Aita Channels Her Higher Self, August 25th, 2020


So, indeed, the question for today is “who has the power – the light or the dark.”  Good Day do you our Dear Lightworkers Starseeds, as always, we are very pleased to connect with you.

There is, in this complicated time, so much doubt, so much worry about who is in charge, who has the power who will win?  We are in the midst of a major battle, a major war of the light against the dark.  This is the third world war, the armageddon spoken of in the Biblical text.  The armageddon is the final battle fought between the light and the dark.

It is a war of psychological operations.  It is a war in which Humanity is fighting to release himself from the elusive ties that bind him to worshiping the dark ones.  Yes, as Man listens to untruths, as he hears and believes the lies that the media tells him, he is convinced that what he is told is the truth.

He cannot know what he does not see.  The dark ones, the powers that be have their agenda.  This is to make Humanity totally subservient to their control.  And, to reduce the human population massively by all means possible .

This agenda, this purpose of the dark ones is becoming evident to many and this is a good thing.  This is what the war is all about.  The media, the television newscasters, the newspaper reporters are, for the most part, the tools, the weapons, that the dark alliance uses.  They are paid to tell the tale of their employers, they are the minions of the dark alliance.

We say we watch the news because we have to be informed.  It is important to us to know what is going on.  But, thus we have given away our power.  For we believe all that we are told.  And we do not see the tricks that are used to convince us that truth is a lie and the lies are truth.

We do not see how images, words and events, are twisted to tell the story that our devious brethren wish us to hear.  It is a continuing saga that is, in fact, totally false.

And yet, despite all of their efforts, despite the desperate and ridiculous repetition of lie after lie, more and more of the truth of the evil deeds and the dark and devious agenda of the hidden ones is coming to the light.

This is a war of words.  Words are the weapon of the third world war. The biggest challenge is that those who get all their news from the conventional sources only hear fake words and false news.  This they take to be their truth.

No-one wants to think of themselves as stupid.  Those who are still in the third dimensional fear matrix, have little wisdom and discernment.  Their ego is their guide.  And, the ego upholds its thoughts and its understanding as the absolute truth, and defends it with indignation.

And the ego is informed by what it hears.  As it watches television and reads the news day after day, it believes everything that is said.

So, as you, our dear enlightened ones,  you who see the truth, you who see the lies that are told with dismay, as you watch the discombobulation the chaos that is all around you, you find yourself slipping into fear.

You have largely left fear behind.  You live now in a higher frequency.  You live mostly in peace and love and joy.  For you are in the process of conquering your ego.  The fog of the dream state, of the spell of the Human ego condition, is being lifted from you.

Yet you still fall back into dismay and discombobulation as you see and hear falsehoods ruling the lives of your brethren.  And you start again to fear that the light will win.  You start to believe that the light has won after all.

So we ask you, who has the power, the light or the dark?  As you slip into fear, Dear Hearts, Dear Souls, you give away your power.  Mankind is very powerful.  We, who are beyond the veil, we who are your Angels and Guides, are constantly telling you how powerful you are.

Your power of imagination, your daily visioning, creates your reality.  So when you imagine and envisage death and disaster, you are in fact creating such an outcome.

Have no fear, the light has won.  All the chaos you see is perfect for the situation at hand.  Many of the dark ones have flipped, they have converted to the light.  And, they are now doing the bidding of their new and Holy directors.

The agenda of the light alliance is to disseminate the truth, for they know the truth will set Humanity free.  When Mankind sees the truth of their enslavement, when all is revealed, then the dream state, the the spell, the spelling spread by the third dimensional entrapment, is broken.

Even the ego cannot persist in its false thinking when the lies it has been told come to the light.  Even the ego cannot hold that the perversion, the cruelty that has been waged against Humanity, is Holy and righteous.

Mankind is inherently kind and empathic.  Mankind thinks that those who are in government and in the media tell him the truth.  He cannot believe that they would behave in such a perverse and cruel manner as to uphold satanic principles and cruel perversions.  Mankind finds it hard to believe that the so called “conspiracy theories” are true.

And the message of the establishment news is that Humanity is, the cruel one.  Humanity is prejudiced, humanity is weak, humanity is sinful, these are the messages that the media tout.

So we live in fear and division from each other and thus we have given away our power.

Our power is that our thoughts create our reality.  That is also our weakness.  When we allow our thoughts to be dictated by the intrusion of false ideas from outside, we see a world where those false ideas are out pictured.

The universe rearranges itself to accommodate our reality.  That is our power.  The truth sets us free in that, when we see the truth, and think about that truth, that then out pictures as our life.  And that is then what we think about, are in joy about, and create around us.

Words, words, words are so powerful.  The words we hear become our thoughts they are the control mechanisms of our life.  Our thoughts, repeated often become our beliefs.  Our beliefs are repeated in our minds, over and over again.  And then, this World of ours, being a hologram, a matrix, our minds rearranges the picture of our life according to the thoughts we think.

That is what makes us powerful.  That is what the dark alliance fears.  They do not want mankind to awaken.  It is anathema to them that Humanity should see the truth.  For in the revealing of the truth of the dark agenda lies their destruction.

Oh Humanity, you will soon realize you are Divine.  You will soon realize that your true essence, your Soul is your power.  You are great beings indeed, who have chosen to experience what is not, that is you have chosen to experience fear.

And you have chosen to be manipulated and maneuvered by the words of the dark ones.  Now take back your power.  Break out of the mold of your enslavement and wake to the truth of your Divinity and your imagination.  It is time for your enlightenment, time for light to disperse the darkness.

In truth a lie cannot be told.  The truth, and your imagining of the truth, is your power.  You are so believing.  Never believe anything anyone says unless you have more than their words to go by.  Do your research, the computer, the internet are available to all now.  Do your research, and you will break free of the dream spell.

Since those in fear do not know to research anything, it is now the job of the light alliance to show them the truth of the disseminated lies.  Once they have an inkling of the big picture, they can put together the dots, the picture of the truth and, for the first time, have eyes to see.

Yes, Humanity, you are powerful.  And, you are Holy.  Know, despite what you hear from the false fear mongers, all is well.  You are Holy and Divine.  You volunteered to partake of this Human fear experience.

You have played your part magnificently.  You cannot fail to win.  In fact you have won.  The game is playing out to its inevitable wonderful ending.

That ending is that the fifth dimension of love matrix is being installed on Planet Earth.  You, our Dear Lightworkers, Starseeds can feel the joy.  You can feel the bliss.  You know you are being uplifted by the love energies flooding the earth day by day by day.

Do not listen to the false media and fake news whose aim is to put you back into fear.  Contemplate, envision your new and wonderful loving world, where communion, camaraderie and oneness with your brethren will reign.

And thus you make it your reality as the Universes rearranges the world around you to accommodate and reflect the world that is in your thinking and creative mind.

All is well in your world Dear Hearts for that is Divinely ordained and you are Divine.  Just be just breathe and radiate your love and light to your brethren in the new and wonderful World you are creating.

Aita Channelling Her Higher Self.  We are Blessed Beings indeed.