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Zimbabwe Currency Redemption Facts – 12.10.16


Received via email at 12:41 AM EST. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Zimbabwe Currency Redemption Facts

All notes, from all past currency issues, are considered redeemable via the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and HSBC – Hong Kong: i.e. ledger to ledger transfers per international law.

HSBC is now required to cover the full face value for all ZIM notes for any denomination or issue, thus servicing all ZIM currency holders worldwide, per newly signed asset backed international monetary treaty (aka 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change).

HSBC is also mandated to redeem all valid ZIM currency at any deposited amount. This is true for all first basket revalued currencies.

Wells Fargo has always been contracted to assist HSBC – Hong Kong with the intake of ZIM currency in the United States and North America. Not vice versa.

Also be advised that Wells Fargo is not the end redeeming bank–and never was–more like a favored employee for all currency transactions, including ZIM.

All North American T1, T2, & T3 banks are contracted to receive the same in-take profit percentage, regardless of type, note denomination and amount of currency redeemed.

Individual ZIM currency redemption rates will vary from $0.01 USN up to $125,000.00 USN depending on the individual redeemer’s request and their humanitarian project desire, experience and capabilities.

NDAs and Structured Payouts will accompany all sovereign rate redemptions (higher than the screen rate).

NDAs and Structured Payouts can be avoided by simply requesting to redeem at a reduced rate (less than the screen rate).

Structured payout term lengths will vary from 18 months to 50 years, as will interest rates from 2 % to 8 % depending on the requested redemption rate and length of Structured Payout term selected.

Present 3 forms of personal identification just like anyone would to open any common bank account (at least 1 pictured).

Feel free to bring any existing bank accounts, trust, LLC or 501c3 legal paperwork to your redemption appointment.

If you don it have any of the above, temporary bank accounts, trusts, LLC and 501c3 legal paperwork (and appropriate counsel) will be provided made to all new bank clients at the time of their currency redemption.

No more than two additional people may accompany any one individual into their redemption appointments. Family members, trustees, lawyers and accountants are all acceptable.

Estranged husbands and wives can redeem separately if they so choose.

Minors and warranted / convicted violent crime felons will not be allowed to redeem currency per standard banking regulations and federal / provincial law.

All currency redemption appointments will be scheduled using existing bank foreign currency exchange architecture, with a few additional contact numbers added to existing websites (new numbers were deemed necessary to handle what will be unusually high call volume).

Your “front of the house” banking experience will remain exactly the same, with only your “back of the house” experience (additional bank staff and temporarily redemption locations) scaling up exclusively for the RV.

Best to honk of this event in terms of a few well known restaurant chains that suddenly decide to offer volume catering–with their same menus and ordering process–just adding 7,000 new kitchens for your travel convenience during what will sure to be a once in a lifetime buffet style dining experience.

Wells Fargo operated ZIM redemption locations worldwide will remain open until HSBC – Hong Kong deems them no longer necessary.

Individual ZIM currency redemption appointment duration on average is testing out slightly under 65 minutes per exchange.

There will be no federal, state or provincial redemption taxation when redeeming your currency, regardless of note origin, denomination or amount.