Love is our new reality

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Watch for Immediate Release, October 23d


Watch for Immediate Release, This is the Final Night


This is interesting and perhaps nearly all of it is actually true!

It looks like we are here now. I have just hung up the phone from a 4-hour conference call which was called at midnight EDT (October 22, 2016) — the thought being we may not have time to talk again prior to the RV. Bear with me as I try to share the jist of this call through near exhausted state, but wanted to report in timely manner….. Points are not in any particular order of importance, and please read between the lines. The nature and tone of this call honored the sacredness of both the event and those who will be participating in all aspects of this unfolding and the humanitarian projects that follow.

Things will begin to shift very quickly following this release. This is literally “God” returning, as we become stewards of all His abundance with the authority to distribute, dispense, create jobs, raise consciousness, install projects and technologies with amounts that will result in money no longer having meaning, because we will have all the resources needed to do it all, and sufficiently well, so that it continues to create abundance for centuries into the future. This is that singular human event that bridges humanity with the heavens (so to speak).

Intel/information following is reported as a result of a meeting between 9-10 “insiders” who have compared notes and agree it is true. This is what they agree is true.

  • This is the final night before the RV
  • Global collateral accounts have been officially released as per orders of (reformed) World Court
  • There have been 9 attempts to release during the past few days, but cabal activities have interfered.
  • During this waiting period the funds we will receive have multiplied by 8000% from much earlier points of measurement.
  • M1 released funds on Wednesday October 19 at 9pm EDT.
  • At 6pm Pacific time the World Court ordered immediate release.
  • The release (RV and GCR) is going according to strict letter of law in contrast to the way things have been run in the past (as these are new times).
  • All institutions have been reformed (IMF, Federal Reserve, Governments, Banks, World Court)
  • World Court also decreed that as part of the RV the elections had to be halted so NESARA/GESARA would roll out. (National and Global Economic Security and Restoration Acts)
  • All world governments are now switched over as per Paris Agreement, NESARA and GESARA.
  • “Higher” help is making itself available to assist us, so it is important to remain in a place of peace to hear and honor this presence.
  • Obama has taped his resignation. Also Biden. Although the recordings may be used, they may also decide to do it live. It should happen very soon and will be broadly available.
  • Software has been switched to impelement new systems in all governments.
  • It has not yet been decided exactly who will announce the election cancellation, but may be House of Representatives. The big focus is not to share too much too quickly for the general public to absorb, since most of them don’t have any idea what is occurring.
  • Obama was an active participant in the Hillary email scandals so will be tried for treason with her.
  • The Clintons have refused amnesty and have chosen instead to be tried, and it is doubtful if they will live that long, but since they are clones sort of on auto-pilot this is where they don’t really care how it goes.
  • Paul Ryan has been sworn in as interim President,{of Corporation} something that will soon be made public. He will likely run for President with Pence as his running mate. The ceremony was performed in an airport hangar in Reno on sovereign native American land (5 tribes involved in Nevada) {People are confused that current government services is Corporate; Constitutional Government is original organic Constitution like the forefathers setup in a republic form of government aka representative system of the people}
  • They would ideally like to have an election quickly enough so that the new president could be sworn in on the usual January date, but if the democrats cannot come up with an alternate candidate it may be decided to hold the election later.
  • We cannot run a new government with the old, fiat currency, so that makes the RV needing to happen right now.
  • Schedule: Paul sworn in on Tuesday, republic was reinstated Wednesday, and RV was to be Thursday (but due to international time zone differences that can be translated to Friday. Friday noon was the deadline given by the World Court.
  • Mr. Stumpf (CEO/Chairman of Wells Fargo who was cabal and was removed and replaced a couple weeks ago) wound up giving up 109 cabal associates in exchange for his amnesty. They have all been arrested.
