Love is our new reality

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The Creators via Daniel Scranton, 13 februari, 2018

Be Your Own Master ∞The Creators

“When you encounter a being in your reality who reminds you of who you are, you feel an attraction to that person. You want to be around that person. You have many in your world who are helping you to wake up to the truth that you are Beings of Light and Love, and you sometimes refer to them as teachers, sometimes refer to them as masters. But you always hold them in a high esteem.

That is nice. But they are no different from you. You are just playing different parts. They are no more Source Energy Beings than you are, and that is their message to you. So when you encounter one who seems to have all the answers and to know your true nature, the best thing you could do is to recognize that person then as your equal. And if you see yourself as Source Energy Being and you see the other as a Source Energy Being, then you will have received the message of the master.

You’re all masters and teachers to one another because no matter where you go, no matter what you do, everything in your life is orchestrated in order to help you along your path. You will encounter many more who will inspire you because more and more of you are waking up to who it is you came here to be. That is the number one purpose of your life – it is to recognize yourself as a master, as a teacher, and as a being of pure Love who is incarnating to have a unique experience.

Let yourself be your own guide, be your own master, and play with others who you feel inspired to play with. But do not hand over your power to anyone, no matter how much information, wisdom, clarity they seem to have. They are simply there to get you to realize that you contain all of that wisdom and clarity and information within.”