Love is our new reality

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Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart, October 23d, 2019

You’re Manifesting their Dream, Not your Own | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart

The way to create a new system is to raise your vibration, to believe in a new benevolent humanitarian system for humankind, and to extract yourself from this current toxic system to the best of your ability. THAT is how to change this world. And lightworkers have come here to do that.

So we have to be awake.

Me: Ivo, I have put up so many posts since yesterday. 3 people who follow me voted in the Canadian federal election. Clearly my messages haven’t been getting through.

Ivo: My love, we will simply keep repeating ourselves in order for the message to get through to people.

Me: Here’s one for everyone right now. VOTING DOESN’T WORK. Look at it this way: how many times have you voted? And did you get what you wanted? No? You just ended up peed off and voted for the other party the next time, right? How’s that working for you?

It’s because the system is set up by the Illuminati to benefit the Illuminati. The people you see as prime ministers, presidents and other heads of state are puppets. They do the bidding of the people in behind the scenes, they’re not there to answer to us. They’re there to placate us. Placate means making people less angry or hostile. They do this by lying to our faces and signing documents in secret behind our backs, passing laws we didn’t want passed, and then creating distractions via the media to distract us from the fact they passed those laws without our consent!

We’re all being played like fiddles, unless you’re aware of their tactics. There are many truthers out here doing a good job of figuring out what they’re up to and staying one step ahead of them.

The current system, if left as it is, will become the new world order state as written about in the book 1984. We have to wake up.

The reason they don’t just implement the change to that dreadful state all at once is because they know we would resist them. And they fear us. So they implement changes using slight of hand and many many many lies in order to get their way. To trick us into believing it’s for our good.

Most people have NO IDEA what is going on on this planet or what’s going on behind their backs. Is that a system you want to support? Well, you are. You’re even creating it!

The reason the system is as it is is because we believe in it. WE are creators who are creating the reality (our own slavery) that we’ve been told to create. Without our consent to it, it won’t be created.

We’re that powerful.

If you think that casting a vote is not harmful, then you don’t understand this. The more you use the system and believe in it, the more you create it.

I’m here to tell you to stop believing in the system that enslaves you, and to start believing in universal law as the means to your prosperity. You are currently energizing the cabal’s system by believing in it.

This is a question of the artificial illuminati-based system that we are enslaved to, or gaining your freedom through universal law. It’s a question of what you put your energy into.

When you believe in creating a new benevolent humanitarian system that benefits all, you raise the vibration of the current world in order to support the initiation of such a system. When you keep fighting the old system, believing in the old system, voting, or whatever, you are upholding its creation and keeping the world’s vibration, as well as your own, down. The more you have to do with the old system, the more you are creating it.

This is about what you want to create. Slavery or freedom? It’s your choice.

The way to create a new system is to raise your vibration, to believe in a new benevolent system for humankind, and to extract yourself from this current toxic system to the best of your ability. THAT is how to change this world.

They’re changing the reality on earth… a bit at a time.

They’re not doing it dramatically because they know if they try to put too much over on us too quickly, we’ll protest. They need to implement changes slowly so that we will agree to them because we create this reality for them. They even tell us they’re in our best interests.

So over the past few decades, I’ve seen a drop in the standard of living of so many people. There is a thriving lower class and the middle class has all but disappeared. So many people are struggling with money BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE IN THE SYSTEM. When you don’t believe in the system, you will be able to create your own prosperity.

They try to beat the system, to win at the system, to suffer under the system with no money, but in fact they have to LEAVE THE SYSTEM and to create their OWN SYSTEM of abundance.

For example, we have a thriving second hand market that doesn’t require payment of taxes. However there are second hand shops, though, that sell second hand goods as retail and they tax you on what you purchase there. I would say don’t shop there at all, or shop there only when absolutely necessary BECAUSE THEY’RE TAXING THE SAME ITEM TWICE! It’s bad enough we pay retail tax at 13% once – now they get another 13% on the resale of the item. Do you like being ripped off?

IT DOESN’T MATTER how the people respond to our economic circumstances – the gov and big business will find a way to profit from it. That is what they do. They’re there to make money for themselves.

We have to stand on principle and not allow this any longer.

If you don’t believe that politicians are liars, then I can come up with one very concrete example. In the 1980’s, Canadian Prime Minister Mulroney said he was going to install a temporary – and the operative word is temporary – goods and services tax of 7% on all items purchased. This means that when Canadians go to the store, they would pay 13% tax instead of the 6 percent they were already paying. They NEVER removed the tax. It was not temporary. We still pay it under the collective HST tax (the Hated Sales Tax) which combines the old 6% with the 7% of the GST. GST is like VAT tax in Britain. They lied. They never removed the extra 7%. Mulroney was Conservative, the Liberals never removed the tax either. Do you see how they are two arms of the same body now?

Our system is a system that limits and controls us. Our natural state is the state of abundance but we don’t have this here on earth because we’re so controlled.

We don’t live the same way that the rest of the beings in the galaxy live because this planet is OCCUPIED.

The reason our governments do what they do, and big business does what it does is to make themselves rich! If you can’t see that, then you’re blind. No offense to the non-sighted.

Having eyes but not being able to see. That’s the state so many people are in on this world right now. We can’t see the truth that sits right in front of our eyes. Our eyes are all but useless if they can’t show us the truth!

Ivo: My love, you are correct. You are upset that people who follow you voted yesterday in the Canadian federal election but look at this as an opportunity to educate and not to give yourself a heart attack.

Me: Yes.

