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Adele Arini Higher Self, October 23d, 2019

Empaths, It’s Time to Love Your Gifts ~ A message from my Higher Self (23 Oct 2019).


Hello beloved friends,

In today’s message, I will once again be channeling my Higher Self to gain His assistance on how to have a thriving life as an empath. Although I have come a long way in understanding, managing, and honouring my sensitivity, there were still times recently when I genuinely felt being an empath was a big burden (instead of the gift it was supposed to be). All in all, the feeling of real happiness about having and utilising these empathic gifts constituted approximately only 40% of my time. During the rest of the time, I had been busily expending so much energies and efforts, trying to ‘defend’ myself from the world, or from the people around me.

It is time for this to change for me and for all of you here who are highly sensitive to energy and vibrations. Surely there are:

  1. a) easier, fool-proof ways of managing our gifts/sensitivity effectively, and,
  2. b) real benefits from having these gifts.

For we are all powerful creators in our own right, and thus, deep down there is this insistent inner voice that keeps telling me that there is never any need for us to ‘suffer’ from our gifts. Since God loves us so much, surely He also wants us to thrive in every way and be happy. The key here is to find out how to do so, especially now when we are smack bang in the middle of the biggest transformational period that Earth has ever been in.

So here comes my daily positive affirmation that may assist you as well:

Thank you beloved Higher Self, for helping me to deeply realise that my sensitivity is a blessing and a very precious gift. I am now able to: manage my sensitivity effectively and, thrive by utilising these gifts to assist the many people who are sent my way. It is done, it is done, it is done. And so it is.

And although lately I had been feeling like I had shared too much information about myself, my life story, my struggles/successes with everyone here who had been following my channeled messages for quite awhile, please understand that it had always been done with the purest of intentions. I sincerely hope that the sharing of things that I had personally learnt/experienced in life, can further assist all of you here in understanding yourself, your life, or, your challenges better – with the sacred goal of empowering you to move forward with greater joy, fulfilment and purpose. After all, you are all fellow travellers walking on this Mastery and Ascension path together with me.

As energy beings, i.e. as physical embodiments of God, we can all have access to some, or, all energetic information radiated/projected by the people and world around us. Some people (e.g. psychics, empaths, or sensitives) were born with full or, a lot of access to this energetic information, while others might be walking around through life with limited, or partial access. And, there are also those who have chosen to ‘shut off’ all access and close the doors to most/all energetic information, due to either: their conscious/subconscious free will in action or, the existence of unhealed past life trauma(s) that these individuals may still be carrying around within their consciousness.

You can use the questionnaire below to assess your own sensitivity. All you have to do is to give yourself an honest yes or no answer to the questions below.

1) Can you feel people‘s emotions easily?

2) When you walk into a room, a store, a house, a building, a new city/town, can you sense the energies in that location? Do you often intuitively know whether it is a place that you should stay/spend much time in, or, whether you should leave asap?

3) Can you spot the truths and the lies easily – coming from the news, the world or, the people around you?

4) Can you often sense the existence of hidden secrets or, unrevealed information that might be the key to solving someone’s dilemma?

5) Do you often avoid crowded places? Perhaps preferring to go to the supermarket/mall to get the items that you need, during non-peak hours instead?

6) More often than not, do you prefer to enjoy your own company rather than spending a lot of time with family/friends/colleagues/strangers?

7) Have you noticed that people occasionally/often feel uncomfortable around you? This usually comes from them feeling uneasy for being so transparent or, vulnerable in front of you – rather like an open book that can easily be read.

8) Do you find yourself routinely interrupting people even though you don’t mean to? If so, please know that this is not done out of rudeness, but rather, because you are constantly receiving so much information, ideas, thoughts that may assist the person/people you are talking to, and thus you worry that you may eventually forget that one important thought/piece of information. Hence, you have a tendency to push it into the conversation as quickly as possible.

9) Do you often feel and act like a mirror to the person/people around you? For example, if someone was treating you kindly/rudely, you were in that moment, feeling this person’s emotions (as if they were yours) and instinctively you often projected that positivity/negativity back to them. Alternatively, if you have become an empowered empath, you may already be using your role as an emotional mirror for Higher purposes instead – as a guide to reflect back to the people you are helping, what will help them the most in their journey (i.e. proactively, rather than reactively, with love as your underlying reason for your chosen course of action).

10) Are you an excellent judge of character? Do you have a tendency to instantly know whether you like someone or you don’t, or, whether you can trust them or not?

