Love is our new reality

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Adama via James McConnell, April 30th, 2017


I AM Adama. I AM known as the High Priest of Telos although I have many other names. I am here now to continue this mission that we are all on, to continue the training, to continue this program that because of you, because of you this group, all of you that encompass this group, because of you we are able to move ahead, move ahead with this program, to be on the schedule that we are on at this time.

As you have heard things are being stepped up. We as the Ascended Masters, the Galactics, those of us in Agartha, we are the ones that are working with you to help this process and to step everything up here for all of you and for all of those that you work with. Because this is a time and a moment that you have longed, for we have all longed for.

I come to you as a warrior; a warrior of light just as you have come here a long time ago as warriors of light and love. You have called yourselves workers, light workers for a while. But you have never been light workers you have always been the warriors. You came here to be this and you are assuming this mantle once again because as a warrior you take action: you move, you create, you establish, you change many things.

As you have been called the system busters this is what you are. You are the ones that are raising the frequency – you being the collective you – not certainly just this group but this group is very important in raising the frequency across the planet. Every time you do one of these meditations you are affecting things. You are affecting the frequency of the planet. You are raising the vibrations of the planet and all of the people here on the planet. It is because of you, my dear brothers and sisters, that we are able to bring this mission as far as it has come to this point, to bring this plan or put this plan into motion and continue to have it adapt and change as it needs to, because of you.

The vibrations the frequencies are increasing every day, even moment-to-moment. And you begin more and more to feel these frequencies, these vibrations change, the energies moving through you. You begin to feel more and more as these energies rise and as these energies rise you will notice more and more that the various maladies that you have, the illnesses, the pains, the aches, all of this will begin to dissipate. Because as you have heard many times you cannot be in the higher vibrations of love and light and oneness and be sick and be ill and have aches and pains. It is not possible.

So that is why we are stepping this up and asking you, each one of you, to begin to raise your vibrations moment to moment.

Be aware. Awareness leads to a rising of vibrations. But be aware. If you are feeling a bit down raise your vibrations. Think of something beautiful. Think of the wonderment of this planet, think of the animals that you love, anything that will raise your vibration in that moment, because in that moment everything begins to shift. You begin to shift. You shift into those higher vibrations and as you shift into those higher vibrations and higher frequencies, you are moving closer and closer to your own Ascension.

You have heard many times you are near the finish line and you are. We within the Inner Earth, those of us that have been waiting, watching, mentoring to you for some time we have been preparing for this for these changes that are coming. We have been preparing a place for you to join us and we to come up and join you. Doors will be opening to our world just as we are opening to your world.

I AM Adama. I love all of you. All of you are moving into those higher frequencies now. Continue to do so because as you do you are bringing about great change to the world.

All of my peace and love be with all of you.