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MegaAnon says the “gang” etc. arrests going on now in DC etc. are about #PEDOGATE #MassArrests #Pizzagate, December 7th, 2017

MegaAnon says the “gang” etc. arrests going on now in DC etc. are about #PEDOGATE #MassArrests #Pizzagate

The entire thread this appeared in is at this link:

Two items from other anons to which MegaAnon responded are included in italics below. Everything else is MegaAnon.

Lots of use of the “F” word.

~~~~~Anonymous ID:aWWDU5Cw [MegaAnon] Thu 07 Dec 2017 10:10:28 No.152364526~~~~~

They ARE being arrested for pizza. But the MSM sure as fuck aren’t going to say it and connect the dots for you. Especially after they sent in actor Edgar Welsh to shoot up a pizza/ping pong place in the middle of DC just to prove how “crazy” anyone is to even consider it a possibility, right?

Local media will report it though… here’s another arrested in October for his “cheese pizza” ads on Craigslist. Lots of these stories being reported all over. Canada loves their trafficked pizza too. Justin was cheese pizza’ed himself, then groomed for politics like a good boy. Ask his wife. She knows. Dig.

It’s crazy, right? How’s the now sex abusing and hiding FBI, going to explain old Pennsylvania Governor Eddie and his mob-tied kid pizza trafficking rings out of Philly, when they themselves, participated in and covered up, sex abuse during the ENTIRE Obama admin., right? Mueller’s FBI was all over the mob in Philly… at least they said they were. All those “stings/takedowns” they highlighted as successes? All those mob front businesses, primarily “privately owned restaurants” they busted the mob owning to launder money, firearms and drugs in/out of? Weird all that investigating never showed or uncovered all that unironic money you’re now finding out about, tied to the trafficking, distributing, selling/purchasing and transfers of Kids as young as 2 months old, to buyers, amiright?!

Let’s put it this way y’all, whenever you happen to hear it have heard over the last 9 months that the FBI is raiding or busting “drug”, “guns” or “gang” rings, just know that WHEN the time is right, you’re gonna find out just how much the old “FBI”, knew/covered up and actually liked, all things “pizza”.

~~~~~Anonymous ID:aWWDU5Cw [MegaAnon] Thu 07 Dec 2017 10:37:25 No.152367111~~~~~

In fact, THIS IS EXACTLY WHY YOU (and more importantly, all the “normies”), are NOW learning about the sex abuse crimes/cover-ups WITHIN the FBI over the last decade!

It’s purposefully and intentionally being publicly released in an effort to “prep” the masses for the realization of what’s inevitably (and MUCH sooner than later) to come, trust me!

See y’all, it’s gonna be REALLY HARD for the pre-Trump, covering, lying and hiding FBI and ALL the former admins. that oversaw their department, to CONVINCE all these now shocked, furious, angered masses of “normie” people, that the “FBI”, really didn’t “know or find anything” related to the NOW breaking news, that there’s an EXPLODING EPIDEMIC of MASSIVE child sex trafficking, abuse and pornography rings, not only operating RIGHT NOW, but has been THRIVING FOR DECADES, WITH the HELP of their own local, state and federal governments, their departments and agencies AND through the PARTICIPATION/COOPERATION of their own elected, tax paid, public officials and leaders.

Over the course of the next few weeks, the media is going to be forced to cover and fully report the corrupt as fuck FBI and their internal sex abuse cover-ups and participation. This will continue to trigger an apocalyptic shit storm for Comey, Mueller as former FBI Director, McCabe, Holder/Lynch as AG’s of the DOJ responsible for oversight/reporting and it will trickle up to Obama’s admin., implicating his office over the course of his two full terms. Keep your fingers crossed it goes back to Mueller’s terms as FBI Director under GWB, too. Bush initially hired Mueller as FBI Director and Obama carried over Mueller into his term, then extended his term for another two years.

Like I’ve always told y’all…


… you are literally watching it happen right now. Please make sure you’re noticing it. ;o)

~~~~~[other anon]~~~~~

What about other agencies? All of them seem to like pizza. So.very.systemic.

~~~~~Anonymous ID:aWWDU5Cw [MegaAnon] Thu 07 Dec 2017 11:01:23 No.152369582~~~~~

It’s coming but y’all need to be patient.

then FED

Sessions and Wray have been busting their asses on the complete and utter decimation of these rings, networks, backchannels, communications paths, affiliates, vendors/associates, etc. while y’all have been busy watching the “Russia” muh play out in the MSM. That said, you don’t need to view their purposeful and intentional strategic moves to go public with these things, as “kids still being trafficked, abused and killed while they waste time”. Yes, it’s all sadly still happening, but NOT NEARLY ON THE SAME LEVEL as it was and every single day, the vice grip of the post-Obama era, new and improved DOJ, FBI, ATF with the help and support of local/state authorities too, are CRUSHING this shit out of the park, more and more.

