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Vivamus via Kjerstin Sisilla, August 2nd, 2020

Vivamus via Kjerstin Sisilla 2 August 2020


I’m Vivamus.

All of you in the ground force who have now found your greatness / your essence and are increasingly in total balance between Heaven and Earth:

It is now time for you to work in the exterior. Thanks to your power, inner strength and your strong Light, you are protected and can now easily reach out to the rest of Mankind to help in the whirlpools of the ongoing metamorphosis. You can now, as before, move through time and space and work indefinitely with energies where the need exists. The dormant abilities quickly return to the surface and you are free to use them in the service of Light.

Some of you are dizzy and overwhelmed after the discovery that you are God’s servant / God’s Beloved child who now follows your heart in the service of Love and All. Nature, animals and Mother Gaia help you keep your balance. Your connection to the earth’s inner world Agartha and with the crystalline 5D matrix you lived in before gives you back old memories and knowledge. Your power animals, your guides and your other helpers are so close so close now, all ready to help you as well as the Angels and the ascended Masters that you all know so well.

Be at peace, be calm and listen to your Heart my friend and you will gain knowledge about your tasks, contact with those you need to meet and Loving forces enough to perform everything imaginable.

You are so strong, so Bright, so Beloved and so admired that you have a hard time understanding it. Realize that it is YOU who frees Mankind from its shackles / captivity. Everything goes according to God’s plan – everything is as it should be despite the external illusion of chaos.

I Love and admire you all

Your Vivamus / Sanat



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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