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Matt Kahn (spiritual writer and teacher)

It’s Going to be ok | Matt Kahn, July 26th, 2022

It’s Going to be ok | Matt Kahn

I greet you on this most beautiful day to let you know, it’s going to be okay.

All of it. Even if you haven’t a clue where things are headed or how good can possibly come out of the way things appear, I assure you, with love as our guide – it’s all a gateway into greater realities.

In fact, everything is unfolding so precisely according to the Divine plan, it’s even okay to have feelings you may be too afraid to face.

When you are afraid to face your feelings, it just means you are apprehensive about being overwhelmed by emotions that are difficult to feel. Maybe such feelings remind you of moments in life when there was hardship, heartache, neglect, confusion, cruelty, betrayal, or even abandonment?

Life is so inherently flawless, even when emotions get suppressed, the Universe gently moves you one step closer to cultivating the strength and courage to face your feelings directly.

This is why experiences repeat. We all get it perfect in the end.

My purpose is to support and lovingly guide you through the process — every step of the way. No instinct you have is ever wrong, if it’s right for you right now.

Welcome home beloved one. You are safe here just as you are.

All for Love,


Anchoring Gratitude | Matt Kahn, December 21st, 2021

Anchoring Gratitude | Matt Kahn

During this holiday season and beyond, the practice of anchoring gratitude assists you in moving further throughout your journey. Simply because each moment of gratitude reminds you of the light already within you — a light that your ego doesn’t have to compete with, judge, fear, or work hard to impersonate. Since a 5D path of evolution is less centered in how much has been cleared and more rooted in how often you recognize the light of divinity in yourself and others, here are my 5 simple ways to anchor gratitude for the highest good of all:

1. Gratitude For Yourself — Whether it’s a daily practice of thanking your bones, tissue, and organs, or just a more deliberate sense of appreciation for the physical body you inhabit, by bringing more gratitude to your body and its many incredible functions, a message is sent to all circuits of connection to function at an even higher level of miraculous precision. This means, instead of waiting for your body to act in a way you’d more appreciate, you take time to appreciate the body as a way of encouraging it to amplify its functioning. Since the more you appreciate your body, the more your body wants to function more miraculously to please you, which is why the anchoring of gratitude remains one of the most potent healing modalities in 5D consciousness.

2. Gratitude For Others — Since your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between you and others, the time spent appreciating others registers in your subconscious as an experience of being appreciated by others. Especially in regards to those who have the things or experiences you desire having in your life. By appreciating the joys of others, you signal to the Universe a depth of worthiness to deliver greater joy to you. Through the anchoring of gratitude, may any sense of comparison or resentment be eased by opportunities to be thankful and grateful for all the blessings entering each person’s life — whether your ego believes they deserve them or not.

3. Gratitude For The Past — Perhaps each difficulty, frustration, momentary setback or perceivable adversity is a chance to reflect on the harsh lives of our ancestors, who in many cases endured and struggled the grit of rugged terrain to pave the way for each of us to explore a journey of modern day life. Even just asking yourself, “Whose life is or was far more difficult than mine, so I can cultivate empathy for others and gratitude for their journeys as a way to uplift myself?” May we thank our ancestral lineages for all that we have as a result of so many sacrifices and hardships endured by those who came before us.

4. Gratitude for Humanity — Even if the world you see in view leaves you not much to appreciate, the key is seeing the chaos, confusion, greed, and fear as the clearing of the old patterning, and as a way of making room for the opposite vibrational counterpart. This means chaos can be seen as clearing space for greater peace to dawn, confusion foreshadows the arrival of deeper clarity, while greed and fear give rise to a new paradigm of integrity and empowerment. What if instead of judging how things appear, we embrace them as an opportunity to be grateful for all the new energies and realities our planet is making room for by healing at such a rapid pace?

5. Gratitude For Breath — No matter which thought comes, or which feelings go, each and every breath reminds you of the Universe always alive within you and guiding you — no matter how daunting things seem or how lonely you may feel. Imagine each breath was a chance to say thank you; a thank you emanating from the depths of Source within you and simultaneously sent to all creations of Source in the moment ‘thank you’ is expressed. On an even deeper level, what if the breath is how Source says thank you for the incredible honor to live, breathe, grow, and expand as the living miracle known as you. Perhaps each breath is a chance to know yourself as the living reality within all — just by merging into the eternal waves of ‘thank you’ each inhale and exhale conveys.

May these 5 simple ways of anchoring gratitude help reveal the Empowered Empath you are ready to awaken — as a gift for yourself, your loved ones, and the awakening world in view.

With the utmost gratitude for you and all the light you shine, please enjoy this heartwarming newsletter that reminds you how deeply you are loved, seen, acknowledged and cherished, just as you are right now.

All For Love,


Matt Kahn: The Truth About Resistance, July 20, 2020

Matt Kahn: The Truth About Resistance

by Matt Kahn

Absolutely nothing occurs in your reality as a result of resistance. What many perceive as a resistance to change is a process of gaining necessary amounts of experience to transform “I don’t know what to do” into “I’ve been here before and my familiarity allows me to trust the process I am in.”

This is why everything happens exactly as it does: to provide you with the gift of experience, allowing you to inevitably feel so safe throughout the churning waves of change that you are able to be fully aware through each up, down, gain, and loss so that you can receive the wisdom each outcome or encounter is bringing to your attention. 

Many have imagined, “if I can hurry up and be fully aware of the wisdom being shown to me, or learn this lesson as quickly as possible, I wouldn’t have to feel this way anymore.” Can you see the pure innocence in that notion? We’re merely turning a tendency of blame onto ourselves, whenever discomfort is interpreted as a punishment, instead of an indication of a fierce reward of experiences gained.

The mantra of this depth of victimhood is “if only this happened, I would be so much better off right now.” When the very thing not happening continues not to happen, it is common to conclude that something must be ‘wrong’ with you. Not even this indicates resistance to anything whatsoever; you’re not resisting the wisdom life is preparing you to receive. It just simply isn’t time for the insights or opportunities you sense are coming. 

Like seeds being nurtured once planted in place, everything growing within you needs time to mature as a result of whatever degree of circumstances come your way. If you tried to teach multiplication to a new-born baby, the baby wouldn’t grasp the depth of the subject matter. Not because of resistance, but because it hasn’t yet gained enough experience to know the language and all it will surely convey in a journey of growth and expansion.

