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White Wolf Chief from Apache Tribe via Erena Velazquez | March 19, 2022

White Wolf Chief from Apache Tribe via Erena Velazquez | March 19, 2022

March 19, 2022

Greetings My Brothers and Sisters,

I am White Wolf chief from Apache tribe, and it’s my turn to speak to My Brothers and Sisters on Terra (Earth). I remember the nights, when the elderly and me were sitting in the circle in a meditative state connecting to our ancestors. During this state we traveled to the Spirit World and learned some wisdom from them.

Our ancestors arrived 14-16 thousands years ago to North America. I loved those peaceful and high vibrational nights. It was a happy time, when the only our concern was hunting and bringing food to the tribe. We also enjoyed longevity. Our life was simple and happy, until dark and deceitful people came on the boats.

They had only the desire to have our lands and make us their servants. We fought with them for a long time, and we lost the battle, as they were stronger and out numbered us. They took everything from us, our pride of being free and living our lives, how our Ancestors did. We were unexperienced and didn’t understand, what pure evil meant, which had no regards in preserving life.

Same thing is happening right now for you. The same evil is trying to destroy Terra together with humankind. This time it can’t win, as the power of Light is growing each day more and more stronger. My Brothers and Sisters are getting awake from the illusion. You are realizing that your future is in your hands. You are much stronger, when my tribe was during my lifetime. My ancestors and I, White Wolf, have a strong connection with all of you, and we are sending as collective high vibrational energies to help in this battle.

Everything has a beginning and an ending. The war between Light and Darkness is coming to the end after a long time. Your Terra moved awhile ago into higher dimensional reality, and now it’s your turn to catch up. Everything is changing rapidly into your advantage, even if on the surface, it doesn’t look that way. Again, never take seriously, what has been said by the ones who tell the news. If you want to know the real truth, when move yourself into meditative state to get the answer.

The negative emotions come from the mind not from the heart. Your soul speaks only the truth, and it always shares Light with others and never judges or hates anyone. We are here to learn the lessons and to move to higher vibrational reality. It’s soul’s journey, which is very individual for everyone. We can’t speed up anyone in their spiritual growth. Right now, the final phase is taking place in this fight of Good and Evil.

Be proud and happy that you are going to see with your own eyes, the Victory of Light.

Blessings My Brothers and Sisters from My Ancestors and Me, White Wolf. Thank you Universal Channel

Connect to Your Soul
White Wolf