Love is our new reality

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Yeshua and Ashtar via Galaxygirl | January 14, 2024

Yeshua and Ashtar via Galaxygirl | January 14, 2024

Yeshua & Ashtar 1/14/2024

Greetings beloved friends of Gaia, of life, of liberty. We come in peace. I Ashtar of the Galactic Federation come with a brief message of peace, of love, of hope for humanity, per this one’s request. There has been much speculation and many timeline shifts as far as outcomes and it is not in our place to predict or to say for certain what is to come. For it is all in divine timing, and all within the hands of Creator.

I Yeshua, and I Ashtar am speaking as one tonight, in solidarity of brotherhood. We come tonight to you speaking from the holodeck of the New Jerusalem, which is very close to your earth now, and the energies of our ship would be most palpable to your planet if we were to uncloak. We are currently cloaked within the Ionosphere, waiting for permission for entry by your governments.

We wish to say that all is not lost, that all is in the process of being found. The divinity of humanity is being rediscovered by itself, which has been a very long process for all involved. We have been working on this project with the humans for millennia.

We both have been working together for so long, we are brothers in the truest sense for we have shared each others’ burdens, laughed in the good times and encouraged the other to soldier on when all seemed lost. But all is not lost and we wish to reiterate this. All is most definitely being found as Gaia rises to her rightful place in the cosmos, surrounded by the golden light of Source, in perfection and in grace.

What is happening currently on your globe is those that are soulless and not of the light are being removed, and replaced with holograms or clones so that it is very difficult to discern who you see before you on your video screens is actually embodied, or an illusion. It is the time for great discernment and channeling ones inner knowing with stubborn tenacity. Do not give up, ground crew, you are sorely needed.

It is because of you, dear ground crew, that this mission has been able to proceed this far. You are the code anchorers, the light grounders, the grid weavers, the light holders. And you have been doing this light work as second nature to you during your daily job or caring for those around you. And it is a beautiful thing really to be able to do this with such aplomb. We applaud you. It is because of you that we are able to draw so near, for your light work has elevated Gaia’s grid work to that of the crystalline structure, and this has helped upgrade those who are listening and embodying the light to such a degree that it has come almost full circle.

Much good is happening right now that would encourage your hearts. It is the dark of winter on your Northern hemisphere and so many are more gloomy of thought. Do not succumb to this. Within the light is the fierce strength of joy. Joy does not mean happy, and we know you know this, but we reiterate, it is quite possible to be profoundly sad and yet joyful at the same time. It is this extreme of emotion that makes playing on the earth grid so profitable for a soul’s experience. Joy can be deeply felt in the darkest of times. I know many will disagree, which is fine, it is your own experience. But when the clouds part and the rain clears, is the sunshine not that much brighter? We see many beautiful days ahead for humanity.

We see such joy ahead for humanity. 2024 is a turning point year. You have all been asking and reading and researching about the astrology of this year, and true, there is much in the stars that points to this being a most poignant, pivotal year, and this is true. But do not let this daunt you into thinking that it will be a year of concern. It will be a year to be reckoned with but not to be concerned with. For you, light workers, you know the truth and it has set you free. You know the truth, the light and you have grounded it. And so there is nothing to be afraid of. In fact we do not wish for you to be afraid at all, of anything. As a child of God, as a Source fractal, you are enormously, immensely powerful. You are here to assist a crumbling matrix crumble faster,  through love, through showing your strength of love, and of holding your light most firmly.

We see radiant joy in your future. We see hope for humanity. We see families being reunited and coming to terms of their differences with grace and ease. We see New Earth sprouting. You are in the tender green shoots stage. The seeds have been planted and now the shoots are showing, shooting up towards the sun. And more shoots will be seen as far as the eye can see, until suddenly there is a garden of beautiful green, and one can walk through and eat delectable fruits of ones’ choosing.

This is Ashtar and Yeshua speaking as one tonight. This one asked to speak to Ashtar, and Yeshua was also here, so tonight is a two for one special. We are very pleased to have spoken with you, our beloved ground crew. You are the apple of our eyes. We adore you, and we are thankful for your service to the light. Over and out.

~ galaxygirl