When you realize that resistance is never a reason for why things are the way they are, you are able to humbly bow to one of your fiercest teachers and allies, which is the dimension of time. The experience of those who authentically have experienced time disappearing, or even sensing time having no tangible existence is due to the depth of experience gained throughout a threshold of time.

No matter why you think things come and go as they do, it is the consciousness of your highest self masquerading as spans of time that ensure you gain the necessary depth of experiences required in order to see what only you are meant to see, at exactly the point you are meant to see it. Does someone die because they resisted life? Not at all. They crossed over at the exact moment they gained every moment of experience needed to move on to the next level of expansion.

Does someone struggling through life have a harder path because of resistance? No such thing. They are simply making the same pattern of choices, as self-defeating as it may seem, until a depth of experience instills in them enough mindfulness, awareness, and self-reflection to be able to make more empowered courageous choices moving forward.

Does anyone feel fear because of something being resisted? Nope. Fear is the sensation of your nervous system feeling unsafe in unknown realities, which is exactly why the gift of experience comes to escort you beyond the threshold of doubt, denial, and indecision.

And perhaps, the reason why so many people can’t seem to overcome the resistance they feel is because: you can’t overcome a resistance that doesn’t exist. You are not resisting anything. You are gaining life skills of infinite degrees of self-awareness. Once instilled with the experiences you are being given, each sensation of shutting down reverses its gravitational hold to become the blossoming grace of opening up. 

Resistance is merely a way evolving spiritual beings have been trained to admonish themselves and others by interpreting life’s journey from a rigid scholastic view of reward or punishment: if it feels good, it must be some sort of reward. 

If it feels like a reward, I guess I did something right. If it doesn’t feel like a reward, it could only be a punishment. If it feels like a punishment, there must have been something I did wrong to bring this upon myself. This subconscious deduction is the silent language of abuse. Even when projected upon you by others, resistance to change is not causing this behavior.

Whether others are abusing you, you are abusing others, or even if you are abusing yourself, such behavior indicates a lack of experience as the source of human suffering. This is why we forgive…not as a form of forgetting or pretending everything is okay, but asking the Universe to bless those who hurt so deeply they project their pain inward or outward, so the gift of experience can transform the way they think, perceive, respond, and choose.

In the heart of forgiveness, we thank the Universe for giving us exactly the combinations of experiences needed to become an even more incredible expression of our highest potential. While imagination may envision ways it could have been easier, if only you or anyone else were somehow different, in the end you will see that in order to be who you were born to become — life couldn’t have happened any other way.

May this wisdom allow you to, first and foremost, be easy with yourself as you undergo the process of gaining the experiences your innocence requires. As being kind to yourself becomes more familiar instead of foreign, you will be able to be more compassionate with others, without being an emotional doormat for anyone to wipe their feet on. 

Even when the mistreatment of your heart reminds you of boundaries you need to create, the reactions of others shows you their lack of experience of being alone, which causes them to feel rejected by your boundaries instead of grateful for the choices that, if supporting your well-being, can only support their evolving maturity as well.

Bless the heart of any being who, when holding space for you or others, projects an assumption of resistance onto experiences that are not ready to shift. It simply reveals someone else’s lack of experience being triggered by the sacred process you are in. It cannot be rushed, fast-tracked, negotiated, or outrun. It can only be faced, as openly as you are capable of being– knowing you will surely be more open than ever before, just as soon as the gift of experience is done shaping you into the masterpiece of life’s highest vision.

All For Love,

Matt Kahn


Matt Kahn: Energy Update | May 12, 2020

Matt Kahn: Energy Update | May 12, 2020


Via email.

As a continuation from last week’s energy update, I bring you some fresh downloads from the Universe to help you understand the Ascension process on a deeper level.

Whether noticed on a collective or individual level, the Ascension process is comprised of three main facets: transformation, transmutation, and activation.

Transformation refers to the process of evolution occurring within the relationship between your perception of life and the environment in view. This means nothing occurs by chance and everything has been orchestrated by the highest intelligence within you. It’s an intelligence that is always present but never something the ego can tangibly name, grip, coerce, or control.

Transformation is a word ensuring you that while everything changes, it can only change you for the better, even if the ‘better you’ it inspires has yet to be seen. In order for the evolutionary growth and expansion of transformation to occur, there must be oscillating periods of transmutation and activation.

Transmutation is the healing result of being triggered by the exact circumstances that bring up suppressed clusters of emotions that were never felt fully from the past or honored for their role in your healing journey.

During transmutation phases, it often feels like endless rounds of energetic purging. It is much like an emotional form of detoxification. Through the eyes of the Universe, whenever in the throes of transmutation, you are always in the right place at the right time for the exact healing that needs to be triggered and released.

While many people want to be in charge of releasing the emotions that feel so exposing or uncomfortable, the clearing of emotions during moments of transmutation is a role for your guides and angels to fulfill. In order to give your guides permission to clear each emotional layer, your essential role is to offer permission through the freedom of your will by how you welcome such feelings as an ally of evolution instead of bypassed as an enemy to avoid.

As your nervous system relaxes during phases of transmutation, you are able to interpret each spontaneous emotional release less as a trauma or invasion, and more as an opportunity to befriend the feelings that eagerly await returning to Source through the permission of your most authentic acceptance. Again, it’s not a matter of trying to like each feeling or how it feels when such feelings erupt, but to accept the role of each emotion as a helper and catalyst in the transmutation phase of your Ascension process.

As greater space is opened throughout your subconscious mind, due to the emotional purging clearing out densities recorded in your cellular memory– much like the changing of a season– from transmutation comes the opposite experience of activation.

During moments of activation, a greater awareness has more emotional space to move into your energy field to offer greater perspectives and inspirations to help you get to know this newly-upgraded you. While activation often comes with moments of elation and profound moments of clarity, there is a dance going on in the background where the frequency of this new consciousness must meld into harmony with the nervous system.

When the nervous system requires extra time to welcome the frequency of activated consciousness, it is often interpreted by the physical body as tension, anxiety, pain, drain, and/or a suppressed immune system. This is often why so many lightworkers are exhausted which I described in the previous Energy Update as “Empath Fatigue.”

Understandably so, it can be maddening to oscillate back and forth between intense emotional releases and learning how to function in newly-activated levels of consciousness, much like someone acclimating their breathing to life at a higher altitude.

And yet, you have seen so much of this journey through to such a pivotal degree, there is no turning back nor would you truly want to go back to an outdated reality you no longer fit into or resonate with — no matter how desirable or romantic it seems in retrospect.

