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“Underdog” – Geopolitical/GCR/RV Overview – 20:00 EST – Wednesday – February 8, 2017

Received via email at 8:30 PM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Call centers and their off site staffs were given a hard time tonight to be at their positions and ready after sun down on the east coast. No “go time” was given. And no firm time from White Hats camp (or clue about Dunford’s performance commitment) was given for tonight. However, nothing negative was hitting the intel circuit all day, which is highly unusual.

We were told 20 civilian call centers transferred to military bases, including staff, six weeks ago. And what was the redundancy strategy for said call centers suddenly became the primary strategy after the WF / Syria / Israel / ISIS fiasco. So the back up plan is now primary and vice verse for the call centers. Maybe that was always the plan?

ZIM exchange locations swapped locations and staff as well, but are on separate military bases that are overseen by HSBC (and the Elders in ZIM heavy geographic locations). We had heard this six months ago, but the call centers transferring was a new one.

Smaller RV currencies (VND, IQD, IDR, AFA) are still functioning on a normal off-site civilian redemption center strategy, as well as now specific branch banks that deal in currency. But HSBC will become the biggest bank in the USA bar none, not WF.

All private redemptions can still accomplish some elevated sovereign rate, but currency specific bank branch locations will not have as much leeway with rates, yet still accomplish a slightly higher contract rate if exchange is accompanied with an investment.

Everyone who will be exchanging privately at any of these off or on site locations will be safe, safe, safe, safe… thus, there is no reason to worry. And your money is safe, safe, safe too.

Leave all drama for your mama and keep rooting for the underdog … because that’s you!

President Trump has begun his public exodus from perceived power, but we know privately his resignation was signed this weekend on MacGill AFB in South Tampa, Florida.

Watch now as everyone and anyone will be jumping off the fraudulent Trump bandwagon–which many have already noticed started in earnest on Monday. Donald won’t have a friend in D.C. by the end of the week.

We are told Trump will resign after Israeli’s BiBi Netanyahu arrives for a meeting on February 15, due to potential ethics violations surrounding his business interests–which was ALWAYS the plan.

Netanyahu’s indictment by the Knesset will follow shortly thereafter. Ukraine’s Poroshenko’s resigning via the Minsk Agreement will follow shortly after that.

All geopolitical resignations will come before the end of the month, as will completion of the financial reforms.

There is also a sad prevailing belief within the banking world that 50% of those redeeming will be living back in poverty within 2 years. Do considered the structured payout option for as long as you can negotiate when exchanging.

Think of it like winning the Powerball or lottery, and taking the annual payouts versus the lesser lump sum. Not as sexy sure, but much easier to manage your life and allows for more mistakes as you adjust to your new sudden wealth.

We’re back at DEFCON 3 tonight, no struggle in terms of threats against the Homeland, as that’s how secure the light forces have this situation under control.

God is with us.