. Evil is not too strong a word for it. Those with whom you shared the information are horrified that this should have happened in England. The Peer of the Realm whom you approached for assistance with this matter, is out of his depth. He had no idea that such a situation has become the norm.

The Cabal is attacking everyone, worldwide, who dares to expose their plans. That such evil actions can be taken against anyone should act as a warning to all of you. I know, my dear, that you are doing all in your power to expose these crimes. Make no mistake, this is a crime. This is but the tip of the iceberg. It is happening every day, but few care, because it does not directly affect them. They fail to realise that this is what will happen to everyone unless you find the courage to stand up to it. If everyone stood up for justice, then justice you would get. The Cabal operates as it wishes because the majority of you close your eyes to what they are doing. When you see injustice, you should shout it from the rooftops, for one day it might be you in need of help.

Veronica has been exploring the work of an amazing woman in America whose efforts should be studied and acted upon:


Her work will open your minds to what you are living through. Her research is first class. Please take the time to learn about what is being done to you and to the Earth that you should protect. Forget all the petty things, explore how you can survive and protect humanity. Your enemies have achieved control by stealth. You are the 99% whose strength will overpower the Cabal, if you stop being useless puppets, and open your minds to what the Cabal is doing to you. Look at the bigger picture. Your survival is what matters.

I know, my dear, that you were shocked when you realised that the legal profession in the UK is corrupt, as it is in America. There is no justice in your world. You have given away all your rights. All countries have removed the rights of the people. Do you really believe that you have a voice when you vote? There is not one leader in your world who has the power to do anything. They are all puppets, obeying their masters. Even Mr Trump (though he is doing more than any other President) does not have the power to do all that needs to be done. Trump does not allow chemtrails over America now. He has also removed the surveillance cameras. However, if he steps too far out of line, he will be assassinated, and he knows it. He must tread carefully.

They did it to Kennedy, and ensured that the whole world watched, as a warning to all future presidents who step out of line. This is what you are dealing with. The sooner you wake up to this fact, the better for all of you. Every day, innocent people are locked away for fictitious ‘crimes’ and the Cabal throws away the key. Sometimes the medical mafia is used to make pronouncements, so that the Cabal can lock people away. This is the norm in your world. One day, it could be you. Who will stand up for you?

Humanity is on the brink of extinction. What are you prepared to do to save it? Stop taking the Cabal’s medication which is slowly killing you. Refuse their GM food. Demand that your government takes action to protect you, or remove that government. Why should you pay taxes to pay for chemtrails which cause cancer and other deadly diseases. Are you really that helpless that you give them permission to kill you! The Cabal is playing games with your lives. What will it take to wake you up to this reality?

Last week, Veronica saw, first hand, what they are capable of. It was a real shock to her but she is taking steps to expose it and protect those involved. Protect your freedom. You do not realise how precious it is until you have lost it. One day, it may be taken from you. Never be so foolish as to think that it could not happen to you. Two people whom Veronica knows, thought that it could never happen to them. But now they know otherwise.

Knowledge is power. Explore the plans of the Cabal. They do not hide their plans as they believe that you are too stupid look at them. Take back your power from religion. The Vatican is on shaky ground as its dark secrets are being exposed. It will not survive. It is based on lies.

Microwaves have been weaponised. They are being used to kill, to destroy property. They can be directed wherever the Cabal wishes. They are also used to target individuals and to put messages into their heads. Those unfortunate individuals may be instructed to kill or do whatever the Cabal demands. It is happening all the time. People are temporarily taken over and they obey the instructions they are given. THEY ARE VICTIMS TOO. Humanity is being played with and it is not nice for us to see this happen. We observe what is happening on the Earth and we can see it more clearly than you, who are actually there. For you are blinded to what is being done to you.

It is URGENT that you research what is being done to destroy you. ACT on your findings. Meditate whenever possible, to lift yourselves out of the darkness that surrounds you. You are being attacked from every possible angle. Humanity has never been so vulnerable, so action is needed now.

The Cabal ensures that you feel helpless and hopeless. Do you have the courage to become what you really are, a being of light, having an experience on Earth, who has been captured by the Cabal. Take back your power, and together, TAKE BACK YOUR WORLD.

Tell them that their game is over and they must leave the Earth. They are not welcome. All this can be done without recourse to killing. When enough of you refuse to work for them and support them, they will go. You must find the courage and the strength to bring this terrible situation to a conclusion. Ask yourself what you are prepared to do, to protect your lives and the Earth you live upon. If Veronica, who is not in the first flush of youth, is prepared to step forward to protect the vulnerable and humanity, then what are you prepared to do. Together you stand, divided you fall.

My dear, my heart went out to you as you tried to cope with one shock after another last week. Every fibre of your being cried out to protect your friend as the Cabal took control. It is not over yet. Remember the words of Martin Luther King Jr. “IN THE END, WE WILL REMEMBER NOT THE WORDS OF OUR ENEMIES, BUT THE SILENCE OF OUR FRIENDS.”

The battle is not over yet. Take heart, my dear.

Always, your adoring, Monty.


Message from Veronica

Dave has asked me to thank you for your letters. They are a great source of comfort to him. He has had letters from 11 countries and 7 states in the US. Even one from County Clare, in Ireland. He has asked me to let you know that he cannot receive padded envelopes or anything with sparkle or perfume.

He is an avid reader. He welcomes your suggestions. He is not allowed hardback books, they must be paperbacks. He has also asked if those of you in America would allow him to call you, to connect with you. You would have to accept the charge, however, as he is allowed to talk for only 18 minutes each time.

If you send your email address, the reply would have to be sent through me, Veronica Keen.

Your letters mean so much to him. Thank you for being kind enough to reach out to him.

Contact Details

Dave McCann,
MJ 03 A Pod 11,
Booking Number 1621184,
Prisoner ID 7076771,
P.O. Box 872,
Fresno, California, 93712, USA.

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