As the seasons of transmutation and activation orbit in and out of your reality, sometimes by the day or even by the hour, the past 5 days has seen a tremendous upgrade to many people’s third eye chakra. While many believe a third eye activation only occurs with prophetic visions of the future, the very evidence of it opening to a greater degree feels like the opposite.

Many empaths who have undergone extensive third eye activations and upgrades experience a sense of their mind spinning. You may have noticed this in an inability to make decisions even of the smallest degree, or in your vacillating back and forth between various options.

This can, of course, trigger moments of intense irritability, frustration, anger, resentment, as well as a variety of negative self-talk which perfectly coincides with additional layers of transmutation being cleared out of your field on an energetic and emotional level.

When undergoing activations and upgrades to your third eye chakra, it is best to rest your mind from needing to know: “What is happening?”… “What’s the truth in all of this?”… “What do I do?” …“Where do I go from here?” As these questions are surrendered to give your energy field enough room to process the activations taking place, you can assist the process by repeating this healing mantra to yourself as often as needed:

“I don’t know what’s happening and that’s okay. I’m safe and one with the light exactly as I am.”

As empaths complete this third eye activation and continue to clear space in the cellular body through the ongoing transmutation process, more and more of your transformed reality begins to peek through the curtains from the inside out.

With a desire to see this Ascension process through, for the benefit of your journey and to further inspire the expansion of the whole, it is essential to take each step forward as authentically and mindfully as possible. This means to approach each step with reverence and respect, even when the feelings felt or the circumstances at hand seem anything but respectful in nature.

Whether your mind has been: spinning and unable to make decisions, going back and forth on what to do, having the experience of sudden migraine headaches, and or experiencing an increase in emotional triggers, greater frustration for your patterns or the conditioning of others, I assure you…it is all a part of a greater third eye activation to help you notice a wider spectrum of choices and perspectives that often come into your awareness as you let go of needing to see or know more than this moment provides.

As this deep letting go inspires greater transmutation to clear out space where the vibration of fear can no longer reside, you are ushered through a corridor of light to enter the most exciting timelines that all previous lifetimes prepared you to enter.

This is the shift of the ages. It is the dawning of a global spiritual renaissance activated by the rapid expansion of a transforming humanity.

It is the very mission you came to fulfill on behalf of Mother Earth as our way of saying ‘thank you’ for all the space she has held for each of us throughout all cycles of birth and death.

Whether you are still experiencing moments of emotional purging, empathic fatigue, greater emotional sensitivities, profound activations that haven’t quite integrated into a functional way of being, an oscillation between these extremes, or perhaps even suspicious of spontaneous bursts of radiance and wellness you feel, this is unquestionably the most intense time to be alive on planet Earth.

During this time, it is essential to be easy on yourself, as patient with your healing journey and others as possible, and maintain a life rooted in the simplicity of prayer, intention-setting, greater moments of surrender, and moments of authentic forgiveness for those who wronged you or humanity.

In my next Energy Update, I will outline intention-setting, as a step-by-step process from a 5D perspective. Until then, may you breathe in the joy of the Universe’s highest plan for you, while breathing out all that your guides are ready to release from your field.

Many blessings of immaculate grace, unwavering strength, and unconditional love — from my heart to yours.

All For Love,

Matt Kahn

Matt Kahn on Loneliness, November 10th, 2019

November 10, 2019,

Loneliness is the building block of infamy. When perceived from the lens of unresolved pain and density, loneliness can lead to reaching out to others unconsciously by projecting the desired comfort of companionship onto those who have not chosen us to the degree we may have chosen them.

From this degree of loneliness, an entire spectrum of predatorial patterning is expressed, from competition and judgment, all the way to the most unconscionable actions of obsession, manipulation, domination, abuse and cruelty.

As unprocessed pain is healed, we are no longer ‘hurt people’ hiding from our wounds by hurting others.

Instead, we move to the opposite side of infamy where, in loneliness, we find our most reliable companion in the implementation and embodiment of our highest potential. This means its impossible to keep score of who enters or exits your reality while you make the most courageous and inspiring choices you were born to embrace—at the same time.

Even when toxic partnerships come and go, your loneliness is not due to someone’s disappearance, but how such a person was used to avoid spending time with the potential only you can bring to life.

As the companionship of your highest potential becomes an intimate friendship, instead of a foreign encounter, the building block of infamy that loneliness gave you space to nurture ushers into reality the gifts, creations, and contributions you incarnated to share for the inspiration of all.

This means you are not lonely because you are too big for others, shining too brightly, or more broken than others can handle. You are lonely because life is giving you the proper amount of time and space to cultivate your genius in service of a world you came to transform.

All For Love,


Addressing Atrocity by Matt Kahn, August 14th, 2019

Addressing Atrocity

by Matt Kahn, Aug. 14, 2019

Whether the topic is mass shootings, immigrant children being held at borders, political turmoil, the mistreatment of animals or any other subject that draws anger, fear, and concern to the forefront of your experience, it is an important first step to be aware of how others are affected by the injustices and inhumane patterns lingering throughout the collective. The question is, once you’ve uncovered each and every conspiracy and processed the feelings that result from such gruesome and unfathomable realities, what do you do now?

Everyone has a key role to play in the awakening of humanity. Some may play more vital roles in the physical realm, while others may be called to anchor on an energetic realm, and yet, it all works together as a symphony of truth to awaken all beings through a harmony of change.

It is very common for there to be two types of imbalances occurring when attempting to be ‘bringers of change’ for the benefit of all.

One type of imbalance exposes you to atrocities that often consume your full attention, causing you to live in a constant state of negativity toward the things you are determined to stop. In this imbalance, you feel your role is to make sure everyone in your sphere of influence knows each and every grim detail, which on an energetic level, is like replaying horror films throughout the cells of your body.

Whistle blowers are essential at a certain level, but ultimately this approach overlooks our vibrational contribution, while maintaining a subconscious energetic standpoint of “I will suffer relentlessly until those who suffer have been freed.” If that subconscious belief actually added to the freedom and resolve of anyone’s pain, suffering, and torment, it would be a true act of selfless nobility instead of the martyrdom and righteousness it often perpetuates.

On the other side of the coin, there are those who attempt to anchor high-vibrational energy, while turning away and denying anything that causes pain, grief, shame, guilt, confusion, or disgust. This is equally an imbalanced approach as one tries to bring the light of goodness, while turning away from darkness.

