Love is our new reality

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Your Only Task | Sanat Kumara via Jahn J Kassl, March 8th, 2022

Your Only Task | Sanat Kumara via Jahn J Kassl

by Jahn J Kassl


We are in the middle of both the transformation of human society and the reconstruction of the world. The spiritual plains of Being are omnipresent on earth and interfere where interference is allowed and necessary. The goal is to moderate the greatest upheavals and to prevent future traumata.

This is why each individual is so essential.

This is why it is of the utmost importance what you choose.

This is why each person determines the course of this shift and their own destiny.

Two things matter:

1) working on your consciousness and transformation in order to know yourself and to see behind the curtains of world events, and

2) staying peaceful and loving.

Then you have done everything, and after that we come into play.

The forces of darkness ignite fears, spread hopelessness and cause you to believe that you are powerlessly at the mercy of their plans.

This is an illusion, and you can only overcome it if focus inward. When you get in touch with yourself and align with your Self, this puts an end to the power of those who want to keep you away from your Self. It is pivotal these days that you establish the connection with yourself.

This happens inwardly, through psychological, energetic and spiritual processes.

The Joint Project

Therefore, beloved human, everything you realize and resolve within you benefits your own transformation and the shift of the earth. The shift is a joint project of heaven and earth. The individual holds the task to liberate themselves from powerlessness and to gain a new perception of life.

The earth offers many ways to support you in this. Profound realizations and great healings are possible today. You obtain them by fully engaging in yourself and your issues.

This is the only task that the individual needs to master: viewing themselves in God’s light until the lower Self has completely vanished.

Humanity awakens because more and more people want to know, see and experience. They want to know what holds the world together at its core, they want to see what is hidden behind the obvious, and they want to experience the power and love emanating from them.

The time of change has come. The NEW earth is forming and the NEW human race is born.

I love you endlessly.