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Yosef Update – April 5, 2016

“Waiting Game”

RV Update
10 Questions & Answers
April 5, 2016

1. Who really has the say so at this time? UST, Republic, Bank Executives? Is there someone that is not letting the RV happen?

The global RV release has been ongoing process for nearly a year since April 22, 2015. This process is somewhat automated as there is a master checklist of items that need to be addressed before a global release of liquidity commences. This automated release system was created by the Chinese Elders along with Benevolent Mentors. Thus they are in control both the release and timing for all sovereign countries—as they have been tasked to be the keepers of the global collateral accounts reserved for all humanity.

2. What are we not seeing?

Progress. It’s constant and ongoing and comes in multiple yet incremental dosages at all hours of the day and night. Please excuse this next example, but think of the RV like having sex. The internet public is being wined and dined, with flowers and soft romantic music, yet all lead up foreplay is driving us crazy because collectively we have the patience of a horny teenage boy who just wants to get to the big finale.

In contrast, the Chinese are a very, very, very meticulous and patient people, both in their planning and execution. In fact, their patience is why there were placed with the responsibility of keeping the world’s wealth… as they have unique traits that allow them to take the long view on all matters, which goes far beyond American or Anglo Saxon understanding.

Remember the United States has only been a sovereign country for 240+ years while Chinese has been thriving culture for 5,000+. And the Chinese Elders want this transition to be perfect in every way, so all of humanity can benefit long-term. And if anything they desire needs adjustment, they simple make it and wait for result to resolve itself.

3. What piece of the puzzle has not been put in place yet?

There are four elements that all must converge and synchronize in order for us to realize our monetary hydration:

Banking – Gold backed collateral, CIPS electronic delivery, reconstitution of central banks/IMF/WF/BIS/FED.
Diplomacy – 209 countries , with different languages & cultural nuances.
Military – Security 8B people , hundreds of fighting forces and armed militias, plus the cabal’s mercenaries.
Government – Public leadership replacement or secrete military coup d’tau’s (or both) for dozens of corrupted political institutions, including the USA, Inc. with the new Republic of the United States (which is really just a re-instatement of the original Republic circa 1776 with several modernized amendments).

Once all these elements are recalibrated, restored or replaced to precisely where the Chinese Elders/Benevolent Mentors want them, they RV will be automatically release globally without delay.

All must go, or none go. Until then, however, the world is forced to play a waiting game until all items are completed to satisfied on a master checklist the average person can not see, and no one will ever know exactly what is on this master list but the Chinese and their benevolent mentors by design … for our protection not to heighten our frustration.

4. Is the RV just a matter of timing?

It’s more a matter of process than timing. Our impatient minds and hearts simply cannot wrap our heads around all that’s happening in this moment. There are no delays. There is a plan. It is being followed to the letter and progress is being made on an hourly basis. We just are blind to the scope of the transition / transaction roll out.

As individuals we have bills to pay, kids to feed, medicine to buy, families and communities to save… we lack the focus and desire to understand all that is happening geopolitically. It’s been explained to me that individuals play checkers, while world leaders play chess and use humanity as pawns. Thankfully, the new powers that be are doing so in our benefit, whereas the old powers that be were enslaving us.

5. Is Iraq still a problem? 

No. Iraq is complete. And so to is the US. But all 209 countries must also be ready, and some have been waiting a long time for the Iraq and the US to become ready… their readiness is now being reaffirmed and this is where we are today.

As only when all 209 sovereign nations are ready to proceed with the GCR/RV roll out, will all proceed … as this event is truly about all of humanity moving forward… together.

6. Is Dinarland being played with and for what means?

Dinar land was anticipated by the master planners. They knew with modern technology, there was no way to control public opinion with so many different input points and delivery mechanisms. However, they used this fact to their advantage and have allowed the internet community to sing for their supper so to speak, and create wonder disinformation/distraction to the larger plan.

Meaning, they have been feeding both true and false information into Dinarland gurus, who either innocently or secretly place the information into the public lexicon to create uncertainty, and/or honey trap cabal members into false timing expectations. It’s been a very effective strategy to both catching the bad guys, lowering public expectation, as well as informing the public on what to expect during their banking experience.

7. Are they still running a “catch the banker” game or are we over that period? 

They are forever playing a “catch the banker” game. Leading up to the RV and beyond, the bankers will show their true faces and they will be dealt with in kind.

8. Where are the emails with the 800 numbers?

Sitting in a computer just waiting to be sent to appropriate email addresses and intel providers so you may begin your redemption portion of the master roll out plan. As of Tuesday afternoon, they have not yet been released because there are still a few items on the master checklist that must be completed. When those are accomplished, both the emails and 800#s will flow out with ease.

9. Will everyone who bought currency be on the alert email list?

Simply put, no. However the new powers that be do have meta data on all currency sales for the past 12 years and no roughly how many Americans hold foreign currency that qualifies for first basket redemption. But do not worry, the 800#s and email contacts will be made public openly. They want you in the redemption sites and private group redemption meeting points immediately and in mass.

10. Why has the roll out been changed so many times. Is there a problem with the funds in place or is there security issue we don’t know about?

The RV roll out is a scheduled process that is automated. So “timing delays” has you have stated are actually factored into the roll out process. Thus there is no delay, only performance in key timeframes. As for the funds being in place, yes. They have been in place for quite sometime and the get this, the RV is already paid for. So all your currency being redeemed, at any amount, has already been accounted for on the master algoryhthm that now oversees all global digital, cash and coin transactions.

As for security, there have been many issues along the way, some unforeseen—Turkey shooting down a Russian plane is one—thus security is always a major factor when making any decision to move forward. However, most security concerns are futuristic in nature, and thus precautionary versus real time situations with ground combat. Again, all possible scenarios have been accounted for regarding security. Don’t worry about security. Focus on enjoying and understanding the transition / transaction process so you can do your part… and let God handle the rest.