Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, September 9, 2020


Good Day to you bright and beautiful Beings of Light and Love, you wonderful multi dimensional Spirits, who sent your Soul to Planet Earth to save Humanity from its dark and devious entrainment.

Humanity is the pinnacle of God’s creation.  Humanity is very powerful and, in the full realization of his talents, preferences and abilities, he/she is in the process of creating a new and wondrous world.

That is what you are here for.  You are here to create the new world you are about to inhabit.  Understand the old is going.  The old is in the process of falling apart and being left behind.  And what a wonderful gift that is.

Truly, it is not surprising that life has been so difficult for you.  Every day has been a real challenge.  Every day you saw new difficulties, new constraints, more division, more separation from your brethren.

You were puzzled, you were hurting.  You could not understand, the complaints, the negative attitudes, the lack of joy, the depressive, sad and hopeless third dimensional fear attitude that you constantly encountered.

So, what happened to Humanity, what happened to God’s pinnacle creation that he was so dumbed down, so in fear, so obsequious, so servile to his controllers.

Dear Ones, Mankind has been dumbed down.  The dark forces, the deep state, the controllers have done all they can to separate Humanity from his Divine Inheritance.

His physical body has been afflicted by polluted water and poisonous food.  Natural and healthy remedies for the resultant diseases have been withheld.  Holistic techniques and restorative antidotes were strongly discouraged.  And those doctors and healers that practiced and espoused natural cures were threatened and removed.

The medical system was created solely as a money maker for the powers that be.  Expensive procedures that were damaging and murderous were put in place.  So radiation, chemotherapy, drugs with massive side effects, operations that disabled patients, all became a part of every day life.  And every day life meant another day, after another day, after another day of suffering

Man was so dumbed down, alone, lonely, diseased and divided from his brethren.  Dysfunctional ways of being and communicating were disseminated, so that Humanity could not find solace or communion with his brethren.

Unkind words, jealousy, anger, hatred and suspicion of all that did not fall into the narrow paradigm of societal understanding, were the order of the day.  Man was so enmired and enmeshed in despair and desperation.

And money, money was the source of much evil.  Money was created so that the controllers could have ultimate power and mankind feel totally lacking and helpless.

Everything that the third dimensional world valued, required money.  Yet money was withheld from the populace to the ultimate degree.  Humanity could not achieve his desires, have the education he wanted, live the life that he dreamed of, for he felt poor and lacking in all things.  His was a poverty mind set.

This earth was created for Souls to explore the dark side of life, for Souls to feel the negative emotions of fear.  And, by so doing, for Mankind to realize, deep in his very Being that he did not prefer fear.  Truly, division, loneliness, fear and deep, dark angst, were not what he wanted.

Yet, while all this was the plan of the Divine for the education of Mankind, the situation on Planet Earth had become so deep and dark that escape seemed impossible.  The dark ones, the controllers had totally taken over.

Mankind was caught in a cycle of interminable, birth, a life of misery, fear and separation and a painful death.  Mothers argued with daughters, fathers disrespected sons.  All had a contempt for each other and looked for saviors in those very controllers who had manipulated their lives into such ignominy.

This, Dear Hearts, Dear Souls, is where you came in.  You literally came in to save the world.  You came to Planet Earth, yes for the growth and ascension of your own Soul, but also to help Mankind out of his dark enmeshment.

You volunteered to come to Earth.  You are great multi dimensional beings.  The Soul, the Divine Essence of you that you sent to Earth, is only a small part of the great Being that you are.

This Earthly life is all about energy, frequency and vibration.  The Planet Earth that supported all this negativity is at a low third dimensional frequency,

This earth, this life, is a computer simulation.  We live in a hologram.  A matrix, a grid that supports low frequency thoughts, feelings and behavior that has held the planet in its sway.  Now, being the time of ascension, of awakening, this grid is being removed.

And, glory of glories, a new fifth dimensional grid that supports the frequency of love and light is being installed.  And, indeed, all the chaos and discombobulation you see around you, heralds the fall of the third dimensional fear system.

Now, our Dear Ones, it is time for you to come into your own.  You came in at a higher frequency than your Human brethren.  And, you never fitted in with their plaintive, dishonest and devious ways.

You were of a higher order, a higher vibration of love.  You too were enmeshed in the Human condition.  You lived through the challenges you had planned for yourself.  You did the work, you felt the feelings and you ascended higher and higher, you up spiraled to love.

And, you have discovered that in enlightenment there are several phases.  The care of the physical body, what you ingest, how much you exercise and quieting the mind, meditation, communing with your Soul – are very important.

Then, it is necessary to awaken to the truth of your Divinity.  Mankind cannot return home until he realizes he is Divine.  Then, in the knowing of his true nature, he turns to the love that he is.  He forgives all that has happened.

His life, as he has lived it, becomes just a story.  A story he no longer needs, or wants, to tell, for he knows it has been a tool that he has used for his enlightenment.  Therefore, there is no need for forgiveness, for nothing wrong ever happened.  How great and glorious is that.

Nothing wrong ever happened.  This experience was planned for you and by you, Divine Beings that you are.  This experience in the darkness of fear, division and negativity was designed to move you from the pain of that fear entrenchment towards the love that you really are.  And you have succeeded.

So, it is necessary to realize and claim your Divinity.  Affirm repeatedly:  “I am the love, I am the light, I am the truth, the best is yet to come.  I am Divine.  I am.”  And so, you will call your Soul into your awareness and have the knowing of who you truly are.

Then one more step is necessary, and that is the knowing of the truth of the Planet Earth journey.  Mankind must see and know the truth of his entrainment.  Mankind must see how he has been controlled, tortured and denigrated, hypnotized into negativity and division, pain and fear.

Only when the truth is seen, can the spell be broken.  And, at this time, this is the major challenge for Humanity.  The light alliance, those who are returning the world to love by removing the old painful system, are in charge now.

And they are showing the world the truth of its entrainment.  They are allowing the dark ones, who are in panic and fear, for they see Mankind escaping from their control, to show themselves in the extremes of their behavior.

Even though the dark ones see that their world is crumbling and they have lost, they cannot help but show their true nature.  So, they say and do ridiculous and laughable things and so awaken Humanity to the truth of their perfidy.

The wonderful time of awakening is at hand.  All that we have described is about to change.  And you, Dear Hearts, Dear Souls, our dear LIghtworkers, are the major source of this change.

Your lovely vision, your passion, your kind desire, your bliss is creating the new world.  What, out of your loving kindness do you want?  Go for it with enthusiasm, zest, verve and vigor.

It is you that will, with the great and wonderful radiance you shed on the world, create the new and light filled, united, health giving, life supporting environment – in which you and your brethren will live in communion, camaraderie and mutual support.

How glorious, how magnificent is your future.  Ascended beings in a physical body temple following your bliss, living in joy.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We are Blessed Beings Indeed.