Since goodness is the essence of Divine Truth, its natural tendency, outside of the play of conditioning, is to face and welcome each aspect home into the heart of love — no matter how darkened or conscious it has come to be. This essentially means that one is unable to truly anchor the power of love whenever treating darkness in an unloving or dismissive way.

Instead of trying to “let things go” or turn away from the things that horrify your innocence, perhaps it’s time to face the very monsters that your loving presence came to rescue and return to the light. This occurs by allowing your heart to be open and affirming the Divinity that is nearly impossible to see or sense in some conditioned patterns or character.

Loving what arises doesn’t mean liking what you see, or trying to make it less insufferable by discounting it as illusions of form.

Instead, the consciousness within our being becomes so aware of atrocities and injustices that it turns toward the resolution of justice in the most balanced, productive, inspired, and heart-centered way. It is important to be aware of the horrors of humanity, so you are aware of the things you are transforming for all; but the question is, once you are aware of certain disturbing realities, where do you go from there?

Once you know the problem at hand, now it’s time to offer time and attention to implementing solutions. If you are so disturbed by the things you see, maybe your contribution is in loving your own heart, so on a vibrational level, your greater awareness of your inner child allows the collective to wake up and support the safety and ethical treatment of children, men, women, animals, and Earth in all areas of experience.

If aware of the things you naturally oppose, perhaps it is time to allow each moment of disgust to remind you of the perfect moment in time to anchor blessings to contribute toward the global tipping point, where the vibration of humanity will not allow such violence and abuse to exist.

As always, blessings are affirmative statements that anchor the command of a positive outcome throughout the multi-dimensional field of reality. Here is an example to help uplift your efforts into greater inspired action:

“May all men, women, children, animals, and all elements of Earth be rescued, resolved, replenished, rehabilitated, reborn, and respected as the Divine I AM now.”

Whether loving your own heart, sending blessings out to humanity, or tracking the every move of devious agendas, it is common for each aspect to feel defeated in believing “it’s never enough”. This is why some misunderstand “loving what arises” as a bypass mechanism or a way to turn away from the things that are difficult to process.

I offer these words to make my intentions and offerings abundantly clear: I am aware of the disturbing activities that occur on this planet. I do not turn away from anything, since that would be abandoning those souls who need the most help and resources, nor do I require myself to consume information at a non-stop level, as if that is an example of facing it all or avoiding denial. Simply put, there is nothing to avoid when there is everything to bless.

If a bill needs to be passed to affect change, then sign or start a petition. If you know the specific names of those who endanger and hurt others, no matter how public a persona they maintain, file a police report. And if that doesn’t get you anywhere, I invite you to join along with millions of heart-centered beings who recognize the positive change we can bring to life when the vibration of love is intentionally focused on resolving negativity by anchoring a more positive outcome.

Instead of trying to figure out how the darkness will collapse, I invite you to focus your efforts on anchoring the outcome you desire, and allowing the play of reality that your energy and intentions are influencing to bring about resolution in whatever way serves the expansion of the whole. Otherwise, you are determined to abolish suffering by spending time discussing the things you oppose with others.

Initially, discussions are required to become aware of things that have yet to be acknowledged. Once aware of the things that occur, now we transition into bringing light to the planet on a daily basis to resolve the very things orbiting our awareness. How many times each day are you willing to stop and declare, whether silently or out loud:

“May all men, women, children, animals, and all elements of Earth be rescued, resolved, replenished, rehabilitated, reborn, and respected as the Divine I AM now.”

When life gets disturbing, it is time for the angels in human form that are ready, willing, and able to anchor positive change for the liberation of all to raise their game. In every breath, I live for the well-being of every heart. How about you?

Infinite blessings of love for all, now and forever, Amen. And so it is.

Matt Kahn

Matt Kahn, March 31, 2019

The Heart of True Integration

By Matt Kahn, March 31. 2019

While it’s our greatest desire to be fulfilled, there’s often a belief suggesting that only through our specific personal desires can fulfillment come to be.

This can create a tendency to chase after the fulfillment of each desire, not knowing that it’s the constant pursuit of desire blocking our ability to receive fulfillment. When too much seeking isn’t balanced with moments of gratitude and reflection, it creates aversions to circumstances where anything other than evidence of our personal desires are judged, overlooked, and denied.
Along a heart-centered path, desires may come and go and whether fulfilled or not. True fulfillment is not measured by how many personal desires are realized.

Instead, fulfillment is honored as an awareness of grace, or how deeply we’re willing to receive the gift of each miraculous moment. When attached to desires, we’re likely to be only looking for evidence of new things coming our way. If such proof isn’t found, we’re likely to perceive another unfulfilling day engaging with the boredom of the same old things.

As we learn to separate the reality of fulfillment with the fantasy of personal desire, we’re able to be nourished, sustained, and rejuvenated by our own vibration of light throughout each passing breath.

While this doesn’t mean we won’t or shouldn’t live out the fantasy of any desire, we no longer rely on it as our imagined gateway to fulfillment. Instead, it’s our willingness to receive all that’s given, while daring to view the same old things from new and exciting perspectives that allow a depth of fulfillment beyond our most insatiable desires to blossom into being.

This is the heart of true integration.

All For Love,

The Universe Wants you to Know via Matt Kahn, February 25th, 2019

The Universe Wants you to Know | Matt Kahn

The Universe Wants You to Know

February 25, 2019

By Matt Kahn, February 24, 2019

When feeling lost, it is not as much an absence of direction, but an inability to be soothed and made secure by our known ideas, beliefs, and viewpoints. To be lost is about losing our way. This doesn’t mean we’ve strayed off course, but veered into the direction of a grander plan.

When rooted in ego, there is a tendency to feel as if we’ve gone astray in our journey whenever heading in a direction that may differ from our personal desires. It’s not as if such desires won’t be fulfilled, but the journey required to become the one who is worthy and able to receive the grace of our desires may initially look like a path steering us away from it.

In order for new gifts of creation to dawn, the old must dissolve.

With fires, mud slides, hurricanes and harsh weather clearing away outdated paradigms, many are feeling the despair of bewilderment, as known reference points get shaken up to create space for new realities, perspectives, and miracles to surface.

Just as there are cycles of grief when mourning the loss of our closest friends and relatives, in our own unique way, each of us are purging the losses of our known realities, as we courageously step forward into exciting new frontiers. It doesn’t mean the things we desire are long gone, or that any degree of hope must be laid to rest.

