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Albert Einstein via Erena Velazquez, March 30th, 2021

Hello Dear Ones,

I am Albert Einstein, and I am excited to be here today.

I am a “mad scientist‘, my hair represented my personality, who loves mathematics and physics. As you know from my lifework that I developed the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. I was not fully satisfied with my results for the quantum physics, I really didn’t have a chance to finish my studies there.

I enjoyed my work very much and I loved every second of it. I wish I could be on Earth for a much longer time. I am very happy that I can come today and speak to all of you through this channel. I lived for 76 years of a human life, which is very good for a scientist like me, who was very passionate about his work and life too. I always viewed myself as an average guy, who was just a little bit smarter.

I happen to live during the times, when the Nazis came to power and planned to eliminate first the Jewish people, and then enslave the rest of humanity. I was fortune to avoid my assassination, I was blessed to escape from the Nazis 3rd Reich. As a Jewish born, I was not welcomed in my native Germany as soon as Adolf Hitler became the chancellor of the Nazis.

This scenario of your world, where the Dark Forces are trying to force the New World Order on you by first creating a pandemic, and then pretending to rescue you with their ‘’amazing vaccines’’, some people got seizures or even died from it already.

Somehow the picture keeps repeating itself, when I was in my physical body, the ones in charge, who were suppose to care for the world, were pushing their negative agenda by sponsoring Hitler with money and technology to start World War II. My only regret I have is that I signed the letter to President Roosevelt asking him to develop the nuclear bomb before the Nazis do it, which initiated the Manhattan Project. This project produced the first nuclear weapons.

What everyone experiencing right now around the globe is a war between Light and Darkness, so you need to stand up for yourself and oppose everything, what doesn’t feel right for you. Please, think for a minute and evaluate your life in the last year, how much it changed for the worse, you lost so much of your freedoms like to make basic choices in your life.

No matter what you are seeing right now in front of your eyes on Mother Earth, in the end you are going to be a winner, because I am reminding to the human beings that all of you carry Light inside of your soul, and the Light is going to defeat the Darkness just like the Nazis 3rd Reich was defeated during my lifetime.

As soon as the New Era starts, which will happen when there are going to be no more Negative Entities on Earth, all of the hidden technologies are going to be released to everyone especially the healing devices that the people desperately need to heal themselves and their loved ones. Many goods things are coming to this planet, please, never lose hope and have trust that victory of the Light is coming.

Do you think the big container ship which was stuck in Suez Canal was just a coincidental event? No, it was not. As usual, it was the Dark agenda by the Negative Ones, who wanted to make the world economies to struggle more or collapse completely. If I use my favorite math and calculate the end result, it shows that is another unsuccessful desperate attempt by the Dark Ones trying to jeopardize economic stability around the world.

Knowing physics can be very helpful in a daily life, because it gives you a prospective from a different angle like being connected with the Universal Knowledge, which gives you all of the answers you are seeking for. I was blessed being a genius as all of my knowledge came from being linked to the Universe.

Some scientists could not comprehend my talents, so after my departure Thomas Stoltz Harvey removed my brain without my family consent to study, why I was so smart. I was not happy he did that to my body. I have news for everyone, we all can be very intelligent, if we open and allow ourselves to connect to the Universal Consciousness. Please, remember this simple truth, and the whole world is going to open up to you.

I am originally from the Builders Civilization, when I came to Earth all of my memories were wipe out. Right now, I am working as a scientist with the Galactic Federation trying to help you with your Ascension Process. I want to see humanity free and happy again.

I am Albert Einstein and I am thrilled to be able to communicate with all of you today, it was my pleasure and honor. I am looking forward to the expansion and growth of the humankind. Thank you.

Be Vigilant And Do Your Own Research To Learn The Real Truth
Albert Einstein