Love is our new reality

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The Dragon via Brian, April 6th

This is The Dragon,

Let’s tell a small story. A story of two people. It is a metaphor.

There story is in a world where if you die and come back instantly. This story has two characters: The destroyer, and the helper.

The destroyer is miserable. He has built a mechanism, and at first he thought it was grand. That mechanism, however, consumes him. He thinks he is satisfied and does not really try to escape. He just keeps adding to the mechanism, and it satisfies him for a time. It requires more and more effort to maintain and the destroyer becomes ever more miserable. He doesn’t know why.

The helper comes and she shows the destroyer a picture of pure beauty. The helper says that she can help the destroyer replace the mechanism with something much better. The “destroyer” says “why? What do you want for it?” The helper says “because of the Love of all-that-is. I just want you to be happy.” The destroyer cannot imagine being separated from his mechanism and uses the mechanism to blast the helper to oblivion.

The destroyer laughs. “If the helper came with the Love of all-that-is, why was I able to destroy her so easily?” and continues tending to his machine.

Since it is a world where you return instantly, the Helper returns. The destroyer says, “Oh, you again. I thought I took care of you”. The helper says, “I know you love your machine.. How about this? Can you just let me make one small part of your machine beautiful?” The destroyer says, “Oh ok, as long as it means you’ll leave me alone”. So it begins. The helper transforms part of the machine into something beautiful. It works amazingly better than the rest of the machine however it also makes the problems of the rest of the machine more obvious. The destroyer sees the rest of the machine creaking and groaning. It was always doing that. He thinks it’s a new issue. It scares him. He once again blasts the helper and the part of the machine the helper has transformed. He laughs.

The helper returns with friends. She says, “We’re going to start building our own machine and show you what yours can become”. There’s nothing you can do. We’ll keep coming back. We are wise, and aware. We Love you too much to let you consume yourself indefinitely, we cannot force you and will not force you to change but we can show you true beauty. The destroyer rolls his eyes and goes on with what he was doing. In front of him, the helper and her friends build a beautiful machine. Finally, the destroyer takes notice. Instead of seeing the beautify, he sees a threat. He blasts them all and their machine into oblivion and laughs. “If they are so wise and aware, why do they so easy to destroy? They are weak! They make themselves so vulnerable!”

Over and over, the helper returns with his friends. Over and over they are destroyed. Eventually, no helper returns. The helper decided the destroyer doesn’t want help. No friends of the helper returns. Just silence. The destroyer and his machine to keep him company. His creaking, groaning machine and constant work to maintain it. He is miserable.

The destroyer laughs at victory, not realizing he is hurting himself.

Over time, he wonders what happened to the helper. He feels lonely.

He cries out to the universe to help him from his loneliness…

Suddenly, the helper reappears. The helper says, “I heard your call”. The destroyer says, “You can start building your beautiful machine again. I actually miss you and it.”

So the helper starts. However, the destroyer’s fear overwhelms himself. He begins blasting the new machine, but stops short of complete destruction. He leaves a little bit and leaves the helper in-tact. The helper doesn’t bat an eyelid and goes back to rebuilding the beautiful machine. This continues for a long time. The helper rebuilds his beautiful machine, and the destroyer does something to destroy or sabotage it. For millenia. Over time, less and less of it is destroyed and it becomes bigger and bigger. The helper doesn’t give up. He’s making more progress with the destroyer than before, at least.

The destroyer becomes more and more comfortable with the new, beautiful machine.

The destroyer becomes more enthralled with the new beautiful machine. There are so many things it can do that his can’t. It is so beautiful. It is shining with the Love of all-that-is.

The destroyer finally says, “You can change mine”. All the helper’s friends return to diligently improve the destroyer’s machine. They make it new. It is beautiful. The destroyer no longer feels ugly, feels lonely. He feels loved. His machine and he, shines with the Love of all-that-is.

That is the metaphor for your transition. The souls are back to answer a call from a group of souls that have become miserable. They find pleasure sometimes in thwarting the souls that came to help. It makes them feel powerful being able to slow down beings that are supposedly more powerful than them. It gives them momentary pleasure. They forget sometimes that they made the call for help, then attack the very people that came to help them.

Another example is that it’s like a feral cat you rescue and that you give Love to, and all it can do is scream and claw and scratch at you. It doesn’t know Love. But over time, it lets a little Love in, then more.

Keep pushing. You will bring about change. Just don’t get frustrated since you know the limitations of those you came to help.

Perhaps someday, after years of helping others, and the world progressing, you’ll be the one that needs help from the young people coming through. Hopefully when that day comes, you’ll accept it graciously since you’ve been on the other side.

With Love,
The Dragon

Channelled by : Brian, the dragon