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White Eagle and San via Angel Skog, December 11th, 2018  

White Eagle and San via Angel Skog

December 11th, 2018


I am San with White Eagle at my side and thus we step forward as representatives for the whole shamanic kingdom – a kingdom that appears just as real and true as your human visible reality. We are your hidden shadows of wisdom – shadows as we are very close and we walk closely side by side with you here on Earth, in the middle world. This is so as our strong love and connection to this beautiful Earth is a bond that we have established in many earlier lives. We have walked the path of the shaman wholeheartedly. We have cried and grieved and gotten lost many times, but found our real home deep inside our Mother’s heart.

We now sing out our song and dance our dance for the ascension of Earth and its healing, as we always have done and always will do. We now invite you together with Mother Earth and together with all the beings of the underworld and all beautiful creatures that also work closely by your side.

We call on you, from the depth of our serving souls to participate in our song and participate in our dance in order to reestablish the balance between the masculine and the feminine on Earth.

We call on you to participate in our song and in our dance to wake up consciousness of our shadows that are ready to serve you as guides and wayshowers together with all the creatures of the underworld.

We call on you to participate in our song and in our dance to wake up your inner dormant masculine and feminine original forces and honor them.

Honor them by honoring every woman on Earth and her unique expression of femininity. Honor it by honoring every man and his unique expression of masculinity. Give each other space to balance these energies within you and let every man honor his feminine side and let each woman honor her masculine side.

Be connected with your hearts deep down in Mother Earth’s heart and let her show you how it feels to be a divine feminine expression of God and let her show you how it feels to be a divine masculine expression of God.

Sink deep down in these energies and hear how we sing for you, and dance around you. Let us show ourselves to you and let us guide you back home to live with your heart again connected with that of our Mother.

San and White Eagle




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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