11) Do you find it easier to: relax, concentrate, or, do your work, during non-peak hours? e.g. during the night when the people/world around you are sleeping/quiet.

12) Do you find yourself finishing people’s sentences easily? Or, knowing what they were going to say, even before they had said it/finished saying it?

13) Are you able to pick up other people’s thoughts easily, especially the ‘loud’ broadcasts that the people around you might be thinking when they are angry or upset?

14) Do you often feel drained and exhausted by end of the day, even if you hadn’t really done any physically, mentally or emotionally exhausting activities?

15) Do you find yourself (more often than not) wanting to: please the people around you; make them happy; or, play the role of peacekeeper in your family/friends circle? This is an innate characteristic of all empaths – you sincerely desire for the people around you to be feeling happy and peaceful. For when they are, you will also be feeling happy and peaceful yourself. The key to remember here is that we are never responsible for these people’s emotional state of being.

Being peaceful and happy is a personal choice – it can be as easy or as difficult as the individual decides it to be, on any given day. It is not the empaths’ job to ‘fix’ the world/these people by absorbing a lot of their negativity/unhappiness. In fact by believing it to be so, or, by often doing so, we are disempowering them and doing them a big disservice. If we were to keep ‘cleaning up’ much of the misqualified energies created and radiated by the people around us, when are they ever going to learn that their daily state of being matters? Our thoughts and feelings always create the realities that we experience, for these are two of our most powerful tools of Creation.

16) Do you often abruptly disrupt meetings/proceedings? To get people to see things differently, or to shift the energy of the situation/discussion, so as to create change & healing and lift up the vibrations of everyone participating in those meetings.

17) Do you instantly know whether an item carries good or bad vibes? Or, without having met the person, can you tell (from his/her name) whether this person is someone you would be happy meeting, or, someone to avoid?

18) Do you often avoid: watching TV (or any action/violent movies), listening to the radio, or listening to songs with low-vibes lyrics? Preferring instead to stay in a peaceful and quiet environment, or, to only listen to: calming instrumental music/high-vibes songs meant to uplift people’s spirits?

19) Do you feel physically ill when being constantly bombarded by loud noise coming from the people/environment that you are in? In other words, does noise easily stress you out and occasionally may even cause you to ‘lash out’ at those responsible?

20) Whenever you are walking around outside, can you easily pick up the thoughts and/or feelings of the animals/wildlife around you? Have you often been in the right spot at the right time, to rescue strays/injured animals (if so, you‘d probably been picking up their emotional/physical distress signals), or, do you often know what your beloved pets might be thinking or feeling?

21) Do you often feel unable to laugh at someone’s jokes, even when everyone else listening was laughing, or, even if the person herself went on to explain that ’it was just a joke and there was no need for you to take it so seriously’? This was due to you instinctively knowing the real reason why she had made the jokes/self-deprecating comments. Thus you probably knew that by laughing at those jokes, you might actually end up hurting her feelings, or, that you might be further supporting her low-vibrational habits/programming/belief systems about herself or about anything in her life.

22) Do you find it really challenging to get out of bed on some days? Feeling physically unwell, ‘heavy’ or drained, for no reason? This was most probably due to the entire planet’s collective energies on that day. Whenever this happens, rather than succumbing to these low vibrations, we need to learn how to effectively assist in transmuting much of the world’s negativity into Higher Light – e.g. by using the purifying powers of Violet Flame. For when the entire planet feels better, empaths will in turn be feeling much happier, calmer and peaceful too. In other words, let us often be proactive rather than reactive, by regularly transmuting much of the heaviness coming from our environment.

23) Do you find it challenging to maintain a healthy body weight? When feeling unwell, do you often try to feel better by eating/drinking mostly unhealthy substances to give yourself a ‘quick fix’? Our abdominal area is where all negative emotions are stored.

If you have been walking through life automatically absorbing/picking up other people’s pains and/or, burying your own pain (instead of purifying yourself daily and releasing them), all of this negativity will mostly be stored in your abdomen. It is time to start purifying your lower bodies with the Violet Flame, every night, just before you climb into bed. Call upon your I AM Presence & St Germain to help you develop this positive habit.

And the more sensitive you are, the more important it is for you to consume only the healthiest, or highest vibrational foods/drinks, of the organic variety whenever possible. Those that do not contain toxic pesticides nor the energies of pain/suffering coming from slaughtered/mistreated animals. Truly, your health and overall well-being as an empath also greatly depend on what types of fuel you feed your physical body daily.

