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Yosef Update – March 6, 2016

Yosef Update – March 6, 2016

“Wait for it…” – Anonymous Intel SITREP – Sunday – 3.6.16


“Wait for it…”
Anonymous Intel SITREP
Sunday – 3.6.16

What, no RV this morning? Who’s to blame? Why can’t these NPTB get things together? Is this thing even real? All fair questions the morning after a disappointment Saturday night.

That said, redemption locations were staffed, guarded with machine guns and secured via combined military forces like never before starting @ 4pm EST yesterday, all in anticipation of the global hydration spigot turning on after sundown, and or sunrise in Beijing.

Overseeing Chinese and Republic authorities were even present at some of the 24 hour sites, which was a first. So what really happened? Where’s the freaking beef man? The answer is nobody knows. And I mean nobody. All information contacts are dumbfounded there was no performance last night.

Will the NPTB ramp things up again tonight? Possibly. It would make sense to start the RV first thing in the morning Beijing time around 8PM EST, but then again, it made sense last night when the markets were all closed and Abadi was scheduled to make his IQD International Speech to the world at 11pm EST, after morning prayer and before the Dubai Exchange opened. Or will they wait another weekend, and ramp up next Saturday March 12?

What we know is that all colors of the Chinese Family wanted the RV done in July 2015, and here we are in March 2016 with our ready bags and Sunday best sitting idly in the closet.

So we wait for it… and while we do, I would like to offer one simple question:

If not for a global revaluation, what will solve the world’s unsolvable monetary problems?

Seriously, if there’s no RV how does humanity move forward financially?

The FED and European Central Bank tried quantitative easing, but that didn’t work. Central bank cash injections were carried out via TARP as well, and also failed miserably. Budget reductions are always a hot topic on the campaign circuit, but just ask the US Congress how effective that strategy is–so bad in fact they had to freeze the deficit at 18T. The BIS/World Bank/IMF served up austerity packages to most of Europe… how did that work out? Greece can’t even afford to grow their own olives now.

So what is the solution to this unsolvable global financial collapse problem if not a completely new system that resets all currencies to a common physical asset standard? This is where we are today folks, the precise moment when one fiscal consciousness surrenders to another, and the world goes from red to black again on the books. And all these stops and starts, over 250 are now concluding, as there is nothing left but performance for the master planners.

Sure we’ve waited, and waited, and waited, and waited some more. We know what car, house, and office building we want to buy first. We know what community worthy cause we want to fund first. But yet here we are, still waiting like a dog waiting for its owner to come home.

Deep down, we know at some point Heaven and Earth will reconcile so humanity can move forward in abundance, but “when” is the only question? Not “how, and certainly not “if” after the last few years of public transition events.

Are we the pregnant mom filled with possibility? Absolutely. Is our RV baby past it’s due date? Yup, by a few months. Will will keep waiting until we hear the RV cry and we get to cut the umbilical away from debt enslavement? Of course we will, ’cause that’s what we do… we wait. As we are the patient All-Pro quarterback, who stays calm in the pocket while the world collapses around us, so at the very last second we can launch a brilliant Hail Mary down field to win the game for generations of our family.

We are all the tragic heroes of our own amazingly incredible story.

And as all good tragic heroes must do, we suffer so that others can thrive. Or to quote the Godfather, “This is the life we have chosen!” So I guess waiting is just the price we chose to pay to receive this RV blessing… for everyone else. I can handle that. Bet you can too. Waits another day, another week, another month… so be it. After all, there isn’t another option but to wait as there is no other option but for the world to RV. Thank heavens we’re at least in a perfect position to hear the crowd roar when our epic Hail Mary is caught for touchdown in the end zone.

You know of of course our friends and family will tell stories of our heroics for decades to come. And believe me, that’s an honor worth waiting for.

Besides, Fischer says by 6pm EST tonight… lets pray he’s right.

Aloha Ke Akua (God is Love)