Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, August 18th, 2020

Your Mission here on Earth | Aita Channeling Her Higher Self


Aita – August 2020

On this day in mid August 2020, we are very pleased to connect with you our Dear Starseeds, Lightworkers. We are specifically talking with you, our Dear Hearts, for you are the awakened Ones.

You are different from the average Human on Planet Earth today. It seems to you, looking around your Earthly environment, that all Humans are basically the same. Not so.

All Beings on Planet Earth are equal, they are all parts of God, fragments of Divine Essence, of Holy Consciousness. Yet they are serving different purposes and they have a different orientation. They are at different frequencies of understanding, of love and light.

You, Dear Lightworkers, Starseeds now have a deep understanding of the reason for the Planet Earth experience. Your frequency is high, you are reaching for the fifth dimension of love.

You had no need to come here to clear your Karma. You had evolved far past the Human schoolroom Planet Earth experience.

You are great multi dimensional beings living on several different frequencies spontaneously. You volunteered to send a part of yourself to come here to help Earth Humanity out of the mire of negativity and darkness into which it had fallen.

Many, many galactic beings have visited Earth over the ages. The reptilians, as they are called, were one of these visitors. Most of these visitors came and went. The reptilians stayed and shared their DNA with some of the Human population.

As we have so often said, Earth is a schoolroom for learning greater love. Earth Humans come here to grow themselves by experiencing the fear that is so endemic on this planet.

By feeling the negative emotions of hatred, anger, guilt, shame, blame, apathy and depression, the realization is reached that this is not what the Soul, the God Consciousness that is the true reality of the Human Being, wants.

The Soul wants love, union with its Soul brethren, camaraderie and communion. The Soul does not prefer to be isolated and separated from its Brethren, lonely and in duality.

This separateness is not a natural state for the Divine consciousness that we all are, for the Divine magnetic electricity that powers our Human bodies. But, it is a wonderful state where, with no memory of who and what we really are, we can learn to be sensitive and loving towards each other.

Where we can sift and sort negative and positive behaviors and see what works best for us. What behavior gives our Soul the most comfort and peace. And, of course, the most loving behavior is the preferred one. Love is the Soul’s delight.

Loving and unloving behaviors are expressed through every word and phrase we speak.. Having experienced unloving words and denigrating phrases, you Dear Lightworkers, Starseeds, have learned to automatically be kind, compassionate and loving. To leave behind the subconscious reactivity and resentment that is so trained into us here in this Earthly realm.

So, the Reptilians came to Earth. They have a different agenda from Humans. They are service to self and they have no heart, no compassion. They are ruthless. They seek power and control, wealth and subservience from those around them.

Whereas Humans, in their unprogrammed state, are naturally loving and kind, these Reptilians take joy in the pain of their victims. And, Humans are, and have been for eons, their victims.

They look at Humans as their prey, as their amusement, and as their food. Yes, they are very much cannibals. They feed on Humans. And, like cats playing with mice, their pleasure is to see Humanity squirm in fear, pain, loneliness and isolation from each other.

They are of a different frequency from those that they manipulate. Humans, in the third dimension, are in a dream state. They come here, having planned their lives and the events of their lives for their best growth.

And, to complicate the matter, they have no memory of the Divinity they truly are. If they remembered who they were, they would not be able to have this Human experience.

The Human job is to navigate all the challenging experiences and events that they have set up for themselves with no memory. The Soul wishes to feel separation and alienation from other Human Souls in order to sift and sort what is preferred behavior and what is not preferred behavior.

The reptilians have no such aim. They are here solely for their pleasure And their pleasure is to control and manipulate Mankind and, in the process be rich and powerful. They are, indeed, cruelly inhumane. They provide the dark that Humanity requires as the contrast to the love that they naturally are.

So, when these reptilians first came to Earth, they mixed their DNA with Human DNA. Their offspring, their young were a hybrid. At first, they looked different from their Human victims. They had tall skulls as can be seen with the Egyptian pharaohs.

There are still such Beings disguised as Cardinals in the Roman Catholic church. Their tall miters are a cover for the unusual shape of their head.

Humans, came to Earth to be conditioned into negativity, pain and separation from each other. And so, to sort out what behaviors, work for them, which behaviors are in sync with their Soul’s desire. Their Soul’s desire is always for love.

By navigating what is not love, greater and deeper levels of love are reached. The Human, having experienced the Planet Earth Schoolroom, then knows what words, phrases, looks and behavior unite him with his Brethren, and what causes division and separation.

The reptilians provide the control and manipulation that Humans need for contrast, to experience pain, fear and darkness. All kinds of challenging situations are encountered, as individual Humans live their Earthly life. under the manipulation of the dark ones.

So Earth is in fact a great stage, a great Shakespearian tragedy comedy play being acted out by all its inhabitants. And the inhabitants of Planet Earth are actors on this stage.

