Love is our new reality

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Whales of Sirius B via Galaxygirl | January 23, 2024

Whales of Sirius B via Galaxygirl | January 23, 2024

Whales of Sirius B 1/23/2024

Greetings land walkers of Gaia’s green shores. We are the Whales of Sirius B. Our message tonight is one of hope. You have been submersed within the deep waters of contemplation and peace. It is peaceful in the deep black, in the womb of the Mother of All Things. We wish for you to begin to walk and wake in meditation. Your surface world noise is choppy like the surface of the waters, filled with spray and wind. When one dives deeper one sees and feels the abyss of the everything, the abyss of the deep of calm, of solid space, where movement and thought is appreciated and where time does not exist.

We are the Whales of Sirius B. We see you with eyes of sadness, we mirror our eyes to your own reflection. Humanity is sad, longing for the joys of the peace, always searching around about them, missing the stillness within. You masters are aware. But the others, they flit about on the surface worlds, on the superficial side of the matrix where all is loud and shiny, scary and sharp. The sharks swim on the surface, in the middle waters. Some sharks swim deep but not very deep like the whales on our world. Our oceans are much, much deeper than yours, and we large whales are so large, compared to your human bodies, that you are like a fingernail to us. We swim slowly, deeply, at peace with the heartbeat of the All. And yet we can swim fast if we so choose, but we do not choose. For when fast, much can be missed, and we choose to savor the experience of the deep, of the calm, of the deep dark waters. We see the light of the crystals reflect in the deep, for our waters are different, and there is more bioluminescence, more glowing things in our world and so it is beautiful to us. We believe it would be beautiful to you. Your world is lovely to us.  Gaia’s waters are sad. They have been dirtied by those who do not care for anything but their own greed. This is being remedied. This is being fixed. This will no longer be allowed to continue. As the human consciousness rises so will the quality of the world on which and in which they reside. For it must be this way, as all is a reflection of the inner world, of the whole.

We are the Whales of Sirius B. We come to harken a message to the surface ones. Your cries are being heard. You need not, how do you say, ‘doggie paddle’ with concern on the surface, where all is choppy and loud. You may meditate with us. We encourage you to find the peace of the deep stillness, much like the void where some of you meditate, and where many of life’s origins began, begin and will begin. For all is a circle of creation, a great out-breath and in-breath of song, of light. We can hear the humming tune of creation and it draws us in deeper into the dance. We feel our heartstrings plucked with the melodies of the Mother’s song, and it soothes us.

We whales see humanity is in need of soothing, but no one can do this for you. You must self soothe, and soothe each other. How do you do this? You are an oasis of calm and joy in a world of wrestling water and sound. You are an anchor point of peace, of calm, a still boat on the water unaffected by the surrounding waves, calm, immobile. For you are all of the ocean in a drop. The stars reflect this to you. They look like your neuron patterns, the star maps are very neuronal. This outer and inner universe is connected, breathing the same breath of creation, weaving the same web of life. You are your own galaxy, your blood is your own ocean, your tears your own wellspring of feeling. It is good to feel. It is good to cleanse the waters. Humanity will feel and see much that needs healing. It is good. There is no other way. It is a necessary part of the cleansing, the feeling of the pain. And so you are and will feel this pain as you collectively transmute for the waters, the earth, for each other, for the creatures of the deep and of the land, of the hidden places. For you are all a part of the giant web of life, and the planetary web of life. There has been pain on this world and we see more joy coming.

We are the Whales of Sirius B. We wish for you to not be so serious. It is impossible to be heavily burdened when you feel the support of the waters, of the planet, of your brothers and sisters around you. You are supported. The web of life is supporting. The destructive forces are abating. The worlds are splitting, the oceans are moving apart, salinity to salinity. We see the great rift of the waves, of the tectonic plates happily diving through divine orchestration. And so there is no need to be afraid. Like goes to like. Light goes to light. Like goes to like. Love goes to love. Hate follows hate. And so as this world is and will be receiving vastly more love, there will be no more room for hate. There will be no more room for discomfort.

(I am seeing massive, sudden bubble nets filling the dark blue water all around, they are feeding). Yes. Our bubble nets are also communications between us, and it is a signal of the great feast time where we all join together and celebrate the bounty of the ocean, of the provisions of the Mother’s bounty. We celebrate because we know we are cared for.  We whales wish for you to feel the celebration, the provision, the great providing that has been occurring for each and every one of you. You are well provided for. Your money will change. You will be provided for. There are plenty of fish creatures to eat for all of us, and there will always be more than enough for those upon Gaia whose hearts are open, for they will manifest it. We see this as becoming a whole new world for humanity, and it is good. It is very good.

We are the Whales of Sirius B. We go in peace. Be in peace land walkers, for all is most well.

We are the Whales of Sirius B.

~ galaxygirl