Aita Channels Her Higher Self, February 24th, 2021

It is another beautiful day in Paradise dear friends, dear brethren, if we make it so.  For, in this February of 2021 every day can be a beautiful day in Paradise.

It is the great awakening, the time of the great revelation of Mankind’s enslavement.  It is the time of his release from that enslavement.  The time when the frequencies on the earth are increasing exponentially to support the ascension of humanity out of the fear vibration.  It is the time for mankind to return to love.

In this great and wonderful computer matrix that is the planet earth hologram, mankind has been kept in the low frequencies that support negative emotions.  Earth has not been a happy place.

It has been a place where Souls enter physicality, enter human bodies, to grow themselves in light and love by experiencing the opposite of love, that is, by experiencing fear.  Fear, with all its negative emotions, with hatred and jealousy, depression and apathy, blame, and shame and guilt and many more variations of emotions around the same dark theme.

Here on earth we are tricked, tempted and  constrained by what we might call the devil, by evil,  by our corrupt narcissistic brethren, to behave in unkind and inhumane ways.

Indeed we might say that the humane has been taken out of humanity and the kind has been taken out of mankind.  Mankind is naturally kind and inherently humane.  Yet here on earth, he is trained, hypnotized and conditioned into behaving in unloving and uncaring ways.

For, most challenging of all, he has been taught not to love himself.  And he who does not love himself cannot love another.  He who thinks badly of himself can see no good in his brethren.  We can only see the world around us through the filter of our thinking.  We can only see in our brethren what we see in ourselves.

And so, we Divine Spirits, who are holy and wholly perfect, came to earth to experience negative emotions, to live in the darkness and shadows of the black feelings that are not available in the heavenly realm.

For the shadow and the dark are essential in creating a texture against which we define the light within ourselves.  How can we know the depth and the wonder of our loving nature, unless we explore the depths and darkness of imaginable depravity.

And so the earthly schoolroom was set up for Souls.  Mankind as represented by Adam and Eve came to earth.  And Eve ate of the apple, Eve ate of the tree of good and evil.  The apple represents our galactic reptilian brethren.  Eve was beguiled by them who were the devil and thereby her son Cain was born.

But Eve was also beguiled by her husband, Adam and so Abel, the son of Adam, and Cain’s twin brother, was born.  This is the parable the bible uses to describe the fall of mankind.  And so, in Cain, our shadow government, the illuminati were born.  And Abel, the son of Adam and Eve, was the progenitor of mankind.

And as the children of Cain were of a different genus, a different resonance, they marched to a different drummer.  They had no heart, no capacity for agape love or compassion.  They were to play the part of the devil, the evil that was out to corrupt mankind in Soul and body.

And so planet earth became a playground for the war between the descendants of Cain, and the descendants of Abel, between fear and love.

The descendants of Cain were devilishly crafty.  They fed off man’s fear.  Our fear was their joy.  They were as cats playing with mice, as lab technicians directing rats through a maze.  And we humans, the descendants of Abel, born of mankind, we humans are those rats, those manipulated and maneuvered, programmed human beings.

And how was this done, how did they manipulate and maneuver mankind into fear and degradation, humility and shame?  They separated our intuition from our intellect.  They taught us to cut ourselves off from our Divine connection and live in the realm of science and intellect.

Intellect is our faculty of conceptual understanding and judging.  The intellect is a way of knowing that comes from thinking.  The intellect uses science, practicality, and logic to navigate the world.

Science can be defined as the intellectual and systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical.  And so, humanity became mortal.  They could no longer see beyond this finite realm, beyond the structure of their physicality.

And since they could not practice science themselves, they looked to those who did to show them their reality.  And so the politicians the monarchs, the aristocracy, who were minions of the descendants of Cain, were more than happy to teach the narrative of the dark reality they wanted mankind to adopt.

Science is, in reality, a conjectural art.  More often than not it is speculative and based on the conjecture of the experimenters.  It has been shown that the experimenter, by his expectation, influences the outcome of the experiment.  And science has been twisted and turned to serve the desired narrative. Yet man has been taught to worship science.

And so, the controllers were able to, scientifically, define who mankind was.  And mankind accepted what he was told and looked outside of himself, to his betters, to those that he thought were wiser, for his salvation.

A wise man said, if an egg is broken by an outside force life ends.  If an egg is broken by an inside force, life begins.  Mankind was thus broken by an outside force, by science, by logic, by believing what he was told about himself.

Intuition has been defined as a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.  Intuition is a way of knowing that comes from feeling, rather than the intellectual way of knowing that comes from thinking.

Intuition is our God given ability to understand our world immediately and without the need for conscious reasoning.  And in our earthly entrainment we have been cut off from this ability.

We needed to be cut off from our Source, or we would never have acted our part on the human stage.  Knowing we were Divine, with our connection to Source intact, we would have laughed at the challenges, the provocations that were thrown our way.

And so, the teachings of the children of Cain changed our reality.  No longer did Divinity define us, our mortality took over and we became the story that our physicality could perceive as possible for us.

Our intuition, the voice of the Divine became silent.  For it could not be accessed as the space was filled with intellectual reasoning and contradictory speculation, worry and concern.

And this was the low frequency in which we lived.  From here we could not access our Divinity, we could not hear the voice of our intuition, we could no longer use our gut feel.

Both intellect and intuition are core forms of human intelligence.  Balance is the key.  With intellect alone we are at the mercy of those around us, with only our thinking minds we are mortal indeed.

It is the voice of our Soul within, the voice of our intuition, the voice of our Divine nature that is our Salvation.  For with that voice comes love and with that love, comes wisdom, discernment, compassion, joy, peace and gratitude as an integral part of love.

And, with this great awakening, we are ascending into higher frequencies.  Frequencies where fear and dark emotions are no longer possible.

It is in dropping our emotions, dropping our human narrative, emptying our minds of conjectural, worrying thinking, that we can access the voice of the Divine.  When our minds are quiet, when our intellect is stilled, we hear our Spirit, we channel the words of God.

We are all channelers.  We all have the same capacity, the same capability.  It is a matter of revealing our True Self to ourself.   And, for those who have completed their planet earth journey, who have learned all they came here to learn, and have integrated their intellect and intuition, it is time for beautiful days in Paradise.

For with intuition, with Gods agape, unconditional love flowing through us and all cares and worries removed, we balance our intellect.  And now intellect and intuition work together.  In fact our intellect, our thinking, gives our intuition the information to wisely and discerningly make decisions.

And so we move into an upspiral of love.  And we see our physical, mortal world with our intuition as the perfect schoolroom it is.

And leaving this schoolroom behind and moving into the realm of Spirit, moving into the realm of peace and joy and gratitude, the best is yet to come dear friends.  Yes, the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.