Love is our new reality

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Zarton’s Third Message via Suzanne Lie, February 11th, 2018

Zarton’s Third Message-Through Sue Lie


THIRD Transmission from Space Commander Zarton

Through Sue Lie


I am Space Commander Zarton, here within your NOW to share more Inter-galactic information. As you may, or may not know, the area of Galactic Space from which I send my messages is somewhat unconceivable to your third dimensional thinking.

Therefore, in order to understand what I am about to share within this NOW, you will need to activate your fourth dimensional imagination and your fifth dimensional “freedom from time and space.”

We, as I Zarton am now speaking for OUR greater Galactic Consortium, have been chosen to be emissaries from our reality to your reality. I have chosen to use the word “reality” because my reality includes your/our entire Galaxy.

In order to have any concept of being a member of a Galaxy, as opposed to being a member of a Planet, or even a Star System, you must release your third dimensional attachment to time and space.

“Time” is simply a planetary means of measuring the cycles of planetary rotation. On the other hand, “Space” has several meanings. On a reality ruled by time, space is measured by how long it takes to travel from one place to another.

However, the term “Space,” is very relative to the means of travel. On the other hand, when I, Zarton, say the word “space,” I usually mean outer space, or “the space between and beyond the physical galaxies and the physical planets.”

Of course, there are many galaxies and planets that are not “physical,” that is “physical” according to your human terms. These planets are NOT “physical” because they do not resonate to the third dimensional frequency of your physical world. Instead, these planets resonate to the fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies of reality.

The fourth dimensional planets, as well as the fourth dimensional aspects of our Starships, are sometimes perceived by sleeping human ones who are learning to awaken to the higher frequency aspects of their Multidimensional SELF while their third dimensional earth vessel sleeps.

Then, because they are “asleep,” they are able to experience our fourth dimensional worlds while they are sleeping, or are in deep meditation. These fourth dimensional and beyond planets are NOT visible via your third dimensional perceptions, or your third dimensional instruments.

Therefore, these realities have not been discovered, and are usually unknown to humanity. Fortunately, more and more of the members of Earth reality are beginning to expand their consciousness, and thus their perceivable range of reality.

We, the members of your Galactic Family, are very pleased by this rather sudden shift in Earth’s evolution. Gaia, and many of Her inhabitants, will evolve within the same NOW. However, Gaia has created some realities that will develop more slowly to give those humans, and other creatures that are slower to evolve, more “time” to fully awaken.

The “full awakening process” is the precursor to moving into the next stage of personal and planetary evolution. Then, as humans begin to fully awaken, they will begin to perceive that there are, indeed, many higher dimensional versions of reality that they could not perceive via their third, or fourth dimensional states of consciousness.

Eventually, as beings of a given planet begin to expand their perceptual field to incorporate the fifth dimension, they will begin to transmute their sense of “time” into the “NOW,” and their sense of “individuality” into being “ONE with all of their planetary reality.”

Living within the fifth dimensional NOW of the ONE is a very different reality than living within the third dimensional time and space construct, and/or even within the fourth dimensional construct of dreaming and imagining Your first fifth dimensional perception may be of one of our Starships.

Usually, we keep our ships cloaked so that humans, and especially the dark ones, cannot perceive us. However, if we see that one of our “volunteers to take an Earth body” wishes to observe us, we often release the cloak just long enough to let them know that we, their Galactic Family, are looking out for them.

The fifth dimension is quite different than the third and fourth dimensions, which are ruled by time and space. On the other hand, fifth dimensional consciousness is based on the NOW and the HERE.

Whereas many members of your world are greatly accelerating their consciousness into higher and higher states of consciousness, there are still those who are not yet ready to expand their consciousness beyond the third dimension.

These humans need more “earthly time” to gain their “power within,” and/or to heal any selfish, third dimensional desire to have “power over others,” or “Power over Gaia.” These humans appear to be “stuck in the third dimension.” Therefore, they will need more “third dimensional time” to expand their consciousness, so that they can learn that energy out is returned as energy back.

Learning/remembering that Gaia is a third dimensional planet in which energy waves that are sent out into Gaia’s reality will return to the sender, is the precursor to connecting with one’s own Multidimensional SELF. As humanity expands their own multidimensional nature, they will learn/remember that whatever they put out energetically, or physically, will return back to them.

For some humans, an energy field does not come back to them until another incarnation, and then they think, “I don’t deserve this! What happened?” On the other hand, some times this surprise return of energy from another incarnation is very positive and offers them great love and financial ease.

Whenever something negative arises from another incarnation, there is an opportunity to transmute the fear and darkness of that incarnation into the Love and Light that you choose to live during your present incarnation.

Whenever a human feels ready to expand their “SELF” while living in a third dimensional reality, it is important for that they remember that there IS a greater reality beyond that which they can perceive with their third dimensional perceptions.

Being bound to the third-dimensional, perceptual field limits one to live within the illusion that their physical life is the only reality that is “real.” Then, their dreams are “not real.” Their thoughts are “not real,” their emotions are “not real” and their imagination is “not real.”

However, as you begin your return to your fifth dimensional expression of SELF, you will find that your dreams are often alternate realities that you are visiting in a higher dimensional reality. Sometimes humans have what they call “nightmares,” which represent a visit to a lower dimensional reality.

When one has “owned their own multidimensional power,” they can realize that any visit to lower dimensional realities is an opportunity to assist those who are lost there because they have allowed their consciousness to drop to that frequency.

Then, when you awaken, you can experience a pleasant day knowing that you have done what we call “Rescue Work” for those lost in darkness. You may also have a “dream” in which you visit one of our Ships, or work out an issue of your daily life that was too difficult while you were “awake to that reality.”

