Love is our new reality

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Adama via Asara, October 1st, 2017

We are most joyous to connect with you here, today, and we send you our utmost Love from the heart of Telos.

Dear Ones, at this time, many of you are processing vast amounts of old energies and beliefs from your third dimensional experience.

Some of these old beliefs are connected to the way you are interacting with others, your Beloved and yourself.

As you are on your spiritual journey, you have most likely experienced different heart openings to Love and have experienced glimpses of unconditional Love.

So many times, you’ve wished to love and to be loved unconditionally…

Here is what we would like to share with you about how you can love and be loved unconditionally:

First, begin to feel a neutral feeling of love, which will then reflect in your reality as an experience of love with others and for yourself.

It is important to be able to feel the emotion of love on its own, without any outer circumstances –  without any condition.

Simply begin to feel Love and let this feeling fill your entire Being.

We invite you, to call forth the Pink Ray of Cosmic Love and let it fill your heart.

Continue to let this feeling of Love grow and intensify within you.

Allow for this feeling of love to expand towards yourself first.

Send yourself understanding and compassion for your journey and that you are doing the best at any moment of your experience.

Now, send those you are close to this feeling of love, compassion and understanding.

They are also on their spiritual journey and are doing the best they can.

Continue to feel love, no matter how the others around you act.

Simply, detach from it and continue to feel Love, for Love’s sake and for you to remain in the vibration of Love.

We are not saying that you shouldn’t set boundaries, when someone is not nice to you.

We are inviting you, not to let anything or anyone take away your ability to feel Love, no matter the outer conditions.

This allows you to be in your inner center of Love and Peace, at all times.

This feeling of Love connects you with Creator and your I Am presence the fastest.

When you are continuing this process on a consistent basis, your reality will begin to reflect this unconditional Love back to you.

You Are LOVED…

We champion your victory in the Light!

Welcome Home!

We send you all so much love…

You are carried on the wings of Angels, to bring forth The New Earth.

Know in your heart, that you are always surrounded by your Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Galactic Families of Light and yes, also by your family and friends in Telos – and always will be.

Dear Ones, we are walking with you on this journey and you are loved beyond measure – always.

I am your brother Adama of Telos.


» Source – Channel: Asara