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“Harakiri” – Geopolitical/GCR/RV Overview – 20:00 EDT – Thursday – January 26, 2017

“Harakiri” – Geopolitical/GCR/RV Overview – 20:00 EDT – Thursday – January 26, 2017


” There are only two forces in the world, the sword and the spirit. In the long run the sword will always be conquered by the spirit.”

— Napoleon Bonaparte


Aloha CC,

Where, oh, where can we be now Kahu Yosef?  So close but yet so far?  I would faint if I wasn’t already passed out with the despair.

Oh, suck it up buttercup.  The universe does not care how you feel.  Know that whatever you vibrate today creates your tomorrow.   Piss and moan today and it despair will continue to rain down on you tomorrow.  So cheer up.  There’s a lot of light at the end of the tunnel.  Stay upright a little longer and you’ll make it to the end of RV saga, conscious of what’s really going on in the world and very much alive, all be it barely for some.  You’re awake and still kicking… which is more than I can say for most all other human beings on this planet.

But back to the point…

No more excuses!  No more delays!  No more explanations!  No more windows!  No more calls!  No more updates!  No more back walls!  No more Reno/SKR/Group/Non Group crappola!  No more “the Admiral did this” or “Grandfather did that” utter rubbish!  Enough with the White Hats and Dark Nobles thumb wrestling in stargates gibberish!

Give to me something real, whatever that is or looks like.  Let me accept or deny it’s severity.  Let me live or die with the answer.  That’s just old fashioned Kung Fu Movie Harakiri 101… let me be the master of my own fate grasshopper… allow me to be the maker of my own destiny….

Well, I asked that exact question earlier this week to a three letter agency source of mine, as to why he felt we were not through the RV process yet, and where the real rub lied in terms of conversation.  And here’s the podcast/link I got back …. make of the information what you will…


Now after some careful thought, I deduced that Israel could be the hold up for the RV.   Specifically Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s exit from power, as well as his blood cousin Angel Merkel of Germany.

Because when you think about how AIPAC/Mossad has long controlled our Congress through any means necessary–specifically the US Senate–and now how major controversy is swirling around Netanyahu’s survival politically, plus the call for a new capital in the Old City of East Jerusalem, increased settlement approvals in obvious defiance of the UN Security Council vote (and Obama Administration abstention vote plus 221M in new aid to the Palestinian Authority on his way out), and a possible American Embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem…  there seems to be an awful lot of Zionist activity that screams the OPTB just won’t willingly give up power until the last possible second.

Bibi Netanyahu is a war criminal, no two ways about that, so his demise is certain, but when?  How?  Is there amnesty?  Can he do a currency exchange?   We can see he’s being legally removed from power even as we speak inside the Israeli Knesset… maybe he’s squeezing back through the US Congress?

We know Mossad has incriminating evidence against several if not all the senior US Senators, especially those on the new administration’s cabinet confirmation panels.   No wonder Trump’s nominations are being held up by Jewish or Pro-Israel Senators.

We know our exchange center banking mechanism here in the restored Republic is complete.  We know this.  And we know the actual 800#s are right now with senior level bankers and bank board members, but cold (not activated), just awaiting release activation codes to then give out freely to clients and the public at large.

We also know the back of the house technical architecture with respect to call centers has long been complete, tested, and humming like a bird on meth.  Yet, the 800# system is not at this hour hot (activated) and just waiting final release codes to be warmed up (FYI: Deactivating these 800#s from the back of the house is also how the NPTB will turn off the 800#s when the initial rush of redemption appointments are made and call volume dies down–genius!).

We know the second number they call center gives you depend on which currencies you hold, and it will also serve as a personal identification number throughout your entire redemption process.  Meaning, just like a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) the NPTB can trace when you called (in terms of appointment set in the overall process), where you called from, what currencies your redeeming, where you will be redeeming them… all by the last six numbers of the second phone/personal identification number they give you.

We are told they are confident they only need 48 hours to process 85% of all currency holders, and 12 hours to process all ZIM holders (if they all called at the same time).

Pretty slick, right?  Whoa, wait a frickking coconut, Brah.  Best stick with the facts while you’re giving them out, Haole Jack!  This is the good teriyaki marinade… sweet like Auntie’s Azeka’s homemade from Kihei.  Serve up more select BBQ and lava beans, Brah!

OK, President Trump today toured an exchange center today in Philadelphia as is chomping at the bit to release the RV.  After all, he’ll be the one taking all the credit for America’s big financial and business turnaround.  Poor Obama.

Also, the Chinese are slow playing the RV peace negotiations between Palestine & Syria with hard core Khzarian governments like  Germany (Merkel) and Israel (Netanyahu).  Thankfully, the USA is out of those negotiations.  General Dunsford and General “Mad Dog” Mattis made sure of that Saturday when they bombed like half of Syria and a third of Iraq.  Trump (Chinese & Russians) have finally given US commanding forces the green light to eradicate the “Radical Islamic Terrorist” problem once and for all.

Now must the US/Israel/Germany/Palestinian/Syria/Iraq harakiri sword really go that deep before we get our 800# call center release codes?  I believe so, yes.  Hey you wanted the cold hard truth.

Remember, this is a global currency reset which means all 209 nations must proceed in peace together, simultaneously.  Not 205 nations running in the light with a handful of stragglers left behind who will gather the courage and the rest of us later.  All go or none go.

Now with that said, we believe the Chinese New Year, which begins at 12:00:01 pm EDT Friday afternoon, is the actual front wall for our new GCR/RV beginnings (which is also the exact time the earth leaves Mercury Retrograde’s post-shadow completely).

And historically in Asia, they like to get all old business off the books before starting new contracts.

Wait, here’s some more hard truth… with regards to the relevance of being in a ZIM group, the sad reality is there is no advantage to being in a group if you hold ZIM.  In fact, there’s big negative associated to it.

You see all the early ZIM, VND or IQD groups were either just a cheap way of in-taking a lot of currency off the streets for Chinese Elders, or a complete scam.  Actually, the individual currency holder sits in the best possible position when the RV is released, because they have complete autonomy, can exchange at sovereign rates (highest rates) and don’t have to wait for paymasters to perform (and/or refresh any bank paperwork).  So anyone involved in an early group or thinking about getting involved with a late group, you’re either going to have to wait to get paid a much lower rate or be shit out of luck less your currency.  Neither scenario is optimal IMO, but 100% your call boss.

Final thought: Saturday morning marks the start of the 2017 New Year in China (Year of the Fire Rooster).  But since China is 13 hours ahead of NYC, it might be wise to remain alert on the blogs anytime after lunch Friday (more likely after the markets close at 4pm EDT) here in the USA and then through the weekend, especially later Saturday night 8pm-2am when all the banks and markets are closed worldwide.

God is with us.