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A Master in the Kingdom of Crystal channeled by Carina Davidsson, October 30th, 2020


A Master in the Kingdom of Crystal channeled by Carina Davidsson, October 30th, 2020


Dear Lightworkers, dear people on earth,

As you can see, our guide goes into a more practical phase. This is because time is now changing and it’s time to start living your higher truth. You who read these messages come from different parts of the Universe where you have lived high-frequency lives before. You, like all other people on earth, have with you memories from your past lives, but what sets you apart from everyone who incarnated on earth as the first planet is that you have memories and experience of living in the kind of world that the earth now promises to develop into.

We are therefore completely sure that all of you who read this have experiences that you do not remember until now and what we want is to awaken the memories that you have, not learn something new that you have never been known.

We have previously expressed that you have largely not only worked to regain your higher consciousness, but that you have also had to devote yourself to descending into your bodies and grounding yourself for the first time for real. You have previously felt uneasy about being a part of this low-frequency world as you have in truth not been comfortable with what is perceived as normal by most of the earth’s inhabitants. Despite a reduction and adaptation of your energies to the lower levels of the earth, you still felt that you did not belong here as you had difficulty fully programming your previous high-frequency experiences.

Adapting to a life on earth has, for all of you reading this, been very difficult and in truth it has not been your intention either. You have, as it were, gone through the times of waiting and now finally you can start breathing out and relax when the energies are raised and you can start being yourself.

You all have a lot to remember and we ask you to go inside, in the way that suits you best, to reconnect with yourself. You have all the experiences of life on other planets in other dimensions and in truth you know that your only task here on earth is to create a high frequency life in order to show the souls the way that energy is created in a way that the earth suited them best. as the first planet to incarnate on.

Remember that there is no God who expects anything from you. Remember that you are your own creator and that you are designed to create a physical life on earth based on your own best conditions. You are all unique in your energy composition and what is the right path for one is the wrong path for the other, which is why you can never find a home for yourself by copying the path of others. Let go of all your own past experiences from struggling to create a three-dimensional life that everyone else has on earth. That is not what you are here for and it is not in your “energy genes” to be a fighting creature on earth who constantly loves to challenge himself in competition, struggle and pain.

We understand that it is many of the three-dimensional “truths” that you have learned to believe that are now falling and perhaps it is precisely the truths that will make you happy when you let go of them. Perhaps the dream of a certain type of partner has kept you captivated by the illusion that you cannot be happy without a life with just such a partner. Maybe you thought you had to have a certain amount of money to be happy and then you could not be happy because you do not know how to get this money. You will no longer wish for the same things that were on your wish list during your lifetimes on earth. You will certainly get a very nice partner and you will certainly live in abundance of money but not for the reason that you have been driven by so far. A nice partner and an abundance of money facilitates and gilds life on earth and you will create it easily and simply when you let go of the notion that you must have it to be happy.

The human race cannot yet see or understand the life you choose to live, but they will wake up as their lives in the consciousness of the third dimension now erode and force them to rethink.

Many of you feel what is happening on earth in your own emotions and bodies. You are very open, telepathic and intuitive. We therefore ask you to take a step back and understand that the chaos that now prevails on earth is an important part of the evolution and high-frequency development that the earth is facing. Choose to focus on your own life and move in the small things. The smaller steps, the less chaos. Create the change that you yourself want in your bodies, houses and homes and understand that you cannot do anything about the chaos that prevails. You have no mission to take responsibility for what happens in the world, but your responsibility is to take responsibility for yourself and create the high-frequency life that you truly want within you and in your extreme proximity.

Taking responsibility for oneself and one’s own return to oneself, one’s rights to be who you feel you really are, is perfectly sufficient for you. You are busy awakening your memories, accepting the truths that float up and calibrating your bodily energies with what you are experiencing in your consciousness. You remember and you know why you came here. Do not go on and on about the fact that you lack the power to change your lives and that you are responsible for the well-being and well-being of others. You all have the same power within you and by helping others in absurdity, you drain yourself while taking away from other people the opportunity to turn towards their own souls for the guidance that makes them who they are destined to be.

Let us guide you into the New Age where everything is based on all people finding their true selves, their own gifts and unique energy designs. Listen and absorb what resonates with yourself and your inner voice. You have no requirements from us or anyone else to go in a certain direction. You choose based on who you are. The world is a perfect composition of souls and together you do an enormous job by recreating yourself to a higher consciousness. Let go of the world in your consciousness for a while and go into a focus of yourselves. Continue to do all the things you need to do to maintain your physical well-being in the form of work, make money, take care of your children and your elderly. Do what you must do as a human being but BE in your own consciousness and let those who have chosen a life in different leading positions on earth do what they have come here to do. Let go of what you can not influence and live in daily acceptance and you will move on into your own New Time.

We love you all and we follow your journey closer than you can understand.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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