But, this play got out of hand. The reptilians were so clever and adept at their control, that Human Beings were deeply hypnotized into negative thoughts and fear.

They were deeply enmeshed in the deception perception, the illusional delusion of the Planet Earth experience. The Humans did not realize how they were controlled and manipulated. The powers that be made sure that fear, fear, fear was the order of the day for fear made Humanity malleable and easily controllable

All of the pandemics, wars, religions, governmental structures, taxes, rules and regulations, events that take place on Planet Earth have been orchestrated by the controllers, the powers that be who are the descendants of the reptilians.

These rulers are few in number. How can the few control the many?

By psychological warfare, they manipulate Humans into controlling each other.

The power of words is magnificent indeed. And the reptilians know how to use them. Words repeated often, combined with certain harsh sounds and heavy colors, are fearfully hypnotic. They can be also be lovingly hypnotic, as you well know, dear LIghtworkers Starseeds. For you now use them in such a loving manner all the time.

And, words can be evil and hateful, full of fear, creating panic and a feeling of imminent disaster and doom. Such is our situation today. The main stream media is not the information source it purports to be. Quite the opposite, it is the disseminator of the reptilian agenda.

It is propaganda..

The few who are the powers that be, control the media. The media is their mouthpiece. False words and fake news are repeated over and over again. Repetition is the Human learning device. The darkly magical words and phrases used at a low frequency of fear, hypnotize the Human into obsequious behavior.

And, this is how the few control the many. Watching all the turmoil and disaster portrayed in the news, the fearful Human polices his brethren. He insists that all of his peers adhere to all the ridiculous, bureaucratic rules and regulations.

He yells, in reactive panic as he sees the rules that he thinks will save his life, violated by those around him. So, he polices his brethren to behave in accord with the reptilian agenda.

And, most of the cruel reptilian behavior was hidden from Humans. They had no idea they were so manipulated. Nor could they free themselves. They were too deeply and hypnotically enmeshed in their programming.

That Dear Hearts, Dear Souls, is why you came here to help. Again, you did not have to come. You volunteered to come. You knew it would be hard to live with your unconscious brethren. With those who poked and prodded at you constantly about not doing things right, about not being right.

And, indeed it was difficult, more difficult than you realized. You have nearly given up in desperation more than once. For to come here, you too had to have no memory of who and what you were. As you were criticized and judged, you came to think of yourself as a poor incompetent foolish creature, for so the words of your hypnotized Human brethren claimed you to be.

However, now you have navigated the Human life, you have seen how words, expressions and body language manipulate and control. You now know how to be kind and loving, compassionate and understanding of the Human state.

You have fulfilled the hardest part of your task. The truth has set you free. For ascension out of the third dimensional fear paradigm it is necessary to see the truth of Human enslavement. The truth breaks the hypnotic spell of the deception perception and leads to enlightenment.

No situation can be healed at the level at which it was created. People caught in the karma of the third dimension, cannot change their situation. Only when they see how they are controlled and manipulated can they rise above that state.

You have seen the control. You have seen the truth of the deep conditioning that the reptilian descendants, the illuminati, have placed on Humanity. You have done your research.

You have passed through the dark night of the Soul, where you realized that the principles, thoughts and ideas by which you lived were not even your own. In fact, these ideas about life and ways of living and being, were entrained into you in childhood. And you behaved according to your teaching.

And so, this is what it is to be awake and aware. It is to see clearly how the government, society and media manipulate Mankind. It is to see clearly, what effect every word and phrase of your brethren has on you. And what effect every word and phrase of yours, has on your brethren.

It is to be awake and aware of all that is going on around you and its deeper meaning. The Course in Miracles has a teaching that we do not know what anything is for. Third dimensional Humans do not know that this Earthly existence is for growing our Souls frequency to greater heights. You do know that now Dear Hearts.

So, be patient. Be the love that you are. Just be, just breathe. You are fast ascending into the fifth dimension. You will be in that wonderful love vibration before your brethren. Each of you have your own path, your own ascension time and pattern.

Then, from the upper room of love, you will be able to help your brethren. For the truth of the means of their imprisonment is about to be revealed to them. Ascension is the time of revelation, of the great revealing of the truth.

And the times are full of chaos and fear. The controllers and their programmed Human minions are panicking. They are pulling out all the stops, doing every desperate thing they can think of, to keep Humanity enslaved.

It will not work. The Divine has designated this as the time for Humanity’s freedom. As the truth is revealed, Humanity will go into shock. This is where you come in Dear Lightworkers, Starseeds.

You are the healers, the shamans, the enlightened ones. Between you all, you know the psychological and physical healing arts. You will help your brethren with their fearful awakening.

Be patient, just be, just breathe. Slow, deep breathing is a sign of enlightenment. Smile at the discombobulation around you. For you know the Divine truth that all is well and the Planet Earth experience is almost over for you, and for all those that you came here to help.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We are Blessed Beings Indeed.