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Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, September 9th, 2018

A newspaper has three things to do. One is to amuse, another is to entertain, and the rest is to MISLEAD.


Nothing has changed. In fact, it has got worse. Everything, both in the Press and on TV, is designed to keep people under control and ignorant of their plight. I guided Veronica to the discussions of LEUREN MORET and ALFRED LAMBREMONT WEBRE. They fully explain just how the takeover of humanity occurred and when. All the information you need to know is fully explained within these YouTube interviews. It’s all there. How, in ancient times, a plan was put in place that stripped humans of their knowledge and power. Religion was invented, and through education, they ensured that their plan would work. You are the living proof that it worked. You are now prisoners, striving to exist on your own planet, Earth. You now answer to those who took everything from you.

But they want more. They want to rid the Earth of all humans, and YOU ARE HELPING THEM TO DO THIS. How many of you happily inject vaccinations into people, and supply them with drugs that will shorten their lives? You, too, are guilty of a crime against humanity. You have no idea what you are up against. Their plans have been in place for centuries. You are only just waking up to them. To understand what is happening all around you, you must go back to when the plans were put in place. What you were taught through education is total lies.

LEUREN MORET has a deep understanding of all that was planned and done to wipe out the human race and to take the Earth for themselves. They never anticipated that man would wake up and realise what was going on and refuse to comply with it. To their great horror, Donald Trump was elected. They never anticipated this, even in their wildest nightmare. Their fear is being displayed on TV and in the Press. They have made several attempts to kill him and failed. Your prayers are needed to protect him and his family. Those within the Cabal are terrified they will be exposed and all their crimes against humanity will be out in the public domain, making them vulnerable and open to attack. You can see them rushing around, trying to put protection in place before the masses fully awaken to their crimes. I cannot emphasise enough, the need to learn the truth and to act upon it. Take back your power and your Earth. It is time to be brave and proud of who you are, and protect the Earth from these preditors.

What is planned in Ireland is a crime against humanity. It cannot be allowed to happen. When governments work against the people, then it is up to the people to refuse to comply, and to take back control. Irish DNA must be protected. Once it is destroyed, there is no evidence of who you are, and your divine right to be on the Earth. Ireland is part of Atlantis. When the main part of Atlantis sank, the TUAHA DE DANNAN FLED TO IRELAND TO SEEK SHELTER AMONG THEIR OWN KIND. This upset those who were trying to take control of Ireland and its people at the time. This is when Constantine called for the COUNCIL OF NICEA IN 325AD, to make plans to remove all evidence in Ireland of who the Irish are. It was decided to send Patrick and his army to “CONVERT” AND TAKE CONTROL OF THE IRISH PEOPLE. In Ireland at that time, they had the RELIGION OF LOVE.

(Monty instructed me to REGRESS; to go back to that time as an observer to see for myself how the EVIL PATRICK and his army converted the Irish. It was horrific. He would stand the children in circles and SET FIRE TO THEM TO ENSURE THAT THEIR PARENTS BECAME CATHOLIC.)

Ireland is important to humanity’s future. If only they would wake up and stop being destructive. Pray that Mr Trump will agree to protect Ireland. Show him a real Irish welcome and prevent the mindless from showing their ignorance when he is in Ireland. Sadly, there are still some of the mind controlled rent-a-crowd there, too.

You are being lied to, every day. It is all a game to politicians. In England, the people voted for BREXIT. The British Government pretends to negotiate a Brexit deal, when nothing can be further from the truth. I can assure you that they have no intention of taking Britain out of the EU. You all saw what happened when Ireland voted to leave: the EU instructed the Irish to VOTE AGAIN, and then rigged the vote so that Ireland had to stay in. Now, exactly the same thing is happening in England. Politicians are pleading with the British people to vote again, so that it can be rigged to produce a remain result.

Will people ever learn? They will do to the English voters exactly what they did to the Irish voters. The plan is TO DESTROY EUROPE AS ONE UNIT RATHER THAN TO HAVE TO DESTROY EACH COUNTRY. ALL THE PLANS FOR THIS ARE IN PLACE. YOU ARE BEING TOYED WITH. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. Politics is a dirty, dishonest game. You are their victims. Mr Trump is not a politician. His heart is in the right place. He wants to create a better life for all Americans. That is an honourable objective. Would that there were more like Mr Trump in your world.

You are living in dangerous times. You only have to look at the propaganda against Mr Trump, to see for yourselves just how blatant and out in the open it is. The Cabal wants him dead. Humanity wants him to protect them. The Cabal’s fear of him has removed all caution. They are out there, in force, condemning him. They are showing their hand and it is not nice. Pray for the survival of humanity and the Earth.

My dear, the battle for the survival of the human race is ongoing and brutal. Mr Trump is ensuring that the Cabal cannot complete its takeover plans. Pray for him.

Always, your adoring, Monty.


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