24) Do you feel like you have mostly been walking on eggshells in life? Feeling afraid or apprehensive about expressing your truth; by always having to be so careful about your words and actions – for you deeply understood, that if the people around you didn’t like (or felt hurt by) something you said/did, you would immediately be subjected to the aftereffects (by instantly sensing their thoughts/feelings – as if they were yours – in response to your truth).

This feeling is akin to being hit by the same boomerang that you had personally thrown at someone. If only everyone in the world possesses equally high sensitivity to energies, our planet will be a much loving, happier and peaceful place to be in, than what it is right now. As everyone will then experience for themselves the ultimate reality that ALL is One, and that we are always personally responsible/held accountable for balancing the karma created by our discordant or inharmonious thoughts, words, feelings and actions towards All in existence.

In other words, empaths are already naturally aware of how the Law of the Circle/Karma works, and thus they often walk through life being very careful of the effects their words/actions have on: others or, the world around them.

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to all 24 questions above, your energy sensitivity is already very high. You might even be a heyoka empath – a powerful empath whose life mission/purpose is to bring about permanent, positive transformation in many people’s lives, including his/her own. For those of you here who are feeling ready and interested in raising your energy sensitivity to higher levels, just keep on reading. Later on I will also address the question on ‘how to increase your sensitivity level‘ in this message.

Like mentioned in the previous message ‘The I AM Within’, it is time for us to know ourselves a lot more than ever before, e.g. about why we are the way that we are. I will once again be writing this channeled message in a Q & A format, since I have many unanswered questions that had been buried within for so many years.

Now is the time for us all to receive greater clarity on how to flourish in life as an empath. So without further ado, let’s get started!


Sending you all lots of love, light and gratitude. Namaste.




‘Beloved I AM, this is a conversation that I had been longing to have with you for so long. I have so many questions to ask you, that it took me awhile to decide where best to start. Let me first begin by asking you what I’d imagine most empaths wish to know. Will there ever come a day in the future when we will be feeling ’normal’ again? Knowing and feeling so much about so many things can be a huge deterrent to having, or, maintaining happy relationships with the people around us. Would you mind explaining why being a sensitive is a gift or blessing, rather than the opposite?

Higher Self:

‘Dearest Adele, We are feeling excited and pleased that you are finally ready to permanently release and heal an aspect of your consciousness that, even now, is longing to be free of the highly taxing pressures being an empath had put on your physical, mental and emotional bodies. There is a part of you that had been longing to be free from all burdens coming from this gift, and yet, at the same time, you intuitively know that your innate sensitivity is the gateway to: Me, the God-Self within.

In other words, beloved empaths, the time has come for all of you to learn to appreciate and be grateful, for your ability to: sense energies and feel the world/people around you so intensely. As you become more spiritually awakened, more of your Higher Self’s abilities will be returned to you – to be used for the higher good of all.

For those of you here who had read and hopefully put into consistent practice, Sananda’s previous message here titled ‘How to create miracles Part 1’, you might remember that the 2nd Rule on how to create a life filled with many 5D-level miracles is: to be and to act in complete Oneness and Unity with ALL in existence.

This means, beloved empaths, your high sensitivity already makes you a natural expert on the subject of: Oneness & Unity. For you to one day successfully create 5D miracles, you will simply need to focus your efforts & attention on mastering the remaining 6 Rules that Sananda had previously shared there.

Your abilities to: receive, decipher, interpret, analyse and feel the subtle energetic movements and information coming from the world/people around you; from both physical and non-physical objects/beings (e.g. sensing energetic ‘disturbance’ in the air caused by the movements of a single falling leaf, or, sensing the presence of an angel around you) have in fact given you a ‘foot in the door’ or, a definite advantage in your goal of eventually mastering Source Energy.

Loved ones, how can you ever fully become a Master of Electronic Light Substance – that comes from the heart of Source; designed to be obedient to the will of mankind – if you cannot see, sense, direct, wield, mould, command, or move these Electronic Light energies easily, or, at will?

Sananda, as Yeshua ben Yosef, was able to create many 5D Master-Level miracles during His ministry. In one occasion, He was able to command the storm to cease due to His Oneness with all Elements. In other words, in that moment when He issued the command for the weather to change in his favour, He completely acted as One with the energies of: Water, Air, Ether, Fire and Earth.

