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Anchoring Gratitude | Matt Kahn, December 21st, 2021

Anchoring Gratitude | Matt Kahn

During this holiday season and beyond, the practice of anchoring gratitude assists you in moving further throughout your journey. Simply because each moment of gratitude reminds you of the light already within you — a light that your ego doesn’t have to compete with, judge, fear, or work hard to impersonate. Since a 5D path of evolution is less centered in how much has been cleared and more rooted in how often you recognize the light of divinity in yourself and others, here are my 5 simple ways to anchor gratitude for the highest good of all:

1. Gratitude For Yourself — Whether it’s a daily practice of thanking your bones, tissue, and organs, or just a more deliberate sense of appreciation for the physical body you inhabit, by bringing more gratitude to your body and its many incredible functions, a message is sent to all circuits of connection to function at an even higher level of miraculous precision. This means, instead of waiting for your body to act in a way you’d more appreciate, you take time to appreciate the body as a way of encouraging it to amplify its functioning. Since the more you appreciate your body, the more your body wants to function more miraculously to please you, which is why the anchoring of gratitude remains one of the most potent healing modalities in 5D consciousness.

2. Gratitude For Others — Since your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between you and others, the time spent appreciating others registers in your subconscious as an experience of being appreciated by others. Especially in regards to those who have the things or experiences you desire having in your life. By appreciating the joys of others, you signal to the Universe a depth of worthiness to deliver greater joy to you. Through the anchoring of gratitude, may any sense of comparison or resentment be eased by opportunities to be thankful and grateful for all the blessings entering each person’s life — whether your ego believes they deserve them or not.

3. Gratitude For The Past — Perhaps each difficulty, frustration, momentary setback or perceivable adversity is a chance to reflect on the harsh lives of our ancestors, who in many cases endured and struggled the grit of rugged terrain to pave the way for each of us to explore a journey of modern day life. Even just asking yourself, “Whose life is or was far more difficult than mine, so I can cultivate empathy for others and gratitude for their journeys as a way to uplift myself?” May we thank our ancestral lineages for all that we have as a result of so many sacrifices and hardships endured by those who came before us.

4. Gratitude for Humanity — Even if the world you see in view leaves you not much to appreciate, the key is seeing the chaos, confusion, greed, and fear as the clearing of the old patterning, and as a way of making room for the opposite vibrational counterpart. This means chaos can be seen as clearing space for greater peace to dawn, confusion foreshadows the arrival of deeper clarity, while greed and fear give rise to a new paradigm of integrity and empowerment. What if instead of judging how things appear, we embrace them as an opportunity to be grateful for all the new energies and realities our planet is making room for by healing at such a rapid pace?

5. Gratitude For Breath — No matter which thought comes, or which feelings go, each and every breath reminds you of the Universe always alive within you and guiding you — no matter how daunting things seem or how lonely you may feel. Imagine each breath was a chance to say thank you; a thank you emanating from the depths of Source within you and simultaneously sent to all creations of Source in the moment ‘thank you’ is expressed. On an even deeper level, what if the breath is how Source says thank you for the incredible honor to live, breathe, grow, and expand as the living miracle known as you. Perhaps each breath is a chance to know yourself as the living reality within all — just by merging into the eternal waves of ‘thank you’ each inhale and exhale conveys.

May these 5 simple ways of anchoring gratitude help reveal the Empowered Empath you are ready to awaken — as a gift for yourself, your loved ones, and the awakening world in view.

With the utmost gratitude for you and all the light you shine, please enjoy this heartwarming newsletter that reminds you how deeply you are loved, seen, acknowledged and cherished, just as you are right now.

All For Love,