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Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, February 29th

Dear Ones,

Today is the first day of the rest of your life on earth in this lifetime. Even though that statement sounds a bit grandiose, it is merely a reminder of your newly activated skill set.

You have always had the skills you are curtailing (curtailing is the correct word) now, but you did whatever was required of 3D you to disclaim, deny or ignore those skills. And it continues to be easier for you to ignore your new being than to accept and explore it.

That last statement is to explain why you have not created that which you wish to create. You are most likely thinking that such words are another delay tactic or carrot to draw you further into this make-believe world created by this and other channels. Such is not true for you ARE the creators of your world – including the world you are sitting or standing in this very moment.

You have received that same message over and over the past few decades. Yet, you have not internalized it for you continue to believe that someone outside of you is punishing you or that you are not capable of creating your reality.

You insist you are merely small you. Not because it is true, but because your layers of 3D denial are so deep you cannot envision your skill possibilities.

Even though you have hidden you extremely well for eons of earth lives,  it is time to come out of your skill set closet. It is time for you to become a spiritual adult while of the earth.

You ponder, worry, fret and are angry that you have not created what you want. You are your magician. There is no magic beanstalk, king or Wizard of Oz creation genie. It is you and always has been you.

You denied yourself to better fit in your 3D world. Now that earth and you are of 5D, there is no need to hide or deny your skills.

Your deeply ingrained fears most likely pertain to 3D lives in which you were punished for activating your skills. Perhaps you were labeled a witch or burned at the stake for denying a particular religion or punished for not believing in what society needed you to believe.

It does not matter. The past has passed. Karma from those lives and any others has been cleared from your slate. There is no need to hide. In truth, you are now being called upon to display the skills you were once forced to hide.

Even though the following concept is a bit complicated using your present language, those lives continue to be lived as you move into your 5D you. The easiest way of understanding this concept is to think of your being as a hologram. A hologram that shifts in and out of being as you view you from different perspectives. A hologram composed of layers instead of a flat 3D photo.

So it is that your hologram as now viewed by you and others – for that image ability is now part of your skill set – is created by you of your past, present and future.

Without that depth of knowing, of understanding, your hologram would merely be a 3D image.

In the past, all you allowed yourself to view was a 3D photo of you. Of course, some of you noted ghost-like images or bright lights or blobs you did not see when you took a photo, but, all in all, you only allowed yourself to see or sense one dimension of your multi-dimension, multi-time, multi-frequency being.

Now that you have gathered your various segments to form new you, you are beginning to create your New Earth, multi-dimension, multi-time, multi-frequency being. A being fully capable of activating any piece of your past, present or future. For all are happening at the same time.

Time is not linear and never has been. But that linear image/thought process helped you better understand your 3D lives. Just as early humans needed to create fables for eclipses and God so they could live comfortably within their thought processes.

Now that you are a young 5D adult, your thought processes are shifting accordingly – including how you view yourself in your totality. A shift that begins to understand the hologram that is now you. Knowing without a doubt that you create your reality and will do so forevermore. And that by creating that reality, you are changing the earth and the Universes.

If you question that last thought, just remember how much smaller the earth was once airplanes became part of your transportation systems. Such is true now. This is an internal paradigm shift many of you are afraid to accept. You are similar to those who once believed automobiles were evil, smelly inventions that should be returned to wherever so they could continue their known world of horse and carriage travel.

Such is not going to happen. You have stepped over the line to new you.

You can rail against this shift. You can dream of how much better it used to be. You can continue to hide your creation skills. Or you can truly claim your new holographic being including skills from any and all segments beneficial to your current life. Segments that easily float in and out of your being whenever you wish.

You are no longer a static, 3D photo. You are a multi-time, multi-dimension, multi-frequency being far different from your 3D being.

And so are all others who have opened their hearts to their new 5D being, all those relishing these words.

Claim yourself without fear, anger or repercussions. You are no longer dependent on horse transportation. You are flying through the Universes with the fastest jet yet imagable, creating without fear. You are new you in a New Earth. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog and Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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