He ’took charge’ of the electrons within these elements (that made up the storm) and then directed/wielded/shaped them to be obedient to His Divine Will. Yeshua was in that moment acting as Master of the Elements, when He commanded all elemental activities (that created the storm) to cease.

Becoming One with the Electrons of ALL-That-Is in existence, is equivalent to actually being those electrons in every sense of the word. You can only create and manifest something that has completely become part of your Attained Beliefs & Consciousness.

If in that moment, Yeshua had any doubt that He and the Elements were One; if He did not fully understand that they were made from the same ‘stuff’ (the same Electronic Light Energy that is Source), He would not have been able to command the storm to cease. Yeshua understood, beyond any shadow of doubt, that the Elements that made up the storm, were the very same Elements that made up his physical, mental, emotional & etheric bodies. He was in fact the personification and physical embodiment of those Elements.

And thus, Experiential Oneness with every thing seen and unseen, e.g. every person, animal, Mother Earth, tree, rock, etc. is a key requirement before you can successfully ascend to higher levels of spiritual evolution.

Beloveds, have you now become more convinced that your sensitivity is indeed a gift and a superpower? Empaths, you have been walking around the planet, in a perpetual state of Oneness and Unity with ALL-That-Is. You had learnt from many real life situations that there is no Separation between you and another person, animal, tree, etc. You had often experienced first-hand, how another person felt when he/she was subjected to a lower-vibrational thought, word, feeling or action coming from you.

These experiences will one day help you, to become a powerful Creator who is also forever obedient to the Divine Cosmic Laws of: Harmony, Love, Forgiveness, Compassion and Karma.

To be a 5D Master-Level Creator, is to be living every moment in perfect adherence and obedience to ALL of God’s Sacred Laws.

You had asked, Adele, whether a day would ever come when you would be feeling ‘normal’ again. We deeply understood what you had meant by this question, and the following is Our answer.

It’s time to decide right now, that all of you with your amazing gift of sensitivity is the ‘new’ normal. Rather than continuing to walk around with this minor victimhood-mentality -> thinking that you can never be normal, nor enjoy happy relationships with normal friends – it is crucial for you to switch your perspective immediately. This must happen now, for all of you here have an important role to play, in helping to create the Heaven-on-Earth that you have been deeply longing for. All of you have the power to attract equally-sensitive people to you, or, to have happy and fulfilling relationships with those who respect and honour your sensitivity (even if they don’t fully understand it just yet, due to not having first-hand experiences).

At the moment, a sensitive/an empath may perhaps belong to a minority group on this planet. Soon dear ones, as more and more people become spiritually awakened in the short years to come, everyone (who is ascending) will become extremely sensitive to energies. You will all become powerful empaths who are able to truly embody Compassion, Love, Unity/Oneness with the world around you. All ascending mankind will, one day, be able to: experientially understand what it means to truly be one with all living beings on this planet.

And when that day arrives, it will be time to rejoice loved ones, for the permanent, ever-lasting Peace that many of you had prayed for, will be yours to enjoy forever.

When all members of the ascending human collective become highly sensitive to energies, there will be no more crimes. All acts of violence, cruelty, indifference, injustice towards ALL-in-existence, will then cease as all of you, by then, will have truly learnt that to harm another is to harm yourself. You will understand without any shadow of doubt, that the Divine Laws of God are always operational with perfect, mathematical accuracy. Whatever you had thought, said, felt and did, or, whenever you directly/indirectly participated in any loving/non-loving activity, these would always return in full circle for you to experience in equal measure.

Experience is the only, and the greatest teacher of all.

Beloved empaths, when you continue to behave, or act, like your sensitivity is perfectly normal, you are actually energetically opening up the way for more and more people on this planet to be as sensitive as you are. Your abilities will spark plenty of interest in the hearts of many people, so that they will come to believe in themselves more, or, believe in the Greatness of who they truly are.

For example, We have noticed that you, Adele, had been acting like your ability to communicate with the animals and the trees is totally normal – among your friends and family members. When you first started to demonstrate this freely, the grownups might have been doubting you a lot, but time and time again you had proven yourself to be accurate. Although there will always be those around you who will be quick to deny or reject outright anything ‘supernatural’, even when they are seeing plenty of proofs.

The younger generation however, will be more susceptible to your ‘magic’. These children (because of their young age, they instinctively remember more of their connection with Source) will become highly influenced by your new, ‘normal’ behaviour of talking to animals/trees and be greatly interested to learn how to enjoy and love their spiritual gifts as well.

