Love is our new reality

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Your Energy Field via Genoveva Coyle, October 30, 2018


Do not give your energy away to others who are used to taking…you have been given golden shields, amethyst flames, or blue cloaks – chose the one that fits you best. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings! I AM Lao Tzu. I am your teacher, I am your ancient friend and companion, always. I come to you to teach you, in fact, to remind you, of the gentle ways of being, of the middle way, which is really the heart’s way, of the ways of love for self and therefore the best way to love and care for everyone else.

Dear brothers and sisters, dear bright hearts, you are living in a world of transformation – the demolition of the old and its chaos – and you have been told over and over how brave and strong you are to be incarnate in this world at this time. You have our profound admiration and appreciation, you have our continuous cooperation, and our hands are extended in help anytime and anywhere you ask us. We come to you, always, to uplift you and give you more clues, plus advice and assistance in whichever way we are allowed by your soul.

But you are masters in form, and you do know just what it is that you need to do, and also what not to do in any given circumstance, and most of the time when to say a loud “No!”

For instance, fighting back and confronting others that are not aware of acting out in fear and despair is not something you want to engage in! Wanting to make things right in the old fashioned way is not going to take you too far. For whenever there are wars, physical or energetic ones, it matters not, there is depletion and unnecessary consumption of your vital and precious energy.

You do understand that the process of manifesting the new life and Nova Earth the way you imagine it is a matter of how well you are able to maintain your stamina, your full body energy, at the highest vibration possible. Only then can you bring to yourselves everything that you desire.

You see, you have all had a lot of experiences when you were drained and felt that you were dragging your feet and that not much was accomplished throughout your day, or even for weeks and months.

You do have the sense and knowing of when you have been distracting yourselves, when you have been stalling and procrastinating in taking the right forward steps and actions, and then found yourselves getting involved in situations where you have given your energy to others voluntarily, or sometimes less than willingly. And the reasons for these situations are many; from lack of full awareness, to feeling that this is somehow of service to the Mother and to the collective. You have learned from your encounters and lessons that you cannot be of real service when you are not in the fullness and integrity of yourselves, you cannot properly assist others when you are in survival mode.

And so, endeavor to be a good shepherd of your energy field. Take as many breaks as you need to feel and tune into where you are finding yourselves out of balance by giving too much away. Do not give your energy away to others who are used to taking and taking from the unaware ones in very sneaky ways; this is why you have been given golden shields, amethyst flames, or blue cloaks – chose the one that fits you best. You know the signs and you feel the real danger, so put the ‘no trespassing’ signs in place, reinforce the armors of light and meet those ones with love and smiles.

With your loved family and friends, do you stop and check yourselves before you step into any action to assist them? From where do you feel the energy leaving your body? Because if it is not going from your heart, if it doesn’t expand your heart at the mere thought of doing that which it is that you are intending to do, then it will not serve you well.

At the same time, become aware of where you allow yourselves to go at the energetic level, by daydreaming or worrying and thinking about issues, for this is another way to weaken yourselves by forgetting to keep your boundaries intact.

Last but not least, engaging in drama, speaking or thinking about unpleasant events or challenges that you encounter with family and friends, is not going to bring you more understanding, and will certainly not bring solutions to the problems. This would just be another way in which you can lose valuable energy by becoming distracted from your purpose. Spending more time within your sacred space while talking and doing less, and at the same time sending love and light to loved ones as well as to your opponents, is the way of love.

This is the heart’s way, for this is the way you find the peace and all the answers that you need. This is the way you maintain a constant high vibration and the way you expand and hold onto the powerful energy of the New You!

I bow to you, dear friends! I will leave you with my deep peace and profound wisdom. Farewell!

By permission.

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.