They do not operate like they used to. The local networks were hit first, which dried up regional networks and then national. They’ve almost ceased the operational flow of the local networks, which supplied the regional then national networks with their “supply” of kids. These fuckers networks/paths to everything from obtainment, transportation, advertising, purchasing, transfer, distribution, communications and payment structures have been significantly reduced and whatever’s left is deemed too exposed, tainted and dangerous for them to use. See, local rings have less resources and far less protections. They are low life, sick fucks who make pennies on the dollar of the millions their bosses make… think street drug dealers on the corners vs. their millionaire drug lord bosses. The remaining local networks are crumbling themselves now, too. These fuckers are running and hiding because they know what’s coming and they know they’re exposed with no protection. They can’t communicate, operate or facilitate using the status quo, “business as usual”, channels anymore. The local feeder networks don’t have the tools/resources anymore…

~~~~~Anonymous ID:aWWDU5Cw [MegaAnon] Thu 07 Dec 2017 11:26:10 No.152372179~~~~~

… to literally “supply” the regional/national “demands” and because they’re fucking sick, corrupt, criminal trash, too uneducated, broke, etc. they’re not smart enough or financially well off enough to figure out or fund other ways/methods themselves. So instead, they’ve been running/hiding from their “bosses”, because they’re being forced to default on their supplies.

Y’all really need to take a step back, dig into local reports per month by state. Look at all of the teachers, coaches, public officials, etc. you hear about one by one, individually every single day, on top of the larger local rings of like 5-20 you see being busted monthly in a clip or the regional rings of 30-100+ you see going down. In October, you saw more than 400+ raided/arrested between 2 state stings in Myrtle Beach and FL alone. That’s just two… but there were way more you can research and confirm. Just this weekend, you saw 79 NJ residents part of a regional child sex/trafficking ring and their 2 national/international out-of-state affiliates being raided/arrested, as well.

These things ARE happening on astronomical levels. The rapid success is actually more devastating than gratifying though because in reality, it only proves HOW LITTLE our former DOJ and FBI’s did under Obama/Bush, and exactly how much this all grew, thrived, expanded, etc., right under our noses.

It’s like I tried to tell y’all about the influx of federal indictments you’re noticing and seeing in the thousands now. Are some of them directly related to the Mueller and SP investigations, sure. But the larger majority of them are not related but sadly, you’re only noticing them all now simply because we’ve been allowed to forget what WORKING, PRODUCTIVE, AGGRESSIVE authorities and departments actually look like, when they’re doing what they should be doing.

You shouldn’t be surprised by the # of sealed/pending indictments currently filed…

~~~~~Anonymous ID:aWWDU5Cw [MegaAnon] Thu 07 Dec 2017 11:29:19 No.152372450~~~~~

… you should only be surprised, in comparison, with how LITTLE the Obama/Bush admins and their DOJ’s, actually did. THIS DOJ and the new departments/agencies are being gutted and are actually working. They’re doing their jobs… and they’ve also made it their mission to make up for lost time! ;o)

~~~~~[other anon]~~~~~

How do you proclaim to know all of this?

We are TIRED of patience. Checks and fucking balances work for them – not for everybody else. Do you know how fucking furious the normiefags would be if they knew what these sick CHILD RAPEING MURDERERS are doing ACROSS the fucking GLOBE!?

This shit NEEDS to go public.

The fucking governments NEED to go back to the citizens.

Tell me if I’m missing something here, because as far as I’m concerned it’s time for 1776 all over again. They are PURPOSEFULLY destroying countries all across the fucking world while they jack eachother off and perform satanic rituals.

We’re fucking TIRED OF WAITING.


~~~~~Anonymous ID:aWWDU5Cw [MegaAnon] Thu 07 Dec 2017 12:10:22 No.152376670~~~~~

Relax boss. You’re preaching to the choirs of many on here who like you, feel the very same way. In hinsight, it was all shits and giggles just thinking the government fucked with our taxes, our economy, our laws, freedoms, rights, liberties, health, healthcare, educations and pursuits of happiness, right?! Now we’re forced to realize they’ve literally trafficked, abused, fucked and murdered, our innocent children… all in our own country, under our own noses, for decades. That’s not only a ridiculously tough, but very emotional, deeply personal pill of reality, for anyone to swallow… let alone EVERYONE to swallow, at the same time. Which in reality, is exactly what you’d need to accomplish, to ever beat it, right? You’d need EVERYONE to not only know and accept the fact that it’s not only happening on the levels and to the extent that it is, but you’d also need them all to know and accept it, to that extreme extent, at exactly the same time.