You will be able to teach and be a role model for these children, that their sensitivity is a natural, innate gift from their God-Self that should be practiced often. It is definitely not something they should be ashamed of, nor it is something that should never be demonstrated in public for fear of ridicule or not being accepted/not fitting in. This is especially important for many people reading this to know, for a lot of you here are already/will soon be, gifted with the honour of raising highly-sensitive indigo, crystal, or star children.

You create New Earth, not by preaching, pressuring, nor by trying hard to convert others to adopt your spiritual beliefs. You create New Earth, by permanently releasing your own limiting 3D perspectives about anything in life that is no longer serving you, and then afterwards, by standing strong with your newfound 5D beliefs about everything that you had learnt thus far in your Ascension journey.

You don’t even have to say a word to anyone. Your energies; your very DNA will automatically, in every moment, be doing the job of changing the people/the world around you. Your level of attained higher beliefs about: God, Oneness, Love, Compassion, Freedom, Abundance-for-All are always broadcasted to the world and will continuously be influencing many, wherever you go. Sparking an interest within embodied souls to: know, learn & understand more, and eventually, to become the embodiment of their Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent God-Self.

This is how you can successfully create positive changes for an entire planet. The ripple effects of your attained higher consciousness will (in time) create a new world – one that is based on Love, Peace and Unity.’


‘Thank you, beloved, for all that precious explanation. Here comes the million-dollar questions. How can we effectively manage our sensitivity, and, enjoy a thriving, happier life as an empath? I ask this question because almost every time I believed I had mastered my sensitivity, something happened in life to prove to me otherwise. Recent real-life examples would be:

1) An encounter with a homeless man who choked a wild pigeon to death in broad daylight – in full view of many passersby who didn’t do anything to stop him. I felt the distress signals coming from the suffering bird, from several metres away and by the time I arrived on-scene, it was too late; the bird had already died. You had seen for yourself the after effects this emotional experience had brought upon me.

2) An encounter with a small object that had really toxic energies – causing me to feel physically ill for a small period of time.

Is there a way for us to remain highly sensitive and yet, be completely unaffected from the potential adverse side effects of knowing and feeling too much?

Higher Self:

‘Beloved Adele, this second set of questions is the whole purpose of today’s message. We aways stand ready to assist all of you, Our sensitive ones, so that you can function ‘normally’ in a planet where many of its inhabitants have completely forgotten that to let harm to come to another, is to effectively harm oneself. Complete adherence by all embodied souls on Earth, to the Law of One, or rather, to the Law of Living-as-One, will soon become a manifested, physical reality on higher-dimensional, 5D Earth.

However before this ideal reality arrives, the goal here today is to help all of you, beloved Light-workers – by sharing much needed information on how to have a joyful, thriving life as a sensitive/an empath.

Here comes our 10 tips/guidelines on how to effectively manage your sensitivity:

1) You need to get into a habit of looking after your physical, emotional and mental bodies really well. Whenever you are feeling sick, exhausted, not getting enough sleep, or undergoing challenging situations (e.g. relationship breakups, sick loved ones, financial troubles, etc.) your sensitivity’s tolerance level will be diminishing until it finally drops right down to the bottom – at zero tolerance level. Whenever you are ‘running on empty’ this is when your sensitivity will become an added stressor/a heavy burden, rather than the gift it is always meant to be.

You already know the basics on how to look after your lower bodies with lots of TLC:

* Physical body -> Get enough sleep everyday. Eat & drink only high-vibe fuels. Exercise regularly – moving your body often makes it more difficult for negativity/lower vibrational energies to attach themselves to you. Get a massage or go for a swim, etc.

* Emotional body -> Do not subject your emotional body to anything that can make you feel bad. e.g. surround yourself with mostly happy people; don’t watch sad/depressing/violent movies or tv shows; and don’t do anything that you hate to do.

* Mental body -> Only have thoughts that are positive, loving, joyful or peaceful in nature. Feed your mind by reading books/other written materials that expands (rather than contracts) your energies.

2) On the more challenging days, whenever the entire planet feels ‘extra-heavy’, or whenever the human collective’s energies can be found on the low side of the vibrational scale, this is when you need the extra help. Call upon Us, your ever faithful assistants, to surround you with Our powerful Energy Shield, or a Light Bubble of Protection so that you will not be too adversely-affected.

