Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, January 19th, 2021

And so, the storm is truly upon us and it is fascinating to watch how the great planet earth ascension process plays out.  It is wonderful to see how the old matrix, the old control grid that allowed the earth to be saturated with fear, is being taken down.

It is wonderful to see who does and says what, what action is taken, how the dark ones are flailing about and how their claims become more and more outrageous.

It has got to the stage that we know when the bad actors make a claim, the opposite is true.  When they say something about the light alliance, that something is a projection of their own thoughts and deeds.

We Lightworkers, Starseeds are very blessed for we can see, from the upper room of greater awareness, of increased consciousness, the larger picture of the planet earth ascension experience.

We no longer are enmired in the individual happenings, we no longer fall into fear with every perceptively negative event.  We are no longer concerned with what happens in any individual town or any particular false flag event, for we know, deeply in our hearts, that all is well and that we trust the Divine plan.

We know, that all that is playing out on the planet earth stage for the good, for the ascension of earth and its human inhabitants to love and light, to a higher frequency of consciousness.

In our last message we said that the planet earth experience does not come with an instruction manual.  Instead we are given dysfunctional instructions on how to live life, and how to be, by our parents and caretakers.

The repetition of words and phrases over and over again, with the negative, or positive body language that accompanies speech, brainwashes us, hypnotizes, moulds us into the intended behavior.

This is the painfully reactive instruction manual we are given.  Then, it is our job, our assignment here on earth, to remove all the false and dysfunctional teachings that have been programmed into us.

What makes Lightworkers so unconditionally loving?  Why are they so lovely and light to be with?  What is it in their behavior that is so magnetic, so attractive?

It is that they radiate love.  They are no longer asking for approval from their brethren.  They no longer need to point out the perceived faults of others, or poke at their insecurities or inflame their inferiority complex.

For, the instruction manual that was mind controlled onto us by our parents, inevitably makes us insecure and reactive, protective of any negative comment made to us by our brethren.

Lightworkers have overcome the 3D world.  They have examined their thoughts and ideas and reset their moral compass.

In fact, hitherto they had no individually discovered and instituted morality.  Their morality, as with all human beings, was that which their parents and caretakers had impressed upon them.

Now, in greater awareness, in a higher consciousness, freed from the slings and arrows of outrageous, hurtful, aberrant reactive behavior. they are light and lovely to be with.

They know that their purpose in life, the reason that they came here, is to learn to be loving, kind and compassionate.  To realize that every human being is exactly where they need to be, behaving exactly as they need to behave.

Yes, when we are enmeshed in the third dimensional paradigm, we are all reacting and acting as we are taught to.  And it is from the negative emotions we feel as we strike out against our brethren with hurtful, prodding and poking words, that we eventually learn to turn away from the thoughts, ideas and behavior that were pumped into us.

This is what ascension is all about.  it is really so simple, but not easy.  We would be wise to examine our every word, our every glance, our every bodily attitude.

This is what Lightworkers have done.  They think before they speak as to how their words will affect others.  They know that each human being is on a divine journey that they designed for themselves.

They know that nothing wrong ever happened.  They know that how they show up in the world affects not only their own ascension, but also that of those around them.

Unconditional love is the acceptance of all exactly as it is, knowing that everything and everyone is Divinely appointed, Divinely designed.  Negative automatic behavior is a necessary element of human life.  For it is that, that  we came here to experience.

So, as the Course in Miracles says, “in my defenselessness my safety lies.”  As we drop our reactive defenses, as we listen to the victim stories of our brethren with peaceful, benevolent compassion, we help them on their journey.

They sigh with relief for they so need to tell their story, they so need to have someone understand them and validate that they are OK.  For they feel insecure and sinful, unhappy and morally in the wrong.

And our dear Lightworkers, you had no instruction manual for life on planet earth.  The magic of it is that you can now give the gift of an instruction manual to your brethren.

And you do this by how you are.  Words are not the greatest of teachers.  Words can be argued against and rejected by the illogic of the 3D fear filled mind.

It is behavior, the way of being in the world, that is the greatest teacher.   So, as you look at your brethren with the eyes of love, as you compassionately listen to their story, as you hear about their victimhood, you release them from their defensiveness.

Benevolent compassion is the ultimate and magical tool of Lightworkers.  It radiates a high vibration of love that releases mankind from the prison of unconsciousness.  It awakens love within their hearts.

When we leave this world, in our after life, we have a past life review.  All that we have experienced, all that we have said and done is shown to us as a movie of the life we lived.

And, this is done from the point of view of how our words and actions affected those we interacted with.  Then as we see that our words had a negative impact, we are saddened and we ourselves say we must reincarnate to correct the wrong we have done.

With this ascension, the loving higher consciousness, the higher frequency that is being poured onto the world allows us to do that life review for ourselves while we are here on earth.

Rather than looking at how we feel and what is said to us, we look at how our actions and interactions, how our words, how our attitude affects our brethren, affects our loved ones.

It has often been said to Lightworkers that they are too sensitive.  Indeed they are very sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.  Yet they are not too sensitive, they are appropriately sensitive.

It is this sensitivity that allows them to see how their behavior affects those around them.  It is this sensitivity that is the gift that is given with ascension.

And now all of mankind that is ascending will live with and in the loving world of sensitivity.  Sensitivity, benevolent compassion, unconditional love, communion and camaraderie.

Oh Dear Brethren, our hearts are full of love, we are radiating light.  We are very grateful, we are content for we see that the best is yet to come, yes, the best is yet to come.  What a wonderful world we are moving into.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We are Blessed Beings Indeed.