Love is our new reality

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Abraham Lincoln via Erena Velazquez, May 17th, 2021

Good Morning Truth Seekers Around the Globe,

I am Abraham Lincoln the 16th President of the United States. I was leading this country from 1861 to 1865 until my assassination. I am coming today, as it’s my turn to speak to humanity.

I was killed like John F. Kennedy, his brother and others, who carried the Truth and Light. When I became the president, my direct duty was to lead the country through the Civil War. The times were difficult and challenging during my presidency.

I didn’t agree with enslavement, so I promoted the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The corrupted souls were not happy with me, because I was changing their world, so I was eliminated from the picture, as I was interrupting their direct plan of keeping things in the same way by staying in the Darkness.

You are living in the times, where the whole Human Civilization is being manipulated and controlled by the Darkness, which includes Extraterrestrial Entities, Evil Khazarian Mafia and etc. You need to unite globally and remove this fake holographic reality, which feels very real to the point that everyone believes that it’s real.

I have been send to remind to everyone on Earth that now is the time for you to get your rights and your freedom back. Nobody has the right to have control over anyone, you are free beings. All of you are free souls that travel and choose different forms of incarnations.

Unfortunately, on this planet your experiences have been altered by not letting you be yourselves because of the controllers. They took away from everyone their freedom to follow their own path.

Well, we all came here to fulfill our missions. Please, remember don’t let fear to control your existence in this fake reality. Everything you are seeing around you, it’s imitation, except for nature and animals. My recommendation for all of you is to rewatch all of the Matrix movies with Keanu Reaves. You are going to understand better this 3D reality, the meaning of it, and why it was created.

Now, it’s Divine time to make positive changes on Mother Earth. The future events are created in the present moment and not in the past or future. Please, don’t forget that we are all playing significant and important roles in the Ascension Process to a New Earth.

I am here to be your inspiration and reminder to everyone that nothing is impossible or coincidental. The truth is hidden within your soul. You don’t need news or someone to tell you, what is real or what is not. We are all connected to the Universal Consciousness.

The Light is winning in spite of all of the desperate attempts by the Negative Side to hide it, and keeping this reality going by trying to fool you. We are almost there, freedom is coming very soon, and all of the crimes against humankind are going to be revealed to the public.

Please, continue to trust the process as everything is unveiling according to the Divine Plan. I am honored to speak to all of you today. Remember, the truth is coming to the surface, and all of the nonbelievers are going to experience a huge shock. Thank you.

Stay Truthful and Strong No Matter What.
Abraham Lincoln