Love is our new reality

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, January 7th, 2021

And so the month of January proceeds and, as was predicted, chaos
and confusion ensue. Keep calm our Dear Ones, keep calm. Always
keep in mind that the light has won.
This election chaos, these obviously false claims of victory by the dark
ones, by the deep state, the powers that be, are only the beginning of
this phase of the great awakening.
More chaos, more confusion, more uncertainty is to come. It will
seem at times, truly, as if the dark has won and all hope of victory has
gone out the door.
Do not despair, keep the faith, know that all is well on planet earth
today. Yes, all is very well indeed. Remember always to trust the
plan. Trust the wonderful plan that the Divine has for the ascension of
planet earth.
We human beings tend to get involved in the day to day, moment to
moment events that are happening around us. We focus, we
concentrate, on the details of the moment and go into a doubting
panic as we see and project possible failure.
Always, always keep in mind that this is the long predicted, long
awaited time of the great awakening, of the great revelation of the
perception deception that mankind has lived under for eons.
No matter what chaos and confusion are created, it is Divinely
planned, Divinely orchestrated that mankind will arise, at this time
from the matrix of the illusory world of propaganda. Propaganda, the
tool that the powers that be have used to control mankind, and to
manipulate his behavior.Propaganda, let us look at the definition. Propaganda is “information,
particularly of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or
publicize a particular political cause or point of view.”
And next let us look at the word “information.” The definition of
information is that it is “facts provided about someone or something.”
And so what are the “facts” that are provided. Facts are a “thing that
is known or proved to be true.”
So, here we have the distorted, circuitous twisting of words that is the
propaganda style that the powers that be use to confuse, bewilder and
perplex mankind.
Information, or facts, are provided to the public that are totally untrue,
and that are known to be untrue. Those people still in the third
dimensional matrix take what they are told as the truth.
They are addicted to their news sources, particularly television. And
they believe that these facts that they hear are the truth provided by
the government, the free press, the reporters.
The truth is that these so called facts that are repeated over and over
again are propaganda. They are untrue and misleading information
designed to subvert the understanding of the listener.
Designed to put fear into his mind and manipulate his behavior
according to the agenda of the deep state. The information that the
media provides is designed to promote actions based on nefarious
Dear Ones do not be pulled into this. Do not, you, believe the devil’s,
satan’s propaganda. For in this great stage play that is the planet
earth experience, the bad actors, the powers that be, are playing the
part of the devil, the part of satan.

So, it is critical to stay away from television, it is critical to stay away
from the main stream media, for they are the propaganda tool of the
dark alliance, of satan’s minions here on earth.
Propaganda, or shall we call it telling lies, giving untrue information is
how the powers that be, have controlled mankind for eons. And this is
all the easier now, in the 21st century for technology allows the
intrusion of television into our homes 24/7.
And so the devil can now pour propaganda, vitriolic news, nefarious
ideas, into our comprehension on a continual basis. This is
hypnotism, this is mind control. This is how humans are tricked into
thinking and believing what those who have seized authority want
them to think and believe.
And you, our Dear Ones, being human, have a tendency to be caught
up in this propaganda dissemination. True, you are not wallowing in
the despair fear of watching the main stream news.
Yet even the alternative media can lead you astray and lower your
vibration. In this time of the great revealing, where so many dark,
nefarious and evil deeds are coming to the light, it is particularly
important that you stay away from all that will bring down your
vibration and put you into a down spiral of negative emotions.
You have a job to do at this time on planet earth. Listening to
propaganda creates victims who behave according to the dictates of
the propaganda they hear.
You are a sovereign being, a holy son of God, not a victim. You know
in your heart you are holy and all is well. Yet you are human, and so
you too can be swayed by false information, disseminated fears and
bad violent actors.
Your job is to stay calm, above the fray, move to the upper room of
understanding. Look down from a higher place at the chaos and
confusion below, and smile benevolently. For you know all is well.

You trust the Divine plan for the ascension of planet earth and
humanity. You know that chaos and confusion are necessary for the
old worn and weary third dimensional control system to collapse.
And collapsing it is. Let us look at the situation as it is on planet earth
today – from a different viewpoint. How wonderful it is that the bad
actors, the devil’s minions are revealing themselves.
They are showing their corruption. We, the awakened ones. knew
that the corrupt, bribery and blackmailing tentacles of the powers that
be extended deep into all our societal structures. Into the government
bureaucracy, into religious denominations, into education, the medical
system, the police, the financial system.
Yet we did not know who the bad actors were. They have infiltrated
every part of society. And now, this chaos, this confusing election, this
voting fraud perpetrated on society, is showing us in depth and detail
who is responsible for the corrupt behavior, who is responsible for
stealing the election. And who is protecting those responsible for
stealing the election.
We cannot remove the bad actors until we know who they are. Now
they are showing themselves. By their actions they are brought to the
light and they can be removed. And trust the plan, for they will be
Yes, Dear Hearts, our Dear Lightworkers, Starseeds. Trust the plan.
All is very well on planet earth today. The propaganda that has
worked so well for the dark ones in the past is now revealing their
They are being shown up for what they are. Remember always that
nothing wrong ever happened on this planet earth experience that you
designed for yourself.

All is happening exactly as it needs to. There are no accidents. This
earthly life is as an intricate woven tapestry. And each thread that is
intertwined and interwoven is a human life in perfect orchestration with
all the other interwoven threads, with all the other human lives.
Yes, all is well on planet earth today. We trust the Divine plan for the
ascension of mankind into the fifth dimension and for the resurrection
of humanities DNA, for our return from duality and division to love and
Spread your radiance dear ones, just be, just breathe. The best is yet
to come, yes, the best is yet to come.
Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.