Instead, the fading away of the old is an opportunity to release the way in which the outcomes we desire most find their way to us. Whenever overwhelmed by loss, feeling unsafe without the comfort of known ideas, or unable to foresee how things can positively play out, please repeat the following mantra, either silently or out loud: “I accept I will always get everything I desire, no matter how my journey unfolds.”

Such a mantra instills us with the vibrations of faith, harmony, and patience to allow the Universe to be the cosmic storyteller of our life’s journey, instead of narrated by the insufferable criticisms and projections of ego. May we allow the old realities that are dissolving to be offered heartfelt farewells; grateful for all the gifts they provided as building blocks for an emerging 5D reality.

May we nurture the innocence in our hearts that may require more time and space to release the old, while stepping forward in service to assist those displaced by the fierce grace of our ever-changing environment. May we allow any degree of fear to be transformed into vibrations of passion and enthusiasm by remembering, “I will always get everything I desire, no matter how my journey unfolds.”

Ultimately, we come to realize the inner and outer fires that burn away outdated creations to make space for brand new realities are the light of our eternal consciousness. At whatever pace we are destined to see it, may we realize ourselves to be the light of consciousness and not the things any circumstance can change.

This is one of the most potent reasons why we suffer as a result of the changes in our ongoing evolution. To be melted by the heat of each adversity is a way of softening the edges of our harshest viewpoints, so we come to see, “I am the fire, not the things being burnt by it.” You can burn objects within a fire, but the fire cannot be burned, just as waves can topple anything in the ocean except the ocean itself.

Dear beloved soul family, now is the time to become the metaphorical fire of change burning away outdated paradigms through the courageous choices we dare to make. Be the ocean that cannot be drowned by the impact of any wave by bringing our inner depth of wisdom to the forefront of each daily interaction. When life seems dark, we accept the invitation to dive deeper into our greatness than ever before — only to come out the other end as the dream come true reality we were born to be.

Please enjoy this deeply-healing newsletter as we dare to remember — no matter the circumstances in view, the Universe always has a plan for each and every one of us.

All for love,

Matt Kahn

“You are not your Urges” by Matt Kahn, August 15th, 2018

You are Not your Urges | Matt Kahn

What if I could share with you an insight that would allow time to always be on your side? In order for time to be on your side, it’s essential for you to side with time. For this to occur, you would have to accept how everything in time is either happening or not happening — not as a karmic punishment, but an instigator of your highest evolving potential. The question remains, what pearl of wisdom allows you to see this truth so clearly and authentically? What insight inspires you to acknowledge the hands of time as one of our most enlightened teachers, instead of viewing it as a problem to fix?

The answer is simple, but it requires some unpacking to truly absorb its full potency. It is the wisdom of realizing — you are not your urges. This doesn’t mean it’s wrong to have urges. Equally so, if you find yourself solely motivated by the seed of each frenetic surge and constantly reaching out to satisfy each momentary craving that bubbles up, you cannot develop the proper space to gain such a clarifying perspective. Whether you are blessed to be in a position to fulfill each urge, or constantly chase after each sudden impulse, if you are someone whose life is run by the fulfillment of urges, you are operating in a state of survival mode. Since a core belief of ego is identifying with urges as a means of personal survival, through your conditioning process, you become hard-wired to think that fulfilling each urge remains as necessary as breathing. You may not walk around conscious of this belief but it often reveals itself through the repetition of your daily patterning.

“Whether blessed to be in a position to fulfill each urge, or constantly chase after each sudden impulse, if your life is run by the fulfillment of urges, you are operating in a state of survival mode.”

What are the urges you must fulfill the moment they arise? How soon after something either good or bad happens are you obligated to text someone about it? What do you feel in your body if the phone rings and instead of answering it, you just watch it go to voicemail? What arises in your body when there isn’t a world to check in with on a virtual level? Can you go to dinner and maintain an open level of conversation without looking at your phone, even when the other person goes to the bathroom?

Such questions are not meant to out anyone, but to expose the hair-trigger like responses that you may not realize run your life. That which runs your life tends to ruin your life, until life is run solely by the light dwelling within you. This means as long as our lives are governed by the fulfillment of satisfying momentary urges, we live in a state of urgency. Whether aware of it or not, when your nervous system is wired with ongoing programs of urgency, you tend to live in a matrix of ego consciousness. This occurs no matter how much high level wisdom has been absorbed.

And isn’t that the strangest part of it all; so many people awakening to high level wisdom, while unaware of the patterning of urgency that runs them on a personal level. You might be able to zip across the Universe and taste the joy of the cosmos, but if your body remains caught in a loop of checking your email box or texting all day, you haven’t brought all the wisdom from the stars back into the body to be grounded and integrated.

As a commentary on the stickiness that eludes many bright lights along a modern-day spiritual journey, these words would only be of the deepest service if they included what to do about it, when and if, you find yourself playing out such patterns. This might not even be applicable to your lifestyle, but a snapshot into the framework of what keeps others from showing up for you in the way you show up for them. In either case, the way out of the urgency matrix is to clearly see how you aren’t your urges. They may feel as if they belong to you. They may remind you of all the things you like and prefer that you associate with feelings of well-being, and they may be so cleverly placed to erupt within you the moment you aren’t feeling your best. Despite how personally-crafted each urge may be, especially during a time when emotional relief is needed the most, once you begin seeing each urge as a part of a pattern playing out within you, you begin to see yourself, not as your urges, but as the witness alive within their orbit.

In order to gain space from each impulse, to directly see that you are not your urges, please consider these helpful strategies:

1. Each momentary urge is like an ad campaign personally targeting you to continually buy into the vibration of ego. The ad campaign needs you to assume you aren’t whole and complete exactly as you are, so you can look outside of yourself for other people, places, and things to fulfill you. Each time an impulse arises, with the “make it or break it” energy of urgency, as if your life will amount to great loss unless you act upon its demands, you are given an opportunity to either maintain your membership in ego consciousness or step beyond it. The key is allowing each impulse to arise without assuming it’s your destiny to fulfill it. When the fulfillment of urges become greater choice points, instead of dire necessities, you are beginning to see the ad campaigns that can only target your preferences when lost in the urgency loop. It’s one thing to not buy what someone attempts to sell you on a retail or even a political level, but it’s a whole new level of liberation when not even your own urges strike you as something that need to be fulfilled.
“The key is allowing each impulse to arise without assuming its your destiny to fulfill it.”

