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Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, August 5th, 2018

It was decided that some of the information I gave to you last week, could have been used negatively. So it had to be removed from the published message. To those who read it, it was powerful. It proved conclusively what I intended to prove. It produced the energy to take a huge step forward which has proved positive. It removed many of the blocks that were holding things back.

YOU KNOW IN YOUR SOUL THAT THE TIMING IS RIGHT. Find your courage and be the light that you are. Fight the good fight that will release humanity from the stranglehold of the Cabal. You know that you have the tools to do this. All the evidence is there. Use it to free the human race. Nothing on Earth can stop you when you decide that this is what you want and you are prepared to fight for it. Government leaders are but PAPER TIGERS, who follow the orders of the Cabal. The moment you refuse to obey them, they are immediately discarded by the Cabal. They end up in the dustbin of life, no longer of use. Mr Trump alone is exposing this corruption.

Pray every day for Donald Trump, as he leads the way out of oppression into dignity and respect. The Cabal went from country to country, destroying the infrastructure, bombing needlessly, creating misery and suffering which was (and still is) their main objective. They proudly show off their armies and their weapons. Everything that destroys human life excites them. As I have pointed out before, Mr Trump WANTS TO MAKE FRIENDS, NOT WAR. He is leading the way to ensure that all people are able to enjoy a peaceful life. We, on this side of life, support and protect him as he leads your world out of the misery of Cabal control.

We are trying to create the energy for a huge push forward to freedom. The timing is right for all men to be free to enjoy the Earth as it should be enjoyed. Everything negative must be removed and human life must be respected. Sadly, young men are enticed to carry deadly knives, ready to kill. It makes them feel big. So they kill without conscience. It is then, and only then, that they realise they were used in very subtle ways to behave in this way. They pay a very high price for their moment of fame, in prisons so dark and oppressive that some do not survive. They are to be pitied.

People should come together, talk, and share experiences. Explore, do not sit each day in front of your TVs, which are used by the Cabal to control you. They want you to accept without question all that they show you on TV. This is how they control your minds. TV stops you using your mind and your intelligence to learn about the world and what the Cabal is doing to destroy you. Life is precious, so value it. The Earth was a place of great beauty until the infiltrators took it over and made slaves of you through religion and politics.

Ireland, the most sacred place, is being systematically destroyed by Leo Varadkar. WHY ARE THE IRISH PEOPLE SILENT, AS VARADKAR’S PLANS TAKE SHAPE?
Mr Varadkar, the Vatican failed to destroy Ireland. Who are you to believe you will succeed?

When the Irish really wake up to your plans, they will run you out of the country and ensure that you never return. You and your equals are not wanted in Ireland: not now, not ever. When Ireland takes its rightful place once more, peace will reign throughout the world. People will know who they are, at this time of change. This change will come as it cannot be stopped. Prepare for it, welcome it with open arms. It will rescue you from the clutches of the Cabal and it will remove them from the Earth. Donald Trump is helping you to take your first steps towards your salvation. THIS IS SOMETHING THAT ONLY HE CAN DO. HE IS DOING A GREAT JOB.

Every one of you must play your part in releasing the Earth from the evil control of the Cabal. Your combined strength is required. Begin with your intention as all intentions have strength. You have strength in numbers and you are far more powerful than the Cabal. They ensure they keep this fact from you.
The power which the banks have over you is being removed by Mr Trump, who will remove the power of the Federal Reserve. In 1913, they placed a stranglehold on the necks of humanity. It is evil to the core. He will remove it. See for yourselves the faces of those who control it. They never did, nor will they ever, serve humanity. They do not want Brexit, though humanity itself needs Brexit for its very survival. The EU is an evil organisation whose purpose is to destroy the people of Europe, to remove their DNA, to dilute it to such a degree that it will be removed forever. This must never be allowed to happen.

Humanity is fighting a battle for its very existence. It must not be found wanting. If you could only see what is being done to destroy you, you would be horrified. If you knew those who are leading the battle against you, you would indeed be shocked. You place them high on pedestals and they see you as the dirt on the soles of their shoes. Reality must be faced, and faced soon, as time is of the essence.

My dear, I know that what they do to you scares you at times. It is intended to do so. You are made of stronger stuff than to allow it to stop you. Forward we go into the light, where all will be revealed.

My love always surrounds you.

Your adoring, Monty.

Message from Veronica
I would like to thank Katherine Jacobs of San Angelo for kindly sending me important information regarding the attacks. Bless you.


Message from Dave
Your continued support for me is a blessing for which I am truly grateful. Thank you.

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