  • All cabal members who are being rounded up are being given the opportunity to surrender and to use their talents for the greater good (or be returned to the “sun” as they say.) Cabal responses have been mixed–on both sides of this decision. The people who are on the sidelines watching this unfold are being encouraged to be completely forgiving of all who choose surrender, and work with them in a new way. It was stated that we are bringing in a new world–and one in which the resonance of grudges, etc. will not serve any good purpose, so BE love and all will be well.
  • All global currencies are being reinstated–any second now–as we speak.
  • The people in Aleppo, Syria were given several options for routes for leaving the city safely. (2 million people) This exodus time was extended until 12 noon EST. Russia will then do what it takes to complete the job there. It is unfortunate snypers are still attempting to kill innocent people.
  • There are tremendously higher security levels now installed at centers with perimeters way out–this as of 4pm today. High alert status has extended to military and all police and all other security forces as ordered by World Court. Drones will be flying over all thoroughfares and plain clothes special forces will be numerous (pretending to be changing tires along the roads, reading newspapers on coffee shop patios, etc.) and no one will know who they are. The cell phone numbers we have provided or called from will be tracked from home to destination and back home again to assure safety and they will be ready to respond if it looks like something is not right. License plates will be scanned en route.
  • Shift changes are being made tonight at midnight at all centers.
  • 30,000 people are involved in the processing activities on our side of this activity.
  • GPS devices will be installed under vehicles which will be used for tracking our safety to/from event–to assure round trip completion.
  • Any amount we need to work with will have liquidity.
  • Focus at our meeting has been adjusted slightly away from humanitarian project details to personal missions and commitments. Personnel is trained to recognize sincerity, commitment, integrity, professional qualification and honesty of presenters very quickly.
  • 95% of folks are likely to be processed during the first 48 hours.
  • There will be 5-10 bankers present for each meeting.
  • Be prepared to leave copies of presentation with them for their files as it supports their decision to provide maximum amounts to us.
  • If someone is lacking qualified trustees for trusts Abbot Downing can provide, but people are encouraged to name others who would be more likely in a higher place of spiritual resonance than a “banker/investor” type person. Maybe specialty trust attorneys can be interviewed.
  • The trust funds will remain tax free in years to come, following deaths of initial grantor and trustees.
  • All of these large amounts of funds are “insurred” in that they are backed by resources. No additional insurance protection is needed.
  • NDAs will remain strict for both privacy and protection of all involved parties. It is absolutely imperitive to keep arrangements confidential as signed.
  • John McCain and Harry Reed will be out. We would be surprised at the vast numbers of cabal descendents are amoung us, including the entertainment industry. Decendents of original families are everywhere.
  • All Galactics are also now coming into harmony!
  • Structured payouts from trust accounts will not be mandatory, but “interest” (now called rate of return) will be much lower. (maybe 2% compared to 8.15%). The structured payouts are designed so that Abbot Downing can do the best job of investing the funds for mutual benefit. It is mentioned that unless someone wants to spend their lives making global investments as their priority they may want to allow Abbot Downing take this role to free them up for focus on their project roles.
  • Each person has free will to decide what percentage of the funds stays in bank or becomes immediately liquid.
  • Participants 70 years and older will be given the highest rates (as it is clear they may want to initiate projects without wasting any time–something like that.)
  • The bankers will be very service oriented, and want to offer us generous funds if we show we will spend wisely on humanitarian projects–the true intention of this global endeavor.
  • Very few people in the sense of the general public will ever know anything significant occurred. They were not “programmed” for it. Those who were programmed for it know who they are and take this event very seriously. There was considerable chat on this call regarding the fact that in some close spousal and other friend/family relationships there is a degree of awkwardness due to the different programming. Many relationships have broken as a result. It was noted that if someone is even slightly open to hearing the truth of these events they might be asked to remain with you simply as a friend. Later on if they discover they have missed an opportunity to be present while experiencing the greatest singular event in human history (and missed the whole thing) it may be more difficult for them, so walk gently forward according to your guidance.

This completes the highlights of the call. It looks like more reports will be coming along very soon.