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Veronica Keen – Channeling Montague Keen – June 17, 2018

My dear, the mental turmoil humans are experiencing on Earth is without precedent. The energy is being deliberately engineered to disarm and confuse you and so cause conflict. Everyone seems to be attacking each other. This is all orchestrated by the Cabal. It is when you are all fighting and arguing, attacking each other, that you are not looking at what the Cabal is doing. The Cabal is delighted, as this is their little game. Humanity falls for it every time.

Why are humans so gullible? Why do they always accept what the Cabal instructs them to accept? Some do so, because they are so desperate for attention that they are prepared to go to any lengths to get it. UNITED YOU STAND, DIVIDED YOU FALL.

Humanity is fighting for its very existence. There is a huge effort to keep you asleep. There is so much happening just out of your frequency but only a few are aware of it. The Cabal operates in this frequency, so you are not aware of all that they are doing to wipe you out. They will not concede defeat until the last possible moment. They will try to do as much damage as possible to those who try to awaken you. Ask yourselves why people are so prepared to believe the worst of each other; why they fail to see the bigger picture.

The technique of divide and conquer has always worked for them as you fall for it every time. You know in your soul that together, you can create a future for all the creatures of the Earth. Stop attacking each other. Be constructive. Discuss what is needed for man to come together and act as one to protect your future. Many years ago, I told you that you will recognise the signs that signal man’s opportunity to take back the Earth from the hands of the Cabal. I pointed out that there would be earthquakes, and volcanos would erupt. You are seeing this every day now. THE TIME IS NOW.

What are you doing about it? Change must happen. Every one of you must act together as one, to remove all that is dark from the Earth. You have no time to waste by attacking each other. Every moment counts. TOGETHER, no power on Earth can stop you. See yourselves as the powerful souls that you actually are. Action is needed, so believe in yourselves. You can do it. The Cabal is encouraging you to waste valuable time in attacking and abusing others. The Cabal loves it. You are their puppets. They would not succeed without you. Remember, DEATH comes to all, and you will answer for your actions. You will not be allowed to go forward into the light. There is no place for you and your like. Think about that.

Your food is being tampered with as never before. The Cabal is desperate to wipe you out as quickly as possible before many more of you awaken. When you are advised that something is good for you, whether it be medication or food, avoid it like the plague. Grow your own food if at all possible. Only then can you be sure it is okay. Eat as much organic fruit and vegetables as possible.

The rays of the sun are being blocked from you. All people need its beneficial rays in order to survive. The Cabal has ensured that your oxygen level is so low that people struggle to survive. You are surreptitiously being wiped out and many of you cannot be bothered to look at what is being done to you. What will it take for you to wake up? We, on this side of life, can only do so much to help you wake up.

TV is a weapon that is skilfully used to hold you under their control, especially the sport that fills your screens. It acts as a hypnotist in the corner of the room. It does a good job. You are controlled by the signals that bombard you. Your computer is also used against you. You are being watched and listened to. As for SMART METERS: they are deadly, never agree to them. The Cabal has all this technology and it is used against you. You allow them to do it to you. They cannot do it without your permission.

When you entered the Earth as a baby, you had the potential to become the powerful being of light that you are. The Cabal immediately took control of you, and through vaccinations etc. THEY TURNED OFF YOUR LIGHT TO ENSURE THAT YOU NEVER PROCEED THROUGH LIFE AS THE POWERFUL BEING OF LIGHT THAT YOU ARE.

They ensure that you are weak and fearful, constantly sick and fully under their control. Knowing what you know today, why do you continue to accept these conditions? When did humanity lose its voice? Who speaks to your inner core today? Who is speaking up for you, showing you the way forward out of SLAVERY? Though many speak, there are few you can trust.

David Icke has worked hard all these years to open your eyes to what is being done to you. Understand, you are all in the same boat, whether rich, poor, awakened, or asleep. You need to come together and step into your power. REFUSE TO BE WIPED OUT.

I ask that you listen to RONALD BERNARD, a very brave man who experienced the dark cabal and survived. He bravely opens his heart to you, so that you can see clearly how they operate in your world. It is possible to go to the edge of darkness, AWAKEN and free yourself, and survive the experience. Ronald’s work is of great value to all who seek the truth. He deserves your respect and gratitude for sharing with you his terrible experiences on the dark side of life.

Testimony of Ronald Bernard

My dear, how you have managed to come through the last few weeks is a miracle. Though the attacks were severe, you managed to remain in your body in spite of all they did to remove you.

Be strong, my love.

Your adoring, Monty.


Message from Veronica
As others will testify, the attacks have been extremely severe at times. Things have happened that I would not have believed possible. It has not been easy. I wish to thank all those who took the time to suggest treatment for my condition. I followed instructions when possible.

Message from Dave
He is deeply grateful to all of you who have written to him. He values your contact more than you can know. He is enjoying the books you have sent which he loves to read, as it takes his mind off his predicament. Please pray that all will go well for him on the 28th June.

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