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A Master in the Kingdom of Crystal channeled by Carina Davidsson, November 7th, 2020

A Master in the Kingdom of Crystal channeled by Carina Davidsson, November 7th, 2020


Dear Light Creatures, dear people on earth,

The light has now opened a number of new portals that make you more confused than ever. There are those of you who feel that the attachment under your feet is now unreliable and that you will not be able to stay where you are unless everything changes soon.

Dear Lightworkers, it is not the times as such that are upside down, it is the progress of light that radiates through all that is not created by light. It is the advancement of light that makes all the familiar old truths you have lived in now come to an end and boast a whole new way of living, a whole new truth.

Remember that the people of the earth must go through what it takes for them to wake up to the truth that you who are of the light are already aware of in your heart. Let yourselves rest in this knowledge that the parallel world of light is now growing together with the old three-dimensional parallel you have lived in and this is why why the old dark energies must now give way.

So choose to live in the light dear fellow travelers. Choose to see the bright truth that exists so clearly and distinctly when you want to see it. Choose to remember what is true in the consciousness of the higher dimension where you are now all beginning to gain a foothold again. Choose to follow the path that feels best for yourself, but be aware that emotions can sometimes be difficult to interpret as they easily take hold in the third dimension.

Listen to your own heart and ask for guidance from your guides and companions in the higher dimensions. Be anchored in your own light and reconnect to your higher consciousness several times a day.

Be calm, be patient and choose to remember the truth !!

Live is truth in action on earth !!

Help to remember:

I choose to live in the light of the earth

I choose to live in my crystalline network

I choose to open up my higher truth

I choose to make it conscious in me

I choose to remember the truth about the light

I choose to live my truth in action on earth

I AM a master of light and I remember who I AM.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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