Yes, you can think of your “sleep,” as being “awake” to a higher dimensional reality.  If you experience a fifth dimensional reality during your nightly travels, you have an opportunity to align your daily state of consciousness with the higher dimensional reality that you visited during your nightly travels.

Maintaining this fifth dimensional state of consciousness while participating in your third dimensional reality, has a lot to do with what feelings and thoughts that you allow to live within your consciousness.

Many humans have been taught that they have no control over their state of consciousness. This has been taught to them by those who CANNOT control their own state of consciousness.

Having control of your state of consciousness is best achieved by remaining in constant contact with your own higher dimensional expression of SELF. We have shown you our Ship, which is much like the other Ships, so that if you look into the sky and see a Starship, know that IT IS REAL!

Therefore, we will now tell you some details about our Ship. Before we begin, please remember that there are many different worlds that are observing Earth. In fact, the higher atmospheres around Earth can become quite crowded with observers, who have come from other Planets, Solar Systems and Galaxies to observe the “possible ascension of the planet Gaia.”

Gaia has been, what you would call, an archeological site, for many of your nearby space friends. We call ourselves “space friends” because we come from what you would call “outer space,” and because we truly are your friends.

In fact, Gaia has many friends who have helped Her through some of the great mistreatment She, a living being, has suffered under the reign of the dark ones on Her planet.

I Zarton, as well as the members of my reality, as well as from many other galactic realities, are fascinated with Gaia’s dedication to ascend Her planet from the third/fourth dimension into the fifth dimension and beyond.

This planetary ascension is very difficult because the third/fourth dimensions are bound by time and space, whereas the fifth dimension and beyond exists within the Here and NOW. As you can imagine, Earth time is determined by the rotation of your planet.

Then, modern humans, who have become very addicted to the concept of time, have refined their sense of time with schedules, meetings, and duties that are assigned to different days at different times.

Within the flow of the fifth dimensional NOW, time as you know it, does not exist. We understand that it is very difficult for a “time-bound Earth one” to understand the concept of “the NOW.” The best example we can give you is your dreams and meditations.

Sometimes you may have a dream that seems to continue for many hours, when it was actually only a few minutes. Also, when you are awake and are doing something that you enjoy, “time flies.” However, if you are not enjoying what you are doing, time seems to drag along.

As I, and the other members of my Ship have observed, your reality is bound by time, and also constricted by time. On the other hand, time is the matrix on which you have built your reality. Therefore, it will take “time” for you to remember that your true SELF is fifth dimensional and free of all time.

Therefore, you are NOT bound to only being awake in the third dimension, and asleep to all the higher dimensions of reality. We, the members of our planet, are not bound by time, nor are we bound by space.

We perceive space, not as something that it takes to travel through, but the medium that allows us to travel to different Planets, Galaxies and Star Systems. We also have “bi-location technology” by which we can travel instantly from one “place” to another “place.”

By “instantly” I mean that there is NO time. One’s “Conception of Reality” is a term we use rather than time. A “conception” is a thought, and “attention” to that thought transmutes it into a reality.

In fact, we are not different from other fifth dimensional beings, including the members of your human world who have ascended into the higher dimensions. Many of these ascended ones identify this reality as a version of “Heaven.”

However, the concept of Heaven in your world is based on the polarity of “good,” whereas the polarity of “bad” is assigned to “Hell.” We, the members of our reality, wonder why you would need to create an entire reality of “BAD.”

Of course, since we do not resonate to the concept, or experience, of polarities, we cannot understand your system which is largely based on “good” and “bad.” We are aware that your polarities are a form of “teaching,” but we wonder why your world would even wish to think of, and/or experience the polarity of “bad.”

We have done some investigation of this question and have largely realized that the reason for your negative polarities is to create “power over” and “control of others.” However, you do have a positive reality, which is largely identified as “Unconditional Love.” This Unconditional Love is like our form of love in that it is always available and with no restrictions.

Since we are not bound by your illusion of time and space, we can perceive that if you could raise your consciousness into the higher fourth and fifth dimension, you would no longer be bound by polarized concepts of reality.

However, we have observed that the expanding of your consciousness to include higher dimensional operating systems is quite difficult. It is primarily for this reason that we, the members of Zartonia, have come to assist you within this NOW.

Since I, Zarton, came on this mission alone, I have titled myself after my planet. Also, my actual name could not be pronounced by many of you on Earth. Thank you for allowing my visit, which I have, and am, greatly enjoying. We will return soon to share with you all the details of my/our ship.

I saw “we/I” because I am not accustomed to the separation of consciousness that you have on your reality. In our reality, all of our communications are much like your radio. We send out all our transmissions into “the ONE of us all” via what you may call a radio.

However, our radio is basically a “frequency of consciousness.” There is a frequency for each area of conversations, much like your radio, but we can listen to all the frequencies at once, or one at a time.

We can listen to all frequencies at once because we are not bound by time, but we do live in space. By that I mean that we are aware that our ships, and our beings, take up space within the reality that we are visiting or living within. I said “within” as we become deeply imbedded within whatever reality we are enjoying .

Also, we have no desire to rise above any person, place, situation or thing. We innately are, or sometimes strive, to visit another reality to learn from them and assist them if they are in need.

Our reality, our Ships, our forms and our consciousness are ALL intermingled with every component of our life, and we wish to assist others to remember that “separation is a third dimensional term.

In the fifth dimension and beyond, there is only Unity and Unconditional Love for all life, as well as for our own SELF.  After all, how could we share fifth dimensional Unity Consciousness and Unconditional Love if we did not have it for our self, as well as for our reality.

I will return later to explain more about our reality. I have shared enough for your NOW.

Blessings to you all,