Love is our new reality

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Yosef Update, February 29th

YOSEF Update – February 29, 2016

“The Bride”

Anonymous SitRep

T​he​ ​beautiful ​”​​Bride”​of the GCR/RV ​has entered the church, ​and ​she is well ​known ​in Asian cultures ​as Kuan Y’in or the Divine Feminine Goddess (also known as Gaia or Mother Earth in the west)​.

​ Therefore, all nations and cultures of the world may now stand​,​ as all ​geopolitical ​”big rocks” were settled earlier in the week at the G20 preliminary meetings​; with new territorial boundaries and rules of diplomatic ​conflict resolution fully negotiated and voted upon (in person)–thus humanity and all its ​good standing ​nation/states have now met universal requirements for harmony through free choice.AIIB (Hun Elders) have been “test pinging” or advising all member banks of their intention to release monetary hydration ​out ​to the world.​ And once they release ​internal ​liquidity codes from th​eir master account (with Kuan Y’in’s blessing), the ​shotgun start ​roll out process becomes experiential to all populations of the world–and yes, even your sacred redemption appointment numbers will appear in short order.

All must go together, or none shall go. This was Heaven’s requirement to man.​

Historical bond owners and private transaction paymasters now calmly await initial performance tranches, as well as the deliverance of private placement trade contracts/payouts (which have been generating since late August 2015, and has in fact absorbed / paid off all debts worldwide).

Thus, there is no panic or discomfort on the part of the sovereign families, as they understand what humanity’s best interests truly are, and have used the RV as a negotiating tool to set all​ of​ the world’s inhabitants on a firm and moral high ground before the mercy was released. ​This is precisely what they were keeping for us all all these decades and centuries.​

Know that all decisions makers are taking counsel from higher mind benevolence, including now direct counsel from Kuan Y’in herself, as to divine performance timing and degrees or levels of benevolence.

​Literally ​the ​pulse or frequency of the earth has been reset, and our new human financial system will now simultaneously fall into ​alignment or ​harmony with this new recalibrated ​higher frequency, automatically releasing ​the old frequency as well as the appropriate amount of mercy for thousands upon thousands of years without interruption, corruption or conflict.

Hard to believe? Sure. Truth? Ask your heart… which is an anagram for “earth”. As we are all now ONE WITH THE EARTH, and thus BEATING AS ONE HEART… on a vibrational or frequency rhythm. Tres cool, right?

Your monetary blessing is absolute, in amounts beyond your current understanding. So take these final moments to quiet your mind and heart, and allow your soul to reset into a “greater good” or “sincere gratitude” vibration so that you may comfortably receive this loving gift from Heaven as it is now is effortlessly bestowed.

The only struggle​s​ remaining ​are the one​s​ you artificially create. So
​be at peace​ and ​save the drama for your mama ​as all is ​truly ​well:)

Aloha Ke Akua (God is Love)