Alternatively, you may wish to simply decide to take a day off and stay at home, to honour your sensitivity; your health – knowing that not being around people/crowds during those days will in fact serve your higher good, and the higher good of everyone around you. And then spend plenty of quiet time by yourself in the embrace of Mother Nature to recharge your energy batteries.

3) Use these highly recommended, powerful Decrees/Mantras daily, or as often as possible. Remember, Decrees & Mantras will only work if you mean every single word that you say and if you say the words with total confidence. Repetition is the key here.

The more often you use any powerful decree/mantra, the faster you become that which you are daily declaring yourself to be.

* The ‘I AM The Light’ Decree – very useful to strengthen & protect your aura and build a powerful force field that can repel everything that is not of the Purest, Highest vibrations of Light.

* The Gayatri Mantra:

* The Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh Adonai Tz’vaot Mantra (from the ‘The Time is Now’ – a channeled message from Father Mother God written by Adele back in March 2019

4) Use the purifying powers of the Violet Flame several times per day. Call upon St Germain and the Violet Flame Angels, to purify you whenever needed (for a quick, instant cleansing action).

At night, just before you go to bed, we highly recommend for you all to do a more intensive purification of your lower bodies by adopting this practice and doing it everyday with discipline. So that in the morning, you will wake up more refreshed and rejuvenated. Over time, you will feel lighter, become healthier and more like your Higher Self that knows only divine perfection.

  1. a) Start by saying out loud 3x:

I AM the Law of Forgiveness for myself and for all mankind. For all mistakes, misqualified energies, and for straying from the Light.

(Please note: you need to actually radiate/emanate the feeling of forgiveness for yourself and for all mankind, as you are saying this decree).

  1. b) Next, say the following invocation:

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence and St Germain, thank you for setting ablaze the Violet Fire in a circle around me. (Visualise this happening now).

  1. c) Next, open your arms wide and put your hand upward and say:

Thank you beloved I AM & St Germain for filling my hands with your powerful Violet Flames. (Visualise your hands blazing brightly with violet fire-balls).

  1. d) Start by putting your hands on top of your head; touching most parts of your physical body; moving systematically all the way down to your feet. Set the intention that as you move your blazing, Violet-Fire hands, you are burning away all embedded toxicity/negativity within your lower bodies. And when your hands have reached your feet, shake your hands to release the negativity that they have picked up, in the Violet fire that surrounds you. And then repeat the entire process (from head to toe) until you have done it 7 times.

5) Wear a crystal necklace/bracelet everywhere, and place around your home, many powerful, protective, and very high-vibe crystals. These crystals will shield your energy field by repelling or blocking lower energies from entering your space. Create simple, but powerful crystal grids at home using crystals such as: Selenite, Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Lodestone, Nuummite or Black Obsidian.

6) For those of you here who are healers; who work daily with a lot of people to help raise their vibrations, it is very crucial for you to maintain your energetic boundaries. Create a sacred space in your work place, by using the powers of your visualisation, and by calling in extra assistance from Archangel Michael, Raphael & St Germain. Ask for the Angelic & Ascended Host’s assistance, and set a powerful intention so that whatever happens that day (e.g. during your client’s session) will have zero adverse effects on you. Make an invocation similar to the one below, before your clients arrive, and purify your practice room after every client session.

Thank you beloved I AM Presence, and members of the Angelic & Ascended Host, for activating a powerful Pillar of Light around me so that only the highest of vibrations can enter. I am forever grateful for your powerful protection, clear guidance and healing light.

It is done, it is done, it is done. And so it is.

7) Use aromatherapy oils as often as guided within – both at home and at your workplace. We would highly recommend essential oils made from the following: sage, lavender, frankincense, geranium, cedarwood, lemon, juniper, sandalwood, myrrh, black pepper and basil. These oils can lift your mood, make you feel more relaxed or purify your energies/your sacred space.

8) Always remember, that you are a powerful Creator of your life experiences. You can set a powerful intention every morning and decide how you wish to experience that day. If you wish to, before going outside, you can visualise an ON and OFF button very clearly in your mind. This way, you can turn your sensitivity switch to either: on, or off and then believe that it’s already done.

Or, if you wish to have it partially on (rather than turning it completely off), you can visualise a dial like the one below – and set it to a level that you prefer to have that day. For example, on days when the collective’s vibrations feel heavy, you may wish to set the setting on ‘Low’ or, to completely hit the ‘OFF’ button. Fully aware that you can change your preference anytime to High/Max, as necessary, whenever you need to do your job (e.g. as an energy healer).