2. When in doubt, go without. If you are someone who’s knee-jerk reaction is fulfilling each urgent request, it may be a sign that you are run by the insatiable hunger of an unconscious mind, instead of nourished by the wisdom of an awakening heart. If you’re unsure whether your heart truly resonates with the endless demands of your mind, simply employ this fiercely-discerning wisdom: when in doubt, go without. If you don’t know how perfect, whole, and complete you are without something, how do you know that thing will do anything but make you hungrier for more? How do you know checking your phone for texts or updates will make you feel better, if without the awareness of how happy you are already? Perhaps by going without or limiting your phone usage, you’ll see that constantly checking doesn’t create greater fulfillment. It merely perpetuates a pattern where you are teaching your brain to have this same craving a few minutes from now. In order to break-free of your personally-targeted inner ad campaigns of ego, you must be willing to go without. If there is a feeling of desperation and anxiety when going without, as if you are missing an important experience in life or even feeling left behind or out of the loop, that should be the tip-off of where each urge is coming from.

3. What happens if I don’t? Another helpful strategy to see how you aren’t your urges is to respond to each urge with a question, “What happens if I don’t?” Such a question is calling the ego’s fear-based agenda into full awareness where ego is invited to use the threat of loss to sell you on fulfilling another momentary urge. The pattern is constructed out of one simple but limiting belief: I have to keep acquiring more, in order to be further away from the threat of less. By responding with the question, “what happens if I don’t?”, you are consciously inviting the ego to reveal its game plan by sharing with you the threat of loss that looms overhead if you don’t cower to its impulsive needs. Once it shares its doomsday-like scenario, you can respond with the question, “And then what happens after that?” The strategy is to keep authentically asking the ego what happens after each threat of loss occurs until the very ego structure attempting to sell you on any particular urge dissolves back into the wholeness of Source. For those who are willing to question their urges versus cower to any degree of impulsive pressure, great relief, eternal freedom, and existential joy become your natural state of being expressed in full embodied awareness.

4. The soul always exists prior to each urge. As the eternal witness experiencing its radiance of light throughout your personal senses, the soul watches the coming and going of urges, only gravitationally pulled into their orbit to the degree of ego that has yet be cleared out of the cells of the human body. If you take a moment to recall any momentary urge that felt as if the fate of the world depended on you acting upon it, you may be able to see how you were only able to notice its arising because you were already there. If you notice an urge arise, it indicates that you must have arrived first, in order to notice it.

Even if you see urges as fleeting and shape-shifting, notice yourself as the inner witness, whose awareness does not come and go like each urge tends to be. Whether noticing yourself as that which is prior to each impulse or the constant stream of awareness within the orbit of each fleeting request, you are gaining the proper space and perspective to acknowledge urges as experiences, instead of as extensions of self.

5. In order to embrace and act upon your soul’s deepest desires, each urge must be given permission to pass. Many get stuck in misunderstanding the urgency of ego with their soul’s deepest calling. Because many of us live in a state of struggle, urgently awaiting the Universe to call upon us for a special mission to spare us of the insufferable boredom of everyday life, we often misperceive each urgent request of ego as a heavenly message. When we receive messages from Source, they are affirming, straight-forward, expressed with a calm voice, and contain no ultimatums such as “do this or else” or “If you don’t do this, bad things will happen”. Even if you passed on the guidance of the Universe, it would faithfully orbit your field until you acted upon it. This makes the proper use of intuition to be rather fool-proof when not caught up in a race against time scenario. When you are not secretly looking for ways to escape the majestic fate of your current climate of circumstances, you are then able to truly feel into the governing wisdom of Universal Truth versus the oscillating desperation of urgency in motion.

“When we receive messages from Source, they are affirming, straight-forward, expressed with a calm voice, and contain no ultimatums such as “do this or else” or “If you don’t do this, bad things will happen.”

6. This may be one of the best strategies and is one that will unravel any remaining aspect of ego. It is a way to see through the facade of believing you are your urges — once and for all. It is how time can always be on your side, but can only occur, once you side with time. In order to know that (drum roll please) time is always right. The fact that you have more time away from what you desire is right from the standpoint of time — giving you space to recognize your true inherent wholeness, whether anything external gets worse, better, in any variation of more or less. The fact that you have all that you have and don’t have what you don’t is done on purpose. It is time’s deliberate attempt to free you from your conditioned spell of inner negotiation, where you withhold your most radiant qualities until the objects of your desire are given. Not wanting to live our lives at full capacity until things change in our favor is the battlecry of ego. Daring to live with joy, faith, openness, gratitude, love, and ease, no matter what comes or goes is the perfection of our souls in action. Whenever outcomes don’t seem to go your way or you find yourself having a lot of time separate from the fulfillment of your desires, it remains an opportunity to thank time for being one of your wisest teachers.

Thank you time for putting me in this position; to discover how perfect, whole, and complete I already am, by showing me I don’t need more of this or less of that to have better experiences. Most of all, thank you for helping me see that I am not my urges but the inner witness of all that arises.

From this space, the simplicity and peaceful calling of our soul’s deepest desires can dawn within and guide us forward, whether giving us what we want or offering more than we’ve ever imagined along the way. Only by seeing through the facade of urgent patterning, can we embrace a journey that steadily prepares us to receive far more than any urge can crave.

This begins an exciting brand-new chapter of our soul’s journey.

Welcome home, beautiful one. Welcome home.

All For Love,
Matt Kahn

Source: Matt Kahn

Healing the the Masculine and Feminine Shadow by Matt Kahn, February 6th, 2018

Emotional Forecast: Healing the Masculine and Feminine Shadow

written by Matt Kahn on Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Emotional Forecast: Healing the Masculine and Feminine Shadow

After an extended break from posting these written transmissions, today I felt the nudge from Spirit to share some of the overarching themes of healing that are occurring in so many of us right now.

When speaking of feminine and masculine energies, I am not necessarily referring to gender, but identifying the two basic polarities within each human being, as well as the two interconnected roles that play out in relationships, whether between lovers, parents and children, or even in our circle of friends. The masculine represents the mind or wisdom center of the Universe, while the feminine represents the heart or the creative and emotional center of the Universe. As the masculine and feminine aspects are transformed from shadow into divine aspects, the mind and heart merge together to ignite the spark of awakened heart-centered consciousness.

