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Archangel Michael via Susan Leland, October 11th

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference

October 11, 2016


“Greetings to all of you, most Beloved Brothers and Sisters in this Ashtar On The Road Family!  I am Archangel Michael, and I am blessed and honored to be here in this Grand Company with you!And it is the Age of Aquarius,* astrologically speaking.  It is synonymous with what we are calling the Golden Age.  And it is here, too, although just a little bit in a Higher level of dimensionality than what appears to be happening right now on Planet Earth.

“And yet, what is happening now is the illusion.  It is a made-up drama.  It is the programs of those who would stay in control of third dimensional Earth.  It is an illusion!!!  Their lies are being uncovered!  I am so busy right now waving my sword Excalibur, so as to totally blanket Planet Earth – below, on and above – with the blue waves of Truth.  And I know that you, Beloved Family, are partnering with me in this Mission.  And I am so Joy-full that you are working, not just with me, but with all who come from the Realms of LoveLight!  We are so excited for you! We are so excited for that glorious moment of NESARA’s Announcement and all that comes from that!

“NESARA is Truth.  NESARA is the Way and, indeed, NESARA carries so much Light, that we have all worked together – come together from our own Divine Selves, our own Hearts and our own minds to instill into it – that there is no doubt that it shall prevail and it shall come! The only thing that has been in doubt about its Announcement is exactly when.  And I am not here to give you dates.  I will assure you that it will happen!!!

“I also have some Truths which some of you may be a bit resistant to hear.  Nevertheless, I am going to speak Truth.  And I ask you to just open yourselves to hear it, and then perhaps you will find something to let go of – or more to do!  Because the Truth, the whole Truth, of when NESARA gets announced is not up to me, is not up to the Ashtar On The Road Mentors, or any who come from the Realms to be in partnership with you in this great Mission.The Truth of exactly when NESARA gets announced is up to you, to HUMANITY!!!  After all, it is to free Humanity, and if Humanity is not quite finished with the lessons that it needs to learn, then of course, there will be delays.

“And we know that some of you are just beginning to have an understanding of the scope of your lessons.  And it is for each and every one of you to travel your own paths, to learn your lessons and to free yourselves from whatever there is left for you.  But I promise you this:We can join togetherto fully support NESARA’s Announcement!  Whether you still are in school or not, on a personal level, it is that you can ask yourselves what more you could do, if anything, to support NESARA’s Announcement!!! Because there is a magical, if you will, a truthfully magical point at which NESARA will get announced, and you will still have time to finish your lessons, if you need to do that!

“The Golden Age will come!  And you could move into the Golden Age and finish up whatever there is for you to do.  And for some it might be several years. You are in Ascension preparation!  You are moving steadily along, but you might be in service to assist Planet Earth out of 3D, as far as clearing the toxicities, and helping others, and so on, are involved.

“So there is no set moment when you must ascend.  That is another Truth.  But as far as the Golden Age is concerned, it will be so much easier for you to complete your Ascension preparations from within the Golden Age!  In other words, walking through, or flying through, or however you move through that door to it – and the Planet as a whole will move through that door when there is enough support for NESARA’s Announcement!

“So hear this and let this ring true within your own beings and then do whatever you can do with meditation or telling others in some way!  Advertising it is a word that is quite often in use and there is a grandness to that when it is Truth that is being told. If there is one prescription for everything that affects Planet Earth, or that is in existence on Planet Earth at this moment, it is NESARA!!!  So let NESARA be your Truthful Answers to everything that, after all, you have called for!

“The miracles are just beginning, Beloved Ones.  So it is for you to support them in every way that you can.  Support the Light, the incoming Light, coming in to your own beautiful selves and then BE the Lightworkers!!!  Set your eyes on the prize, if you will, and see that it is, yes, the Blue Light of Truth, as well as the Golden White LoveLight, the Lights of healing, the Lights of Joy, the pure Light of Peace on Earth – and let that be your focus!

“Maintain that vision and let not yourselves be distracted by the many untruths which may be coming to you from sources – at least originating from sources that want to keep you enslaved. They’re not going to succeed.  But focusing there can certainly create more delays!!!

“So let’s move together with all possible speed.  Let’s move into warp speed – exponential warp speed – and bring NESARA home to its true destination, which is on Planet Earth for every member of Humanity and, by extension, to benefit all members of all of Mother Gaia’s Kingdoms and Mother Gaia herself – her lands, her waters, her air.  NESARA is the Way into the Golden Age, the True Way and the Way into the Light of the Higher Dimensional Truth, Reality, and Who You Really Are – One with us in the Light of Love.  And so it is.  Namaste!”
*  Archangel Michael chose Age of Aquarius for his introduction: 
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, October 11, 2016.
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