Love is our new reality

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Wake up Call: Horus + St. Germain via Nancy Tate, March 5, 2018

Wake up Call: Horus + St. Germain, March 5, 2018

This is that day for me to come once more and let you know what is happening in the throes of nuisance around the planet, and then to let you know how it is being handled. I am here to greet you and to see how much you are in beauty and joy around the world. It is important to notice the joy and peace rather than the nuisance and negative energy that is in place. It is wise to give energy to the positive, rather than the negative, as you all know. It is also the most powerful thing you can do to ease the ascension into the fifth and beyond, for what you do and feel is the most powerful thing that you can do to add to the movement to what you know is already in place in so many ways.

Yes, I am telling you what so many of you have known to do, and that is to live the power that you have to bring about the changes that will benefit all of mankind, as well as all forms of life. It is a matter of being able to live what you know to be true, and to see and feel the changes as they manifest all around you. It is going to be a wonderful release of all of the negative as it continues to be washed down the drain of life in the way that helps to bring it back in the positive mode that tells you that you are as powerful as anyone else to make the changes that indicate the return to sublime that you are aiming for.

I am Horus once more and I am sitting here with St Germain. He is ready now to give you a bit of news that you will enjoy, for it is something that is taking place as we speak.

Dear ones, I am St. Germain, and I am here to give you the news of what is taking place in the place you call undersea. It is also called the Inner and Hollow earth. I am reporting that many of the ones who have been taken off the earth’s surface because they are no longer able to bring the negativity that they have been living, are being reformed and brought back to their original state. Yes, I am reporting that they have finally realized what they have been doing and have agreed to be returned to their Love energy. They got caught up in the old heavy energy of living for themselves only, and not seeing themselves as part of the wholeness of all of life. They are now being infused with the energy of Love that is, as I speak, bringing them back to their original state of being.

You are likely wondering why they have been brought to Inner and Hollow earth for this transformation. I tell you that it is because it is where their origins first interacted on this planet earth, and it is full of their energy of the superlativity that they came here with. It is going to bring them back to the state of being that they brought with them to give examples on earth of what everyone is capable of, and how they expressed it.

I am now in the background of many of them, for when they come to the knowledge of the experience they have had and are extremely thankful to be brought back out of the realm they created of negativity, they will be so much at Peace and in Joy that they will be able to bring about the newness of themselves in a way that will give all of life on earth a fuller feeling of the Love that surrounds them.

Think about how it would feel to you to have a member of your family be in chagrin with you because you are not following in their footsteps when they do what is not an expression of love and harmony with you and all of life. Then think of how it feels to realize that finally that family member is listening to you, and making changes in the way that they express themselves as you hoped they would. It means that you have an effect on them that helps them to look into themselves and see how they have gone off the road to Love, and how it affects all of those around them. They see how it feels so much better to stand with them and feel their love, rather than stepping ahead of them and throwing your love expression aside because they think they have the right to be more than you are, to have more, no matter the cost to others.

Well my dear ones, yes you are being the ones who step into the family shoes in a way that allows them their freedom to turn around and see what they have done to bring about disharmony to all of life. They are now finally beginning to see what they must do to return to the oneness of the family, and how to do it. Yes, that is taking place for those not only who are within this planet earth, but also those who have been removed from the earth and are being restored by various beings at various places in the universe. It all depends on the inner choices of those who have been removed from the energy of the earth as they knew it, and returned to a whole new beginning in their lives, as they see they can be in harmony with wherever they are.

You, dear ones are powerful beings who have stepped forward and let us know on a soul level that you are all for this method of transformation back to the original inner soulplace of the ones who lost their way to the expression of Love. This is the oneness that has been in place, and so many have fallen out of. It is being recircuited and brought back to its original source. This time it is being returned to the origins because of the fact that there is no time, and it will show you all that living in that way of expression is the next way you will have to create what it is that you desire to express in the energy in which you have agreed to inhabit.

My dear family members, it is a matter of us all coming back together and living our oneness in the ways that are coming to us in the moment. Yes, you do have that strength, and you are even now living it and bringing it back to the life that is still searching for how to be there. You will see in the moment more and more of what your expression, along with the rest of the family, can do in the Peace, Joy and Love of living the moment in the splendor of the Creator and All That Is.

I leave you now with Horus and go to the resting place of originality to welcome all of those who return there and give them big hugs in Love and ease in life. You are all the Ones who are part of this joy and we know that you feel our Love as we send hugs your way in the total Love that we have for you all. Enjoy your new adventures in this journey of total harmony. We will share with you the essence of the purity as you look and feel our way, and we return it in the Oneness that we all are.

Thank you dear Horus and St. Germain for your Love and all!

Much Love,
Nancy Tate

Source: Tree of the Golden Light