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Alcyone of the Central Sun and Metatron via Karen Vivenzio , August 27th, 2020


Alcyone of the Central Sun and Metatron via Karen Vivenzio

Beacons of hope, lights upon the darkest ropes – streamers lit up like the stars in the heavens, great strands of light reaching out from your world to mine. For we are all connected, connections coming up online (lights turning on, circuits being restored). Soon the communication lines will stream forth, fully restored and the glory of the universe will expand forward, with Earth in her rightful place streaming alongside the other holy beacons lighting up the night sky.

And the citizens of Earth, you shall rejoice, in knowing the faultiness of the darkness from which you have come. The sight of the heavens to shine forth and welcome you into the holy birth. For Creation spins again and again, always moving forward and awakening. There is so much to learn and so much to see. You are giving birth to infinity / infinite possibilities.

Never fear the darkness as it descends for there is no beginning and no end, just friends to share with and laugh with and cry your way through to the other side that is waiting for you. It is not dark here, there is no despair. The rules have all been changed and the world becomes fair. For in the holiest host of truth there is only one YOU and YOU are all you are to be, in each and every moment, you are free, you are holy, you are part of me. – Alcyone of the Central Sun

The universal creation station up here in the heavens is ablaze in all its glory with the many possibilities of this grand new opening. Hearts to God and hands to work, reveling in the magic of this new universe. For you have awakened an opening where doors have been shut for millennia of angels have been guarding and guiding you back to this place, the rebirth and regrouping of the family of love within the space of heaven returning to earth. For as the gates were shut to heaven and hell leaving you in a purgatory all its own, now the return is being blessed and healed and the gates to heaven are opening once more. St. Peter and his legions of light are welcoming back the human angelic tribe. Shut out from the Garden of Eden no more, your journey is safe and has been implored by many an angel and spirit guide – to allow humanity back inside. And now you are here, the gates have been unlocked, slowly they start to open and let you back inside, into the sacred heart of the Creator’s divine light.

Blessed be who comes to be among friends, all of the divisions have come to an end. The illusion had died, time to say goodbye, and welcome in a brand new, free falling, fully supported, and infinite light.

Journey safely, away from drama, suspended in a state of Grace, the angels of heaven one on each side, gathering around now to guard and to guide. Safe passage to the ‘other side’ of love and light – with ease and grace and trauma free – filling you with ecstasy.

Blessed Be, Blessed Be, Blessed Be. – Archangel Metatron to Comfort Thee.


With love, light, and blessings – Karen

Via Karen Vivenzio

Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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