Currently the feminine and masculine aspects are steeped in crucial stages of healing as they transform from shadow aspects into divine counterparts of the one eternal soul. In order to be transformed into the divine feminine and divine masculine, the shadow of each aspect must be healed to completion. We are currently experiencing the healing of the masculine and feminine shadows, both as the two sides of polarity within each person, as well as the dynamics playing out within relationships.

Healing the Masculine Shadow – Stage 1

At this stage, the masculine is purged out of their known reference points by having the normalcy of their current reality shaken, as the unconsciousness of past indiscretions is brought into the light of consciousness. This is done to purify the shadow into the honor, humility, and courage of the divine masculine. This has been playing out publicly as many celebrities and authority figures are being called to face and answer to the unconsciousness of their actions, whether it’s their current level of unconsciousness or skeletons from the past being cleared out of the closet of regret.

As the masculine mind comes clean to coercing, dominating, abusing, or manipulating the innocence of the feminine heart, the masculine shadow begins its process of being reformed by a path of self-forgiveness.

For those at this stage of integration, the best course of action is transparency. Instead of waiting for a publicity witch hunt to trace your most regrettable actions, now is the time for the masculine mind to confess its most unsavory behavior.

Even if knowing better now than before, the way in which we truly demonstrate having learned from our past mishaps is by clearing the air with those we affected, no matter the risk or cost. Whether anyone else offers you forgiveness or not, just by admitting the limitations of your behavior and acknowledging the negative affect it potentially had on someone else’s livelihood, we are taking a bold step in the direction of self-forgiveness to assist the masculine shadow in being redeemed instead of ridiculed.

Healing the Masculine Shadow – Stage 2

At this stage, you have done a certain amount of your inner work and may even embody the qualities of the divine masculine. While completion of stage 1 is expressing the divine masculine through the words and actions of personal responsibility, stage 2 can be a bit more precarious. It is because throughout stage 2, the masculine is no longer healing their personal masculine shadow, but holding space to help heal the shadow of the feminine archetype throughout the play of personal relationships.
This means that an awakening divine masculine is often put in a position to heal the karmas and emotional blockages of their feminine counterparts from their history of past relationships. In stage 1, the masculine heals on a personal level. In stage 2, the masculine heals the relationship dynamic by assisting in the transformation of the feminine from shadow to divine aspect. It may sound unfair to have to pay the karmic bar tab others racked up before you, but it is a crucial stage of surrender.

From this depth of surrender, the masculine holds patient space to help the feminine develop the trust and faith in surrendering into the heart of their masculine counterpart. Metaphorically, the feminine surrendering into the masculine has nothing to do with handing over power to a partner, but symbolic of the feminine heart merging into oneness with the cosmic mind of heaven.
As the masculine holds space to help heal the wounds the feminine carries from cycles of abuse and persecution, the masculine demonstrates their alignment with Source to give the feminine permission to merge into the light of divinity that can be depicted as two hearts becoming one.

Just as the awakened mind learns to hold space for the heart to faithfully open, the awakening divine masculine must be the openness, consistency, and unconditional love that invite the shadow to surrender its guard and allow the innocent feminine heart to come out of hiding.

For those at this stage of integration, the best course of action is to develop a daily practice of gratitude and self-love, while holding courageous space for the feminine aspects within and throughout to find the strength to trust again. A spiritual ego steeped in arrogance may think: “This isn’t fair. I shouldn’t have to heal these layers that have nothing to do with me.” Meanwhile, an awakening heart rooted in humility says: “May I embrace the honor of helping my beloved to heal, so there will be no barrier to divide us from the love that brought us together.”

Healing the Feminine Shadow – Stage 1

The feminine shadow is the cellular memory of past abuse cycles that shields itself from potential harm by rejecting those who get too close. Since the unconscious belief suggests more hurt will occur whenever we are open and vulnerable, the feminine shadow either rejects those they want to be close with or attempt to build intimate relationships with emotionally-unavailable partners.

Often times, it is a history of emotionally-unavailable partners that creates this push-pull energy when in the presence of those who are open and able to love. This unconscious self-fulfilling prophecy inevitably reflects the feminine shadow’s tendency to be so hurt, heartbroken, and battered by the past indiscretions of the masculine that it attempts to match the unconsciousness of the masculine as a way of keep itself protected.

For those at this stage of integration, it is crucial to take inventory of your relationships to ensure you aren’t perpetuating toxicity in any areas of your life. When toxic relationships are present, you will surely be called into an equal aspect of shadow just to stay afloat in partnerships that may serve your personal desires, but aren’t destined to reflect the sustainability of true intimate partnership.

Once there are no glaringly toxic distractions pulling at you, the next crucial step is to develop a deep bond with yourself and those you trust, so you can begin associating opening up and being vulnerable with the ability to feel safe. As this occurs, the world becomes a stable environment to attract more meaningful and long-lasting relationships, instead of being ongoing reflections of a painful past.

One of the most effective ways to heal the feminine shadow throughout stage 1 is to find the courage to talk about your experiences. Because abuse is a dominating experience of being silenced and held against our will, speaking about our experiences gives a voice to the voiceless parts in ourselves and offers the choices that seemed absent whenever abuse occurred.
I personally applaud movements like #MeToo for giving the feminine heart a voice to express its pain. As pain is given a voice to be heard, the feminine finds the courage and strength to forgive the unconsciousness of the masculine, instead of fighting fire with fire, so to speak. In stage 1, the feminine finds a voice to express its pain, clear out toxicity from relationships, while learning to open up within themselves and others without feeling threatened or a need to either lash out or shut down. This prepares the feminine for stage 2, where a deeper dive into conscious communication, trust, and forgiveness paves the way for true redemption to dawn.

Healing the Feminine Shadow – Stage 2

As you find the safety to be open to yourself and others, like the masculine, the feminine begins working on transforming the dynamic of relationships. Just as the masculine holds space for the feminine to blossom, the feminine learns to develop trust in their counterparts to allow a surrendering into true intimacy to unfold. As the feminine shadow is transformed throughout stage 2, the feminine is allowing current circumstances to be different than past abuse cycles.

The crucial skillsets for the feminine at stage 2 is openness and communication. Openness answers the question, “How can I be more intimate in my relationships today and if I’m unable to take a step forward into intimacy, can I communicate my needs to those I love?” While it is natural for a partner to be disappointed whenever their beloved cannot meet them in an intimate space, the ability to communicate where we are at invites our partners into our experience instead of reinforcing how left out, dissatisfied, or unrecognized they feel.