Simply begin the process by commanding out loud, as your I AM Presence, and set a strong intention for your sensitivity to be at a comfortable level for that day. Alternatively, you may prefer asking your I AM to decide the level for you – in full trust and faith.

9) Always be vigilant as to what expands, and, what contracts your energies. Those of you here who are sensitive to energies, you can feel which inner/outer activity feels expansive to you, and which one feels contractive to you.

In other words, whenever you encounter a person, a shop, a room, an object, and, whenever you are in the middle of doing any activity, if you are feeling expansive (e.g. happy, peaceful, calm, free, relaxed, loving) then by all means keep being around them/keep doing this activity for as long as you like.

On the other hand, if you are feeling in any way contractive (e.g. unhappy, incompatible, defensive, angry, unsettled, anxious, etc.), you know it is time to either: change the situation, leave the room, get away from that person/those people, or, stop doing that inner/outer activity that makes you feel this way. If you know that something/someone is not good for you/for your sensitivity, why do you persist on doing it, or, why do you persist on being around them often?

Of course, if this person is close to you, is it perhaps time for you to make a decision?

Do you wish to continue to tolerate his/her lower vibrations by sticking around and by always maintaining a protective energy shield around you so that you are not too badly affected by them? Or, is it time for you to move on with your life and keep a reasonable distance from them?

Everything is a choice, loved ones. You, despite what you may presently believe, will always have a choice as to the type of environment you should spend so much of your time in. Do you prefer to be in a healthy, or, unhealthy environment? If you find yourself living, working, or staying in an unhealthy environment at the moment, is there something you can do personally to change it for the better? Or, is it a losing & time-consuming battle, which may mean that the best solution is to leave that environment temporarily (perhaps to recharge), or permanently?

As always, the heart will be your most powerful barometer of Truth, to help you make the wisest of decisions in any situation that you encounter in life.

10) Lastly, we would like to give you an important reminder of what we had said in the recent message here titled ‘Heaven is a Place I Call My Home’. You need to raise the caliber of your thought and feeling worlds. When your thoughts and feelings are always/most of the time high-vibrational, your Pillar of Light will be your most powerful protection.

In other words, once you have all learnt to express only higher vibrational thoughts, words, feelings and actions, your own higher vibrations will act like a powerful force-field that is capable of perfectly shielding you from all lower vibrations of any kind. When you have become someone who radiates and expresses only Divine Perfection in your daily vibrations, you no longer have to follow most of the tips that We had given you above.

Remember loved ones, that although we had used the words ‘protection‘ or ‘shield’ several times in this message, it is very important for us to help you raise your understanding to higher levels here. You all need to realise that ultimately, there is absolutely nothing that you need protection from.

ALL is God; expressing itself as God.

Whenever you feel the need for protection from something, someone, or, from negative energies running around rampant on this planet, what you are in fact doing is: you are putting yourself in a defensive, fearful, victim-mentality modus operandi.

And by doing so, you have in fact forgotten who you are and how powerful you are.

If you truly believe that you are God, whenever you come across something/someone that you do not like the energies of, instead of feeling either: afraid/anxious/apprehensive/defensive, you need to center yourself with the I AM within. And then, as your I AM, either speak or take action – following higher guidance as to what suits the situation you are facing in that moment.

By feeling the need to protect yourself, you are also creating a state of resistance to your spiritual gifts. And what you resist, persists. Remember what We had recently said before, loved ones:

Resistance is all about believing that you are vulnerable and susceptible to something not wanted and thus you are holding a stance of protection – which only holds you in a place of not letting in the Well-Being that would be there otherwise.

Now is truly the time for Our light-workers to release all resistance and need for protection and then simply surrender yourself, your life, to your all-powerful Higher Self.

In the two most recent, real-life examples you had brought up above Adele, you always had a choice. But you (by having a limiting belief that your sensitivity is a burden) had subconsciously chosen to be adversely affected by that homeless man killing the bird, and, by the small object that carried toxic energies. There were plenty of other, higher-vibrational choices that you could have made in those moments.

