Love is our new reality

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A Message from Star Command via Light Surfer, December 31st, 2017



God Morning from Star Command
Happy New Beginings Eve
As all have witnessed and seen Revelations .. The unveiling of hidden truth is surfacing and every hidden shadow or imposter can not hide … this Planet has Ascended
EARTH and all inhabitants on it are going through a purification process … Some have already chosen to remove themself through SELF destruction as they will not be able to operate in this light. Many light beings were chosen and signed up long ago to ascend and clear the discordants within so we all could live life thriving .. all know that it is time and this Planet and many on it have suffered enough.
Under the old tainted models way.
It is a New Year and One where Divine intervention has taken place and all pure hearts will experience and witness a huge shift in consciousness at 12 midnight tonight
It also is a New Moon and the Message it brings is Pure Love and Abundance .
This 2018 is the Year of PURE LOVE
As all pure hearts are receiving the inheritance
That was rightfully yours from the beginning
Thank you for your support and Dedication to this ascension process
Always surrounding you in Love while surfing the waves of the Light
~ Light Surfer ~