Sure WE want to see it all drop, right now and watch them all burn to the ground for it, but that’s only because WE have already had time to slowly and progressively research, read, learn, absorb, mentally/emotionally/logically process it all and then factually accept and acknowledge the reality. WE are a very slim minority though and you need to remember that because realistically it’s very important.

Let’s say there are 5 million people in this country who 100%, without a doubt or hesitation, believe and accept that pizzagate is real. Of that 5 million, there are only 50% (and I’m being optimistically generous here) who’d publicly recognize, acknowledge, admit and talk about it to and/or with other people. Now let’s look at that 50%… sure a few tens of thousands of us talk about it every day on cozy boards like this, as nameless/faceless “anons”. Yes, lots of people tweet about it on Twitter and other social media sites, but let’s look at Twitter for example…

~~~~~Anonymous ID:aWWDU5Cw [MegaAnon] Thu 07 Dec 2017 12:35:27 No.152379379~~~~~

… Of ALL the people on Twitter, tweeting, retweeting, liking, sharing, commenting and hash tagging about pizzagate, how many of them are doing it from accounts that personally, therefore publicly, verifiably identify them? How many of these people publicly talking about these things have handles using their REAL names, with profile pictures illustrating their REAL faces, etc.? Now ask yourself the same questions about those publicly addressing it on YouTube? How many people addressing pizzagate on YouTube are doing it using their real, publicly verifiable and identifiable names, faces and voices? See how quickly I just SIGNIFICANTLY diminished our 2.5 million, to roughly 2,000 or so (still being optimistically generous here)?

My point is that if even 5 million people who 100%, fully believe pizzagate is real, actually talked about it, out loud, in person, in public to anyone and everyone who’d listen, it wouldn’t seem like some shadowy, crazy conspiracy thrown around by a “few misguided” or “ignorant” people, right? 5 million people all believing and taking about the same things publicly look at lot less crazy and a whole lot more interesting. But we, society as a whole, aren’t there yet, are we? If we were, everyone who knows this to be true and believes it, wouldn’t feel like they have to hide behind “anon” message board posts or personal yet unidentifiable twitter handles, right?! If we were, 5 million people would confidently blow this stuff up on their own facebooks, at every family reunion, holiday gathering, birthday party or celebration, in the middle of their office’s employee cafeterias, to their neighbors, their friends, their Target or Home Depot cashiers, hairdressers, mailmen, etc., am I wrong?!

~~~~~Anonymous ID:aWWDU5Cw [MegaAnon] Thu 07 Dec 2017 13:08:27 No.152382921~~~~~

My point is that even if 5 million people 100% believe and know all of this is true, 5 million is a lot, but it’s not a lot or even enough, when compared against another 362+ million people, who have no clue about any of it, outside of a CNN or WaPo story they heard/read about a crazy conspiracy theorist armed shooter who entered and opened fire in family pizza/ping pong restaurant in DC (because that’s all “they” wanted them to know about it) and what’s worse? Not even all 5 million people to begin with, are willing to personally/professionally ID and associate themselves with it by publicly acknowledging, discussing or addressing it, with everyone and anyone, for fear of being ostracized, labeled, fired, retaliated against, threatened, for the protection, safety and security of their families, homes, businesses, livelihoods, etc. right? Due to very real reasons and fears, the majority of those who know this is true, instead feel forced to choose to address/discuss it, from behind “anon” posts and “anon” twitter/social media account profiles.

This is fact and while I know and agree it sucks, I know it’s a harsh reality we need to swallow our pride a little on, before we get back on our high horses and impatiently scream and “demand” to others, how 362+ million others should be told and when.

You and many really have no clue what 1776 would look and feel like today. I’m not trying to sound condescending here but the government, it’s departments and it’s agencies don’t work for (YOU). They work for us all and they are responsible and accountable to all of us equally, as well as “ensuring, defending and protecting” the “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” for the”greater good” of “we, the people”, not YOU, the (YOU), right?

Why don’t you start helping the cause and go tell your boss about pizzagate instead of telling others how it should be done.