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Anatoli – An Ascended Master from Russia via Beatrice Madsen, February 11, 2019

Anatoli – An Ascended Master from Russia

February 11, 2019

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


Russia is now being prepared for its next period of Greatness. Siberia has laid in fallow, but will eventually blossom. Ah, she is so beautiful my Russia with her clean lakes and wide and deep forests. My heart rejoices over her innocence and purity and the life she will bring forth. She will bring forth the song of the New Era for humans. She will bring forth pristine human from her womb and nothing can stop her. She is protected by Mother Earth her self and refused to be cowed by those who want to plunder and rape her of her treasures and riches.

I laugh because this is true. They might think they can do it and they are sadly threatened by her, my Russian mother, but she is strong my Mother – so incredibly strong.

A bridge is being built now from the American continent to the Scandinavian and Baltic and Russian one. It is spiritual bridge – imagine a rainbow. By passing across the bridge the energies are washed and cleaned exactly as they should when they pass to the strong heart chakra and our new spiritual birth.

Many old, wise and great spiritual souls who once acted on the American steps are now reborn in Mother Russia. You called Indians and they were murdered in the most brutal way once upon a time. Now they are coming back and they will act for the healing of Mother Earth, on the other side of the globe. They are such wise and old souls that they are not afraid of anything. They will not get lost in material things. They will see through all intentions. They just have a great mission to heal Mother Earth and to give her back the respect and love that she deserves. They are formidable in their strength and have a very strong heart chakra that is in harmony with the Great Mother. They come back in clans, hordes and in plurality. They appreciate the diversity on Earth and they do not give up.

They are wise masters in handling the resources of Mother Earth in a humble and spiritual way. They will act as teachers, healers and construction workers.

The time of Babylon is gone, even if we can see their last bells ringing.

The new Indians will function as midwifes to our dear Earth. They if any can help her to be reborn and they are reborn in her. The tuning fork of Mother Earth is now coming the East and the vibrations from the higher tones challenge and take space and push aside the Babylonian vibrations.

See, you human on our, the new star shines clearly in the East. Where you are you contribute with your stardust and prepare the way for the new land.





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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