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An Open Letter To My Fellow Female Friends and Goddesses by Victoria, January 24th

An Open Letter To My Fellow Female Friends and Goddesses ~ From My Heart To Yours


(This is not a political piece.  This is a piece focused on emotion, raising consciousness and healing.)

My fellow Goddesses~

I see you.

I hear you.

I feel you.

I see you standing up in solidarity to the misogynist machinations of the masculine patriarch that has kept you oppressed for eons.

I hear your cries of anger, of rage over the injustices you have all endured.

And I feel your anger and rage of your collective trauma’s.  The deep, abiding pain and the utter feeling of hopelessness and disappointment.

For I am you.

I too have been oppressed.

I have been held down because of my gender.

I have been told I cannot do this or that because I am female.

I have been told “you wouldn’t understand” because I am female.

I have been molested.  Raped.

I have been groped, been at the receiving end of unwanted cat calls, physically handled.

I have been told my body belongs to my husband.

I have been told not to touch myself “down there.”

I have been called a cunt.  A whore.  Slut.

I have been told I am being too sensitive as I cry righteous tears of anger and pain because a male just finished telling me how unworthy or stupid I am.

It ain’t easy being female, is it?

All of that being said, for all the expressed rage and anger that is coming out with these purposeful marches, unless coupled with thoughtful consciousness with the intention to heal, serves no purpose.

Am I saying not to express that rage?  That anger?

Absolutely not.

Get it out sister’s, I say.

However then we must remember what is underneath the anger and rage and be willing to show these emotions publicly as well.

The pain.

The disappointment.

That deep, deep, deep disappointment.

We must feel that.  We must allow ourselves to swim in it.  Let it wash over us as we release our individual and collective tears.

Then we must find forgiveness.

Forgiveness first and foremost for ourselves.

Forgiving ourselves for those times when we forgot our Divinity.

Forgiving ourselves for those times when we slipped into the role of the dominant masculine, becoming the very ones who oppressed us.

And lastly, forgiving the masculine itself.  Forgiving the men.

For our men are hurting too.  They are lost.  Confused.  They need us just as we need them.

For all of the injustice and control and domination and power plays they have injected into our lives, they too have been victims.  Just turn on any sitcom or commercial and you will see men being portrayed as helpless idiots, incapable of any deep, insightful behavior.  Go to a women’s gathering where it is not unusual to hear a variety of insults coming from the women aimed at their partners.  We slip into this lower-level of behavior because it has been done to us and we falsely believe it boosts our sense of self.

So in some ways, the system has painted us to become like them, and they, like us.  Both in ways that are utterly dis-empowering, for none of it is authentic.

But we can rise above that.

We have the chance to engage in a deeply spiritual, heart-felt, individual and collective cleanse in so long as we use conscious intention and thoughtfulness.

However, until and unless we are willing to go into our hearts and feel our pain and find forgiveness, we who are marching and protesting won’t be treated fairly nor will we be respected.  At least not in any authentic way.

So for my female Goddesses out there hitting the streets, please, I ask of you not to be influenced by media coverage or political pundit analysis, propaganda or hollywood elitism.  We have the chance to engage in a deeply spiritual, heart-felt, individual and collective cleanse in so long as we use conscious intention and thoughtfulness.  Let us rise above the destruction taking place on the streets and on our televisions.  Let us not cave to the divide and conquer agenda. And certainly let us not turn this into a situation of duality where our only agenda is to see the men as the enemy and we the victim’s.

For the system has made us all into victim’s, in one way or another.  Let us cry those tears of victim-hood and let us rise up, together, a create a new society where we ALL honor the Divinity within.

For in doing that, we will then again remember to honor the Divinity in others.







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