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Adama – Telos II – Chapter 16 – by Adama, 28 augusti, 2023

Adama – Telos II – Chapter 16 – by Adama

Dear brothers! AM ADAMA!

Today we will talk about chapter 16 of book II of Telos.

In this chapter our brother Hyrham joins us; he’s a scientist in Telos, and he wants to bring you some concepts, which I’ll pass on. Many ask themselves, “Why is reading these books moving me?” Many wonder: “Why does reading this book bring back some memories, some feelings that I don’t understand?”

Let’s think about the following: the path of evolution of each soul is defined at the time of incarnation. Everyone who is incarnated right now, and I mean the awakened ones, knows the mission they would have on the planet right now. The others, the non-awakened ones, also know that they will go through a great step of evolution, but they don’t understand very well what it is. But they are also being hit by all the changes.

So in the very walk of the Whole there is the story of Gaia; there is the moment of Gaia’s ascension. The time when humanity will be allowed to ascend together with Gaia in the physical body. So all this path would have to be followed somehow by the souls too, so that at each point of that journey on the planet, the embodied souls would reach the same level as Gaia.

From time to time, many truths have appeared, many things are being discovered. Coincidence? Of course not. because a good part of humanity on the planet itself is being prepared for ascension; souls who incarnated specifically for this purpose. We have representatives all over the planet. Lemurians who connect with us all the time to receive instructions on how they should act on the surface.

We are not here just talking and telling stories. We are acting. There’s a lot of action, not just in Telos, but in all the inner cities of the planet as well, with the inhabitants who are in their skies. Nobody is stopped. The process is ongoing. The ascension of a planet is not an easy and simple thing, and preparing the planet itself for this ascension is not an easy process either. We are all involved in it.

For you, I repeat again, at some points of Gaia’s journey you need to be, let’s put it, on a frequency compatible with the planet’s. So many teachings appeared, many techniques, many forms of evolution were shown to you, things that you had never experienced, providing those souls, who once lived with us or in other places, the exact memory of who they once were.

Very good. That’s why when you read our lines, in our books, you feel uncomfortable, you feel stirred. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: It’s not just lines in a book. Each one who picks up our book to read our story has our energy there, and if it is compatible with that soul, that soul will receive that energy. Others may read these books and feel nothing, think it’s a fantasy story. It may happen.

Our energy was not compatible with his soul, because he did not live with us. They are new souls, souls that have not known Lemuria, Atlantis, or other intra-cities. So that doesn’t mean anything to them, they are souls originating from the planet itself, who have never lived outside of here. So each one has what is part of their walk. I believe that each one of you who is here listening to this journey is moving inside, feeling that something changes, that something sometimes bothers you or that something sometimes brings you great joy.

This is our role: To bring to you all this awareness of evolution that we are going through. Many may ask, “Why are the dates in the book so far back in relation to our world today?” Yes, my brothers, there were delays due to humanity itself. But that doesn’t stop what is written there being real today. It may not have happened within the calendar that you use, but it certainly has and we are preparing for the final moments.

We know that in their hearts these moments are still far away. You no longer believe that they will arrive so soon. But I can tell you the change needs to be gradual, it cannot be as you want.

Changing an entire planet, the consciousness of an entire planet is not an easy moment, especially when your beings have free will. We can’t just drop a block of energy and wake everyone up all of a sudden. We can not do that. This needs to be done gradually so that everyone supports it.

The Light is coming, and stronger every day. And of course there will come a time when it will reach its peak, and at that peak everyone will awaken. Then the great process will begin, because the separation will be almost instantaneous; who will be Light and who will not be; who will believe and who will not, or who will be involved and who will not be involved.

So just believe: Everything is being done to make the process as light as possible for each inhabitant and for each soul. We understand that you want everything to happen soon, but are you ready yourselves? I answer: No, not yet. Few are ready. You still need to go through a very deep, very deep cleaning process so that you can reach that required percentage.

Don’t want to overrun the time. Time for us does not exist, but everything is happening according to plan. No more delays because we are no longer dependent on human energy on the planet. This phase is over. Now, Gaia is going at your speed. Anyone who wants to go with her just open your heart and everything will happen in the most peaceful way you can imagine.