Love is our new reality

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One Who Serves and Ashira via James McConnell and Susan Sammarco, March 30th

“You Are Well On Your Way To Your Ascension”  

“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

“Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Wednesday Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on March 30, 2016)

Question/answer portion was omitted from this transcription. If you would like, you can listen to the audio at


“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. Good to be here with you again on this wonderful Wednesday evening. Coming more and more frequently to be with you. We like that though. We like to be of service as always and that, certainly, as we are helping you, you are helping us! You have no idea of how much you are helping us but you certainly are.


Please understand that what you were speaking of earlier, in terms of what you are dealing with, in terms of your symptoms, or your tiredness. Feeling out of sorts and all of this. This is natural for you to be going through this as these energies are coming through. As these energy waves come through you are going to experience more and more of this. Sometimes it will not be so good.  Sometimes it will be wonderful!


Even if it seems like it is not anything you want, go and know that it is purposeful, know that it is something that must happen. Because as these things are happening, someone said it earlier, downloads. But most of your downloads will be during your sleep period. This is when most of this is happening.


But during your waking time you are also having this, as it is important that you acknowledge whatever your body is calling for. Whether it is certain types of food. Whether it is time for rest.


Whatever it is, listen to your body. Your body is talking to you! It has been for a very long time but it is only now that you are listening. You are just beginning to listen to it!


So, allow for this and continue to allow for this to happen in the Now! It is not so much that this is the future, although you are going to have a wonderful future, a future beyond your wildest imagination. It is also in the Now. Be in the Perfect Now. Be in the moment. Let everything be as it is and you will go into your future ready for it! Being in a good space for it. Being in the higher vibrations.


Do everything you can to be in those higher vibrations and remain in those. All of this is happening between now and your April as well as at the Advance. All of this is leading up to something very big! To something major for each one of you. Each of  you who will experience this at the “Advance” (formerly called a retreat) but even prior to the Advance. These energies are coming through and they are changing you!


Your physical bodies are changing. More and more  you are in a crystalline state. No. you are not aware of it. You can’t go the doctor and have him say, “Oh, your cells are all crystalline now!” (laughter)  That is not going to happen. It is going to happen first at the higher levels and then it manifests downward. That is why we say, “So above. So below.”


Know that you are on this right track. Everything is going as it needs to and many changes are about to occur throughout your entire planet. Not only here in your country but throughout your entire planet. And they will begin with the first domino as we have said many times. The first one may be a little struggle but as it falls, it will gather energy. As a stone rolls down the hill it moves faster and faster. This is what will happen too as these changes begin. OK?


Before we close we wish to share this with you.


James did not know about this but “Oh well!” In the times coming when you are going to be with the Hollow Earth group, “Sananda” and “Arabella” will be with you. Understand that as this is happening at that time, the showing up will be very prominent here. Many times our consciousness is here during these times but not the physical. This Sunday will be very different. We will not be in our physical bodies but very close to it. Certainly, “Sananda’s” and “Arabella’s” presence will be very prominent, very strong here with you.


Because as this wave continues to go through many people across the planet. You have heard that the first wave brought people up to the 21 hertz and the second wave is doubling that to 42 hertz. This is vibrational frequency and you are experiencing this in upward movement of frequency.


So those of you who went through the Ascension process in the first wave, that is all of you who are listening and resonating to these words, you have moved through the 21 and are moving up to the 42 hertz here. Which means that you are well on your way to Ascension here, full Ascension.


Now we are saying this because there is going to be an understanding that is going to come from “Sananda” and also, “Arabella” in terms of working with the energies and the Elementals processes that is going to be shared here on Sunday with the Hollow Earth. So that all who listen to the words, read the words or however they get the message will have a much better understanding of where they are and where they are going.


We are giving a bit of a hint here that something is going to be said that will be very prominent here. James does not have an idea yet of what we are speaking of.  But it will come and may be in the form of an announcement of sorts.


That is what we wished to share here.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.



I mentioned earlier that I planned to speak today on the topic of one our member’s questions today. I will address this in my statement.


There are so many changes that are going to be occurring in each and every one of you. Seeing your past lives, future lives, all of the lives that you are living now. That could make you a little bit crazy!


These are some of the reasons that you do not have this view when you come into this world. But what is happening when you’re dealing with the raising of the vibration is that you also having more understanding. More understanding of what you are seeing and what you are experiencing.


So, as these things occur for you. Perhaps you will see fairies in the forests. Perhaps you will have experiences that the Susan is having with 5thdimensional living. On Earth. On ships. Being in the healing chambers. Perhaps you will have a great sense of love for someone who has passed and is a stranger and yet you reach out for them and you have a connection.


The level of love on this planet has increased tremendously. Years ago when “Ashtar” visited this group he talked about lights “popping” and some “popping off”. They were excited about the lights on the planet coming on and no the planet is lit so brightly, so brightly that it is seen from above in the heavens. The light comes from within the earth as well as upon it.


Love is present in all things, as all things. We appreciate working with you in this group and are excited when you see the change going on in your life. Be happy, friends. Be joy. Be light. Be love.

Peace and blessings.  Namaste.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
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