Love is our new reality

Aita Channels Her Higher Self, February 1st, 2021

And so we are at the beginning of February 2021, and we wait impatiently for something visible to happen.  It is hard to believe that a whole month of this new year has passed, and we are still in the old situation with our dark controllers apparently still in power.

Every week, every day we wait for some event, some big announcement, that shows us that the powers that be are being taken down.  In our community, in the lightworker internet world, many dates have been mentioned as being significant, as being important for the revelation of all that has been said and done by the dark forces.

And yet, nothing seems to happen, the days come and go with no apparent progress.  We are becoming inured to and unbelieving of any predictions or dates that are given us for pivotal change, for the visible fall of the dark cabal.

For goodness sake, we think, for goodness sake, this is the time of kali yuga the great transitional period from the darkness of the third dimensional fear paradigm, through the awakening of the fourth dimension, to the fifth dimension of clarity, love and light, the release from fear.

Why are we still waiting, why are we still feeling so alone, so alienated from our brethren?  For we lightworkers have left the third dimension behind.  We are at a different frequency from our still sleeping siblings.

We came to earth to live the hero’s journey.  The hero’s journey is a common story, shared by cultures world wide, in which characters venture into unknown and dangerous territory to retrieve something they need.

Facing conflict and adversity, the hero ultimately triumphs, before returning home transformed.

And this is the journey we are on.  We are the hero’s.  All of mankind, all of humanity are hero’s, for it is very brave, indeed, to come to earth from our blissful, angelic, heavenly existence, to experience limitation and emotion, to feel great fear.

And to do so with no memory of who and what we truly are.  It is so hard for us to accept that we are Divine, great multi dimensional beings, who exist on many different levels, many dimensions of love and light simultaneously.

We are so powerful, that we could not send the whole of our great Spirit to earth, we could only send a small part of ourselves, our Soul, here.  Our whole mighty beingness could not be contained in the small and limited vibration that is the planet earth experience.

Our Soul’s vibrational frequency is more powerful than the atomic vessel, the body that houses it, more powerful exponentially than our ego and earthly entanglements.

This earthly life, in fact the whole material realm, is based on frequencies and vibration.  We incarnate into physical bodies to experience these frequencies and vibrations.

Here on earth, each emotion we feel puts us into a frequency that reflects, in feelings, that emotion.  David Hawkins, in his book, “Power v. Force” described this on a scale he called the “Map of Consciousness.”

This scale, established by muscle testing, was from zero to one thousand.  So, shame and humiliation were the lowest, most fearful emotions, vibrating at 20.  Then going up the scale, through guilt apathy and grief, till we reach anger at 150.

Anger is an improvement to apathy, shame and guilt for anger can lead us to action.  Above anger, on this vibration scale are false pride and courage.  Courage at 200 is the pathway from fear to love.  Courage is about empowerment and affirmations.  Courage is the feeling of I can and I will for I am that I am.

Above courage we move to neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, and finally, at and above 500 love, joy, peace and at 1000 – ineffable enlightenment.

This map of consciousness is a wonderful tool for understanding what happens to us vibrationally when we fall into fearful emotions.  In essence, the emotions we feel put us into the vibration of that particular emotion.

The third dimensional fear emotions are those under 200.  We, in our earthly indoctrinated state, existed primarily in these low and painful frequencies.  Our sleeping brethren are still there.  And, filled with fearful thoughts and painful pictures of awful events, they cannot see, the glory, the wonder of a higher consciousness.

Fear colors a person so that they don’t and can’t look at or understand what’s going on.  Their thoughts are filled with their grim reality of doom and death.

They do not know, they have no idea, no glimmering of realization that their thoughts create their reality.  For it is the vibration that we are at that determines how we feel.  Change your vibration and you change your emotion and you change your life.

So, this slow and, what to us seems tedious, process of the great revelation is happening to wake up as many of our brethren as possible.

As the light alliance has often said, “where we go one we go all.”  At our Soul level we are all connected we are all one.  But we are here on earth to experience the separation and duality, the little loneliness that allows us to feel fear.

Most of the galactic races in the universe do not experience themselves as being separate from Source.  And so, as we have often said, earth is one of the most difficult planets on which to incarnate.

The consciousness of earth was created in a unique way to allow us to experience ourselves as separate.

So, how to wake up our sleeping brethren?  This long, and what seems to us, slow process of the great revelation is taking place in order that as many awaken to the truth and enlightenment as is possible.

With each day that passes, more and more is being revealed.  More and more dark actors, actors that we thought were working for the light, show their true colors.

As they think the dark has won, they allow themselves to relax.  They no longer hide behind golden words, and mellifluous lies.  The toxicity of the actions and lies is now so great that many are awakening.

More and more of our brethren are beginning to see, beginning to wonder.  The major step that still needs to be taken is the takedown of the media, the ending of main stream television.  For it is the fearful words, the repetition of the outright lies that humanity is still hearing, that are keeping him in the low frequencies of fear.

Trust the plan, dear hearts, dear Souls, trust the plan.  For it will not be long now until the media is removed.  And, you know what shock and awe our brethren will be in when that happens.

And so, in this February of 2021, we are still waiting for the great revelation for the great awakening of mankind.

We Lightworkers, Starseeds have been awakened first.  We came in at a higher frequency, this is why we have felt so alone all our lives. This is why we felt that we did not belong.

We are a bridge to help humanity move from low frequencies to high frequencies.  We are here to help our brethren, to create a chain reaction, as they access the frequency that we open up for them.  We, who are now at and above the 500 level of love, are creating a chain reaction.  We are raising the frequency of the planet.

Just be dear ones, just be, just breathe.  How often have you heard that?  And yet it is true.  Your just being here is sufficient unto the purpose.

Patience dear ones, all is happening as the Divine has decreed.  2020 was the year of turbulence and confusion.  2021 is the year of revelation.

All is well in our world for the best is yet to come, indeed, the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.