When integrated in a healthy relationship dynamic, the masculine holds space for the feminine to feel safe and cared for through the reliability of the masculine’s most empowered conscious actions. As the masculine holds space for the feminine to surrender and open up, the feminine allows each day to be a step forward in rewriting the history of abuse cycles by being intimate with faithful trusting partners. If unable to do so, the necessity of communication allows the masculine to feel invited into the healing of the feminine, whether pertaining to their past or as lingering residue from unrelated experiences.

While the masculine may view physical intimacy as a way of expressing its feelings for their feminine counterpart, true intimacy also includes hand-holding, foot rubs, eye gazing, breath work, cuddling, and engaged active listening.

Once the feminine can trust the masculine is interested in connection and not just the physicality of being gratified, the feminine develops the trust to open up, let go, and invite in all the love their masculine counterpart is yearning to share.

Another important element in healing the feminine shadow at stage 2 is actively forgiving the indiscretions of the stage 1 masculine shadow, instead of demeaning the masculine as the masculine has done to the feminine over the course of history. Just like the masculine may not find it fair to pay the karmic bar tabs from their beloved’s past, the feminine may equally find it unfair to be so forgiving of the masculine shadow, especially in the aftermath of such senseless and brutal abuse cycles.
To not forgive the masculine shadow is to maintain a shadow aspect as the feminine. When this occurs, we are nice on the surface but ruthless to anyone who dares to cross our path and willing to betray anyone or anything in order to get our way. Inevitably, it just maintains the war of inner conflict that is easily justified through standpoints of righteousness. As a way of assisting both aspects into alignment with divine perfection, if you come across a public figure being indicted for charges, lets us honor the justice taking place, while forgiving their soul, so they may be purified, instead of incessantly punished.

Unconscionable punishment may be the best description for how the feminine has been treated by the masculine, but it is the opportunity of the feminine to help reform the masculine with greater mercy, compassion, and love than the past can ever reflect. Equally so, it is the duty of the masculine to anchor the divine feminine as two equal aspects of the same alchemical whole.
Despite our deepest desires, none of these stages can be rushed. Even when we wish we were further along than we may be, it is essential to be honest with yourself and others about where we are it in our healing journey. In doing so, the individual and collective consciousness of all heals the fractures and divisions that have divided the masculine and feminine into shadow aspects for far too long.

As the masculine is reformed to hold reverence and respect for the feminine, the feminine rises to equal power without having to express its will in a masculine way. From this space of equality, the divine masculine listens and loves without attachment, as the divine feminine opens up to intimacy and communicating their needs in the safety of sacred partnership.

No matter where you are in your journey, may you know the light of your true perfection and welcome into your heart the ecstasy of love that resides within as each and every breath. It may not be easy or even seem fair, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It reflects the brightness of the one who is willing to succeed, fail, pick themselves up, brush themselves off, and keep moving forward — against all odds.

My love is with all of our hearts now and forever.

Many blessings belovelies,
Matt Kahn© Copyright 2018 True Divine Nature, LLC



by Matt Kahn

Entering Unity Consciousness

Today’s eclipse represents the emotional and energetic harvest for all the hard work so many lightworkers and earth angels have been doing over the past many weeks. For many years, energetically-sensitive souls have laid the crucial foundation for the energies that today’s eclipse celebrates as the further unveiling of unity consciousness. So much of the old carbon-based DNA has been transmuted, while new strands of crystalline DNA have been activated over the past many years to allow today’s energies to begin a process of synthesizing our energy fields into greater harmonious alignment with our physical bodies.

As a result, many of us may be feeling the surreal serenity, peacefulness, awe and wonder of these new energies, as the 5D realities many have been experiencing on the inside begin expanding outwardly to take shape and form as a 5D world. For some this shift will be instantaneous, and for others, quite gradual and subtle. And for the remainder of the population that may require greater adversities, losses, changes, chaos, and turbulence, in order to turn inward and align with these frequencies, those rooted in 5D will hold space as heart-centered anchors and transcendent observers of an evolving new paradigm.

As the eclipse welcomes energies of both completion and renewal, it is a time to set intentions that fulfill your highest spiritual purpose, as well as your deepest personal desires, since the field is easier for many to access during these phases of amplification. It is a time of existential rebirth, where you have the opportunity to clean the slate and begin a brand new relationship within yourself. While there may be pains from the past or characters that represent healing still in progress, today can be a day of greater forgiveness by letting yourself off the hook.

May you allow the incoming waves of amplified energies to align your energy field with your physical body through the soft and gentle joy of an open heart. May you meet yourself as the angel you’ve been waiting to receive contact from. May you become the inner voice of encouragement who urges you to live as if you have nothing to lose. May today be a chance to reach inward and touch the depths of your own innocent nature more profoundly than ever before.

As the energies of 5D consciousness expand from within and radiate throughout, today’s eclipse is an incredible opportunity to:
Embrace the theme of completion by celebrating how far you’ve come in your journey.

Allow today to be a new beginning in how you view and speak to yourself.
Set intentions for yourself and the planet so outrageously that you almost laugh at their implausibility.
Allow time to be sit and be still as a way of getting to know the vibration of unity consciousness.
Take your time with each task and activity as way of savoring the grace of each moment.
Suspend the need to know where life is headed or how things will play out, so you can just be completely at peace and one with all — exactly as you are.
Dare to open your heart to the ones you love at an even deeper level and express your feelings more passionately than ever before.
Let the world around you be as it is, no matter how unsettled things may seem or feel.

As many of us welcome today’s eclipse as another quantum leap further into 5D consciousness, not just as an internal state of being, but as a reality taking shape and form within a world still healing, awakening, and transforming at an incredible rates of speed, we embrace this moment as a brand new beginning. It serves to close all previous chapters where seemingly endless rounds of clearing and integrating inundated the experiences of so many energetically-sensitive souls, so we may rejoice in connecting with the fertile ground of eternal being, where our new spiritual reality can come to life.

Whether these words match your current experience, foreshadow shifts that may occur in the coming days, or bring your attention to the subtle world of high frequency energy woven throughout the fabric of your existence, it is unquestionably a time where being heart-centered can now be a joy instead of a curse; throughout a world that can offer the greatest amount of safety to those who refuse to hold back.

I honor the Divinity within you and celebrate your light on this day of cosmic renewal.

Many blessings to all,

Matt Kahn

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