Ivo: The fact is, you are hog tied and bound. All of you are. They have made victims of all the people on this planet, whether they realize it or not, and it is very difficult to find your way out of the system, especially when you believe in it to any degree. You have attempted to do things to win at the system, to allow yourself to fail at the system, to be employed, to not be employed, all of the things but you were born into a system of captivity. All of you were.

Some make the best of it and some are here to bring in the new system.

The way to bring in a new humanitarian system that serves the people is to believe in it. When you believe in it, you raise your vibration and therefore the vibration of the collective in order to facilitate exactly that – a new system. The new system will be based on the world’s higher vibration. It will not be able to be put into place when the status quo is observed. People must be awakened in order to see the truth, to see realistically what is going on before you.

You do not have to catch the criminals in action. You simply see the results of what they do – you learn about the lies – there are whistleblowers in governments that are revealing the truths of the politicians’ deeds. This information is being revealed to your world.

Me: The whole system is a control system which frankly, I have an allergy to. Control and manipulation are 2 things that I can smell a mile away, and I’ve always questioned my living as I had to on this planet. Always.

If you can’t see when you’re being controlled or manipulated, you won’t be able to see past the systems lies. If you control and manipulate others, you might have more of a chance of seeing what they’re up to because you can understand their behaviour!

But this is a planet you can’t take anyone at face value. You can’t afford it.

Ivo: Yes. Your people are being tricked into creating the very system that enslaves them. They are told what they need, they are told what they must do each day, they are encouraged to have children and encouraged not to have children. This is all manipulation that has gone on through the years.

Me: I think the fact we have to pay for food – to eat, and to pay for transit to get back and forth to work is outrageous. If they want us to work, then they should pay for our transit and our food while we’re there for that matter!

Ivo: However they have you believing that you want to or have to work, so it is your responsibility to pay to get there.

Me: I think it’s outrageous! The onus is put on us for everything but we’re not the ones who get the lions’ share of the benefit – it’s the powers that be that do.

Ivo: Yes, this is basically the rape of humanity.

Me: Well, I hope more people are waking up. I didn’t vote yesterday nor do I ever plan to. The more you partake of the system, the more influence it has over you. As far as leaving the system goes, you ain’t seen nothing yet from me. Just watch.

Ivo: You are determined woman.

Me: I am. I know I’m powerful too. Put that power behind my intentions and just watch.

Ivo, just watch me.

Ivo: I must watch you my dear. You are our hands feet eyes and ears like Ashtar had said to you. We watch and we work with you to help break away from the system and to help you gain in independence.

You are an example for others to follow.

Me: I know these people who run this place are cowards. If they weren’t they would be more ethical because it takes guts to be ethical. Only snivelling cowards hide from us. They’re scared of our power and do everything they can to keep us from realizing it. Well, guess what. They can’t shut me up. I’ll tell everyone how powerful we really are.

Ivo: Good.You are all powerful and this power is being subdued and subverted to meet their desires. You are not living for yourselves.

Me: Well, that’s gonna end!

Ivo: Good my love. Feel your strength and know you will prevail.

So after I wrote all these posts, I went back to bed. As I lay down and tried to adjust the pillow, still thinking about this political stuff, an image of a wounded horse popped into my mind. And the farmer holding the horse as it’s about to be shot by someone with a rilfe!

Why would I think about this? It wasn’t on my mind. Hadn’t thought about animals at all today – just politics and changing the system.

Why did this pop into my head? It was the dark putting that image there in an effort to derail me! To upset me because they know I don’t like suffering animals – to get me off my course and onto feeling badly.

I started singing, “All you need is love,” and opened my heart to fill myself with love. I know who put the image into my head and it was an attempt to derail my campaign to wake people up~!

On Abundance and manifesting a new reality:

The things you need to do to create your own prosperity you are already doing. Manifesting is a question of creating a vision through conscious thought, daydreaming, meditation or whatever means you like, then believing in this dream, then acting on it. Those are the 3 basic steps.

Yes, believing your dreams. I have seen a house that I will own where I will land saucers. It’s in Northern Canada and even though I don’t own it yet, I know I will and I’ll have the means for its upkeep. I believe in my dream! It is real to me. The next thing you do is you act on this dream. You do everything you can in order to make it a reality. You also look for synchronicities that will lead you to it. You get into the flow and let the universe lead you to your goal.

Let me tell you something. So many of you don’t think you can manifest. You think you’re no good at it. Well, you are ALREADY manifesting. You are living in a dream – it’s called the Matrix, you are believing in this dream – you think you have to go to work everyday and buy your groceries, and you can do the movies on the weekend with the kids. And you are acting on the creation of this dream by doing exactly that: you go to work, you buy your groceries and you go to the movies. You are ALREADY MASTER MANIFESTERS. You are all creating your lives!

You are creating a dream, it’s just someone else’s dream! It’s not yours. Some days it’s your nightmare. Why? Because it’s of a lower vibration than you are.

You manifest the frequency you vibrate to. If you’re in a bad mood, you’ll stub your toe, the drivers will cut you off, and you’ll break a heel walking to the store.

If you’re in a good mood, you’ll manifest a pleasant drive, taking time to see the beautiful flowers or wonderful blue sky, you’ll get to the store and find what you’re looking for at the price you wanted or even 20 percent off.

You’re already manifesting a life for yourself. It’s just not the one that suits the loving human nature. Get it? The reason you’re caught in this trap is because you don’t know yourself and you don’t understand the true nature of humanity – and that is love towards all.

Have as little to do with the Matrix so that you don’t put your energy into creating it. Have a vision of a better future for humanity – a humanitarian future where everyone benefits – and keep raising your vibration. That’s the solution.