Love is our new reality

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Adama via Genoveva Coyle, September 7th, 2017

Allow us to give you the tools to traverse more gracefully through these transitional times, to transform the old more swiftly, and to gift you the tools of the future.

Greetings my dearest ones! I am Adama from Telos, High Priest of the Lemurian City of Light, Telos, and I come today to bring you my love and peace, my serenity and balance, for much is happening in your world in these times of rapid change and transformation.

I am inviting you to go into a short meditation to relax, and then to breath in the turquoise-blue-green light, tinged with sparkles of silver and golden, and to see yourself flowing through this vortex and portal of light and coming to visit with us in the City of Light of Telos from inside magnificent Mt Shasta.

Your brothers and sisters, the Lemurians, living inside the earth are eager to commune with you, to share with you their wisdom and their knowing. They want to hold your hand in appreciation for the hard work that you are doing under the harshest of all conditions.

We know how you are yearning for the peace and serenity of home, where everyone is connected in love, where your heart is playing love songs and praise to the Mother and Father One, and to each one of your brother and sisters, while floating and freely flowing in the love of the One. You do remember the feeling and the bliss of connection and merging into oneness when you are back home, as well as the more normal life of the other dimensions and realities where there is only joy and collaboration with all beings and creation, and where there are no worries or fears of being harmed or hurt in any way.

In these dimensions lessons are taught freely by the masters, and the students are eager to align with the knowledge and the wisdom lovingly given to them. There are no time limits for incorporating the wisdom and the practicalities of the Universal Laws, for the way universes work is extremely easily visualized, and the process of co-creation is clearly understood since manifestation is instant and immediate.

And here you are, immersed in these dense and turbulent energies of the third and fourth, having to hold on steadily to that loving high vibration of the fifth dimension and above, holding the light high up for everyone to see the lies and the current insanity, that which is of the false and of the illusion. That brilliance and sparkle that you are attracts many wanted and unwanted to

There are also many of the same, that assist and reinforce your light from the ground level, the ones that are filling up your heart with love and reassurance that you are not alone in this world of seeming separation, far away from home. But there are also many who see what you are, that are terrified by the changes that you bring so fast just by shining brightly and being the love that you are. Since they are not willing to let go of their comfort and shadows, they are attempting to drag you down and turn off, or at least temporarily dim, your light.

This is why we are here to invite you to come and sit with us to bring you strength and stamina, to remind you that you are not alone and that you are already Home.

Your heart is a portal and a gateway to our City of Light and you are ready to come through whenever you wish to take your place of honor among all of us, to remember that bright future that we have designed and built already.

You have traveled extensively and healed the past, and you have brought home into your heart all of your missing parts and particles – big and small – left behind because of traumatic experiences from previous lifetimes. You have finally recovered from the deep pain caused by the fall of the Lemurian world, You have cleared more space within and you have expanded tremendously. Now you are ready to bring in the aspects of your bright and future selves. You are ready to anchor into your current world more and more of the wonders of the Cities of the Light.

Come with us dearest brothers and sisters, allow us to give you the tools to traverse more gracefully through these transitional times and to transform the old more swiftly, and to gift you the tools of the future.

As always, it gives me great pleasure to come and address this forum of bright brothers and sisters.

Until next time, farewell.


» Source – Channel: Genoveva Coyle