For example, rather than focusing/dwelling on the bird’s pain (and yes, We know it’s not easy to ignore someone’s pain) you could have communed with Me, your Higher Self, and asked for guidance as to what was the most suitable course of action that would be for everyone’s higher good. Perhaps I could then have guided you to practice, create and manifest a little healing miracle for the bird, or, I could have spoken (through you) with the weight & powers of God, and stopped that man from killing the bird. When you arrived on scene, contrary to what you thought, there was still a little time when you/We could have saved the bird. About the small object, I could have advised you what to do, or what to say, in that moment to alleviate the symptoms or remove all of its negative influences on your lower bodies so that you did not end up being physically ill.

Practice makes perfect. Those two situations had been orchestrated by Us to help you master your mastery, and, embrace your powerful I AM Presence a lot more, so that you will know what to do (and how to be) the next time if you were to encounter people/objects/beings whose vibrations are the complete polar opposite to yours.

This is Our way of telling you Adele that you have actually come a long way in mastering/managing your sensitivity. You thought your recent experiences were proof that you still had far to go, but in fact, they were just life experiences that were orchestrated behind the scenes with the cooperation of several souls, to help you grow even more in your ascension journey.

It is time, loved ones, for all of you to be empowered empaths. Your life will begin to thrive a lot more, as soon as you permanently let go of the need/habit of ‘suffering’ from the burden of your sensitivity. Fully embrace the powers of your God-Self, and know that everything happens by choice.

Remember that you can not see, live, or experience outside of your own individual beliefs, i.e. beyond the vibrational limits of where you are currently standing – the limits that are set by yourself.

Decide right now that your sensitivity is a super power, and then, expect that it will take you to amazing heights in life, and it surely will!


‘Thanks sweetheart – you had answered my questions above with such amazing details. Moving on to the last question now. What can we do, to raise our sensitivity to (even) higher levels? This is especially important for everyone here who has been longing to have greater empathy and sensitivity levels, but they are perhaps feeling that this spiritual gift seems to remain elusive for the time being.’

Higher Self:

‘The answer to this question is quite simple, beloved Adele. You all need to simply set your intention, and demonstrate your readiness to experience greater sensitivity to energies. Create your own simple but powerful affirmation, decree, or invocations and call upon your I AM to open up the gateway to your spiritual powers.

Do this decree as often as you feel the need to (following guidance from within). For some people, powerfully saying it once is enough if they wholeheartedly believe that it has become their reality. For others, repetition can be an important key to break down all built-in resistance, especially if there are inner blocks/obstacles that are yet uncleared (perhaps coming from past-life traumas).

Trust and believe that your powers are now completely turned back ’ON’ and will be returned to you incrementally – never all at once; as we do not wish to overwhelm anyone with too much, too soon. And then you need to have plenty of opportunities to simply practice!

For example, if you have a pet, you may wish to visualise your ‘sensitivity dial’ being turned up to the highest level, and then, simply tune in to the energetic frequencies of your beloved pet. Set the intention to deeply understand what it is thinking and feeling at the moment, and then, perhaps you may wish to do a full body scan to make sure your animal-baby is completely healthy!

Beloved, it is for the higher good of ALL that you must always remember to ask direct, or non-direct permission before you use your sensitivity/before practicing on a fellow human being. Respecting the higher will and the privacy of all embodied souls is a must.

In other words, do not deliberately try to read someone’s thoughts, or feeling someone’s emotions without their direct, or non-direct (given by their Higher Self) permission. Don’t try to obtain any private information that you should not be privy to especially when it is totally unrelated to you/your role.

Adele had made a strong intention a long time ago, that she did not want to hear, see, or know anything, unless, if not knowing/hearing/seeing is detrimental to her life, her Ascension journey, or, her Light-worker role. And by the power of her set intentions and expectations, she had actually made that her current reality.

If your sensitivity is not returning to you at the faster pace that you want, simply tune in to your Higher Self to find out the reasons why. Maybe a deeper healing, purification and transmutation of deeply-entrenched 3D beliefs, programming or traumas need to first take place before your gifts can be returned to you.

If this was the case, simply be patient and know that all will occur at the perfect, divine timing. Believe that We will be doing everything possible to help fulfil your request, and thus for the time being, greater faith maybe needed from you. Never become angry or desperate, loved ones, by thinking that your request (for the return of your spiritual gifts) had gone unanswered.

Ultimately, your I AM Presence is the one in charge of your evolution to become a fifth dimensional human. Trust that all is well, and will continue to be well for you, always.

We love you very much, and We always want what is best for you, at any given time.

With all Our love and devotion,


Adele’s Higher Self.


Channeled by Adele Arini.

Copyright 2019 – Raphael’s Healing Space.


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